NBC Releases Statement on 'Celebrity Apprentice'

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October 25th, 2013

All Star Apprentice

Amid rumors that NBC veteran reality program The Apprentice would not be returning for a 14th cycle, NBC’s head of alternative programming Paul Telegdy made the following statement:

We are on track to produce The Celebrity Apprentice as always planned, coordinating among New York City weather conditions, sponsor needs, and celebrities’ schedules

  • Mumbo

    Considering the state of NBC’s slate, it’s obviously spackle. They’ve got a loooot of holes to fill (basically an entire Thursday night) so this just fills up two hours of the schedule with a cheap, modestly successful performer. For NBC at this point even mid to high 1.0s is good news for them.

    I’d expect it to premiere in March, and yeah, either Sundays or Thursdays. Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays are just fine, and Wednesday doesn’t require the same amount of work that Thursday does, so.

  • Fred

    Weather conditions?
    NYC hasn’t experienced significant snowfall since winter 2011.
    The last 2 winters were very mild and virtually snow free.
    Even if winter 2014 turns out to be disastrous , they can still film. Much of the footage is indoors.
    Broadway and soaps don’t seem to affected by NYC winter weather.

    As for “celebrity'” schedules? Um , they have all the time in the world . They will clear any mundane errand or appointment to be featured on a network Primetime show . These so called stars are usually has beens looking for work like this.

    Nothing in this release rings true . They could have just stated that plans are underway for a 14 th season . Period .

  • Joseph

    There should be a “Team Apprentice”, in which a celebrity is paired with a budding executive, who work as a team.

    Each week, the poorest performing team is fired.

    The budding exec on the winning team would be hired by Donald Trump, while Trump makes a large gift to a charity of the winning celebrity partner’s choice.

  • Chuck_T

    Too bad. I was hoping they would tell the Donald ‘You’re fired.’

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