'Surviving Jack' Gets Post-'Idol' Spot on FOX; Order Cut to 8 Episodes

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October 25th, 2013

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Half-hour comedy Surviving Jack is set to launch in Spring 2014 after American Idol on Thursday. Additionally, the episode order for the series has been cut to 8 from 13 for scheduling reasons, per Deadline.

  • Jeff (Canada)

    DOA show is DOA?

  • I LOVE TV!

    Is this good???

  • I LOVE TV!

    On Thursday? Don’t they have Glee and Rake?

  • SJ

    So the Idol results show gets cut to 30 minutes? And Rake is left with this presumably DOA show as its lead-in? Vintage Fox!

    On another note, Brooklyn 99 and The Mindy Project are now surefire renewals, now that Fox has screwed with every mid-season comedy they had in the works.

  • Charmed

    Is this good or bad?

  • Cyrax86

    They also say Dads is likely to get the back nine. FOX surely has low standards now!

  • xwiseguyx

    I saw the pilot… the show is DOA.

  • Alex J

    Does this help Us & Them. Both shows are cut to 8/6 episodes.
    I can see Dads and Mindy in really bad shape by Spring. And as much as I love Raising Hope, it never does well in the rankings.
    I have to think that Surviving Jack and Us & Them will get a fairly decent shot.

    I keep looking at The Office first season where they only had 6 episodes in March-April. Thats much different than the May-June Burn off that The Goodwin Games and Family tools had this last year.

  • Norman


    Neither. Fox always likes to try to launch comedy’s out of American Idol. This is the comedy they have chosen. They cut the episodes because 8 is all they need for a comedy paired with AI. Fox would have done this to any mid season comedy, good or bad, that was airing in this particular time slot.

  • RJ

    Yeah, I get the sense the episode order cut is, in this case, about scheduling and not about thinking the show is DOA (a la Us and Them, Goodwin Games).

  • Igwell

    More good news for Dads. The little show that could.

  • starship

    So with this and Us and Them pretty much guaranteed a cancellation in May now (bar a miracle of epic proportion happening)I see why they decided to pair Brooklyn Nine Nine with New Girl after the Super Bowl…they just have nothing else. Here’s to Mindy’s third season :)

  • James

    It can be good news for Surviving Jack because it gets American Idol as a lead-in. The time slot is tough, though.

  • SJ


    Do we really think that the AI lead-in will be worth more than 1.8-2.0 by April?

  • David Howell


    Yes. 2.1-2.3. :)

    I can’t help but think Mindy is on its way to 88. Will it go sub-Fringe in 18-49 on the way?

  • chloe

    Mindy project is going to get cancelled while new girl is going to get renewed because critics like it,syndication and highest rated fox comedy on tuesday


    Never try to second guess FOX–you won’t win

  • Dan

    Well the episode order being cut makes sense but the post Idol slot, while I could see it, would maybe suggest that Dads will be getting additional episodes and Raising Hope may move into the Tuesday 8pm timeslot.

  • Dan

    @Alex J – This news doesnt help Us & Them, that show is still the Goodwin Games in that it will likely air this summer, or maybe air fridays paired with Enlisted should FOX move Raising Hope back to Tuesdays.

    FOX ordered too many comedies for midseason, they should always be no more then 8 episodes.

  • Bitter Go On Fan (Former Bitter Ringer Fan)

    I’m not so sure this is a good or o bad thing for the show. On one side it got its episode order cut, on the other side it gets the post AI slot.
    However, since it’s going to air during spring and also AI is not so big anymore, I think the show is a little DOA.

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