Thursday Final Ratings: 'The Big Bang Theory' & 'The Vampire Diaries' Adjusted Up; 'The Millers' and 'Scandal' Adjusted Down

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October 25th, 2013


The Big Bang Theory was adjusted up three tenths and The Vampire Diaries was adjusted up  two tenths while The Millers and Scandal were each adjusted down a single tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Thursday broadcast ratings. Final baseball ratings are also below.


Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Broadcast primetime final ratings for Thursday, October 24:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM CBS The Big Bang Theory 5.2 16 16.98
FOX World Series Game 2 (8-10PM) 3.6 10 13.43
NBC The Voice (8-9PM) -R 1.3 4 5.26
CW The Vampire Diaries 1.3 3 2.63
ABC Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 1.1 4 4.38
8:30PM CBS The Millers 2.7 8 10.74
9:00PM ABC Grey's Anatomy 2.8 8 8.73
CBS The Crazy Ones 2.3 7 8.69
NBC Sean Saves the World 1.1 3 3.96
CW Reign 0.6 2 1.83
9:30PM CBS Two and a Half Men 2.3 6 8.53
NBC The Michael J Fox Show 1.2 3 3.76
10:00 PM ABC Scandal 2.9 8 8.62
CBS Elementary 1.8 5 8.720
NBC Parenthood 1.3 4 3.95

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  • ToXiX

    I don’t watch TVD
    But I LOVE seeing CW beating Abc and tying with NBC :D

    Glad Two and a Half Men didn’t adjust down.

    A 5.2 to a 2.7 is a HUGE drop for The Millers.

  • diana

    i love scandal and think its a great show but i think it has one of the worst fandom’s like nathan, joe and paris seriously if the ratings say your show is a hit why put down a another show people like? i don’t see anybody hating on scandal expect for rob


    benz yes that’s why I don’t judge any show that’s up a game 7 in any sport

  • rgxx

    NBC – move Parenthood back to where it was alst season…you’re killing the show!!

  • Candy

    @Diana, and Avery and Gemma, all fandoms have their fair share of crazy-stupid fans, just like all shows have their fair share of stupid trolls. Don’t single out the Scandal fandom.

  • ToXiX

    ROB! Should have been renewed. It’s numbers NEVER justified its cancellation. Especially considering how the new shows are performing now.

  • Freddy Arrow

    People keep wanting to cancel The Crazy Ones, but The Miller’s 2.7 coming out of TBBT’s 5.2 looks worse than the Crazy One’s 2.3. I’m not much of a Retentionista on even hours, but at the 30 minute mark, i expect a sitcom to retain a decent part of its lead in, especially early in the night.

  • Steve

    You could fart for 30 minutes and have a funnier show than Two and a Half Men. How this show survived past the 4th season is anyone’s guess. Good to see it finally dying without the lead-in from The Big Bang Theory.

  • Crystal

    I’m glad Reign didn’t adjust up only because I’m loving Tommorrow People and I want to see it get a second season. As always great for TBBT.

  • Preston

    What is up with Grey’s this season?!?!? I thought last season was bad!!! I think Shonda has her mind on other things. And the show looks awful too…looks like the show is put together by middle school kids! What gives???!?!?!?!?!?! No wonder the ratings are in the toilet!!!! I predict this is the last season…especially now that Sandra Oh has quit. Im sure it won’t be too long before Pompeo and Dempsey announce their departure after this season.

  • rob60990

    “Rob, and how many seasons will Revenge last? 10?”

    Fans of Revenge already knew it would never have a very long life probably getting 4-5 seasons because the premise was so limited. Scandal fans are under some delusion that Scandal will replace Grey’s Anatomy and last for years and years.

    “the funny thing is this is the most active you’ve been in a while.”

    I recently got a full time job.

  • Tony JJ


    I don’t know. While I agree Greys quality isn’t even close to what it used to be. It still rates well for ABC. And Ellen Pompeo said in a recent interview that she doesn’t see herself leaving the show. She said “I love my life right now”. She said she likes having a steady job with great pay. I think she talked about stars of shows (like Katherine heigl) who always think the grass is greener on the other side. So I honestly don’t see her leaving. Patrick Dempsey I don’t know about. But obviously I think they will decide together when to leave. I don’t see one of them leaving without the other.

  • Scandalicious

    The Vampire Diaries beats NBC lineup and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland for the second week in a row! Crazy! Though that does make the Reign numbers look a lot worse.

    The only reason Scandal is down is because the World Series Numbers spiked in the 10pm hour. I sure it will be back up. But a 2.9 is still way awesome for a 10pm show and ABC is still thrilled.

  • sam

    Game 1 WS did better then game 2 and it was a blowout i dont get it

  • Jackie

    I still love SCANDAL but I do agree its lost a lot of its “edge”. Last season was CANT MISS each episode and was so freakin entertaining. its slowed way down and isn’t as exciting. I don’t know if they are planning on building it up as the season goes but a show like SCANDAL has to deliver each and every episode bc its the type of show that once someone stops watching, they don’t normally come back.

    As for Greys, I thought last nights episode was one of its best, dare I say, EVER. it was so good. nothing crazy and over the top happened. but it was written and acted so well, along with excellent editing and directing. The scene where Arizona went off on the intern that she made out with was very powerful. I felt really sad for Lia and Arizona

  • Brandy

    Yay for VD ,BBT

  • Carl

    I don’t even watch or care about Scandal, I should be rooting against it as I watch Elementary, but even I know it’s still very popular and won’t be going anywhere for a long time.

    @reedmac, I don’t see SPN doing that well in the post-TVD timeslot, mostly because nothing does in that timeslot. I know they were paired together in season 5, but I didn’t get the impression the ratings were that good for SPN at that stage.

  • Preston

    15 seasons?!?!? Really?!?!?! I guess we’ll see!!! But I don’t agree with you that Pompeo is the star of that show! Dempsey is and has been the reason so many tune in each week…and I think he really wants to go race cars at this point. I also think Sandra Oh is a much bigger star on Grey’s than Pompeo. Guess we’ll have to see if anyone tunes in for Season 11 (if there is one) when Sandra (and possibly Dempsey) leave. I have never seen the ratings soooo low!!!

  • Preston

    Also….just wondering if anyone knows why the show (Grey’s) LOOKS so bad?!?!?! It actually hurts my eyes to look at!!!
    It’s never bothered me in the past but this season it looks horrible!!!! Maybe they are shooting it with some of those new video cameras?!?!?!?!?

  • thesnowleopard


    Isn’t Reign supposed to have a 13-episode season?

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