'Dads' Gets Picked up by FOX For Full Season

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October 25th, 2013


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Next All-New Episode Airs Tuesday, November 5, on FOX


FOX has picked up nine additional episodes of DADS, bringing the series to a 22-episode order, it was announced today by Kevin Reilly, Chairman of Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company.


“FOX has been looking to break into the multi-camera format for some time,” said Reilly. “With DADS, we have an asset that we can grow, and we’re looking forward to seeing where the fantastic cast and the creative minds of Seth, Alec, Mike and Wellesley take us the rest of the season.”


DADS ranks as one of the Top 10 new series among Men 18-34 and one of the Top 10 new comedies among Men 18-49 and Women 18-34.  Across the first three telecasts for which Nielsen Live +7 data is available, DADS is averaging a 2.2/7 rating among Adults 18-49.  In fact, in the first 30 days of its debut, the DADS premiere episode has already drawn more than 14.7 million views across Live, time-shifted DVR and Video on Demand viewing and streaming on Fox.com and Hulu.com.


In the next all-new episode, “Foul Play,” airing Tuesday, Nov. 5 (8:00-8:30 PM ET/PT), Eli (Seth Green) and David (Peter Riegert) are forced to sleep at the Ghost Child Games offices when bedbugs overtake the loft. Meanwhile, Camila (Vanessa Lachey) gets the lead in a local theater production, and Crawford (Martin Mull) ends up being uncharacteristically helpful, much to the chagrin of Warner (Giovanni Ribisi).


DADS follows two successful guys – and childhood best friends – now in their mid-30s, whose relatively stable lives get turned upside down when their inappropriate, pain-in-the-neck patriarchs move in and overtake their home and work lives.


DADS is produced by 20th Century Fox Television and Fuzzy Door Productions. The series is created and written by Emmy Award-nominated writer/producers Alec Sulkin (“Ted,” FAMILY GUY) and Wellesley Wild (“Ted,” FAMILY GUY). Seth MacFarlane (“Ted,” FAMILY GUY), Mike Scully (THE SIMPSONS), Sulkin and Wild are executive producers. Marc Cendrowski (“The Big Bang Theory”) directed the pilot.


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  • Chris

    It seems like a bad idea to order a full season of a bad show with lackluster ratings and terrible reviews just to spite all the people who’ve been saying it’s doomed, but I guess that’s why we’re not Fox executives?

    Or maybe Fox is worried that they’re too profitable, and needs to throw some good money after bad to bring their 4th-quarter earnings report down. It is a mystery.

  • J-Man

    “DADS ranks as one of the Top 10 new series among Men 18-34 and one of the Top 10 new comedies among Men 18-49 and Women 18-34.”

    Top 10 new comedies? How many new comedies ARE there? That’s like saying Hawaii is one of the Top 50 states.

  • Christina

    What a bizarre move. Dads is just awful, and I REALLY tried to like it just because Martin Mull is in it. Brooklyn Nine Nine better not be going anywhere, since it’s actually good…

  • Michael1

    I watched the entire first episode of “Dads”, and the jokes were so forced that I stopped watching it. I have caught the end of some subsequent episodes in order not to miss any of “Brooklyn-9-9″, and I don’t get the jokes. Pointing out that the woman is Asian is not a joke. Pointing out that Seth Green’s character is not a joke. All I can say is that FOX should do whatever it feels it needs to do.

  • 728huey

    Whaaattt? Is FOX seriously giving this show a full season? This may be the most surprising news since NBC gave a back nine to Chase back in 2010 despite its ratings sinking below 2.0 (which ironically these days would signify a solid hit for NBC). I can understand why they made this move if they had no faith in their other new shows (Enlisted, Us &Them, Murder Police), but they still have Raising Hope, and it can still bring in solid if not spectacular ratings in that time slot.

  • John


    It’s not surprising to me at all. In fact I expected it, Dads is doing better than Mindy, which has the New Girl lead in and it’s not doing much worse than Brooklyn 99, which was renewed. Raising Hope was getting close to the same numbers also in this slot and that’s a veteran show. For a first year show with no lead in, it’s doing ok and it has been growing in recent weeks so Fox probably thinks it has potential to grow even more.

  • Igwell

    Top 10 new comedies? How many new comedies ARE there?

    lol, 13, and they’re all underperforming:

    The Goldbergs, The Millers, Dads, Brooklyn 99, Crazy Ones, We Are Men, Trophy Wife, Back in the Game, Super Fun Night, Welcome to the Family, Sean Saves, Michael J. Fox Show, Mom.

  • Steve

    Actually, 11. We Are Men and WTTF were both pulled.

    Top 10 out of 11? That’s like honor student at a home school.

  • mike

    since family guy cant compete in ratings right now seth mcfarlane dads fans rejoicing on the show

  • Aaron

    how is Thursdays at 8:30 a good time slot, have you seen what is on Thursdays? A new show that has no promotion and will be going up against well established and big star names on a Thursday has no shot, post Idol slot or not!

  • Igwell

    mike, nothing competes with football, except The Walking Dead. Family Guy beats everything else. I don’t know what ratings you’re expecting for FG.

  • C Whitty

    I have followed TBTN for a long time, I know how good this site is and respect the Bear but from day one of Dads I have felt there is a chance this show might grow or be renewed.

    I am not a Seth fan boy – ive never even seen Dads and think Seth’s cartoons are out of steam but although all the data suggests otherwise I have a hunch that Dads could get a second season.

    They may be different but Dollhouse got a second season as has The Carrie Diaries hell even Fringe got 4 seasons!!

  • Chris

    The pilot was awful but I’m glad I gave it a shot after that, it has gotten so much better. I think Fox has the best new sitcoms this year with B-99 & Dads. CBS, ABC & NBC’s new sitcoms I don’t find to be that entertaining.

  • milo

    A bit surprising but it’s still getting cancelled at the end of the season.

  • Hooky

    Best news of the year so far in TV news! I absolutely love this show and I am surprised that I do as I do not like Seth MacFarlane.

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