Thursday Final Ratings: 'The Big Bang Theory' & 'The Vampire Diaries' Adjusted Up; 'The Millers' and 'Scandal' Adjusted Down

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October 25th, 2013


The Big Bang Theory was adjusted up three tenths and The Vampire Diaries was adjusted up  two tenths while The Millers and Scandal were each adjusted down a single tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Thursday broadcast ratings. Final baseball ratings are also below.


Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Broadcast primetime final ratings for Thursday, October 24:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM CBS The Big Bang Theory 5.2 16 16.98
FOX World Series Game 2 (8-10PM) 3.6 10 13.43
NBC The Voice (8-9PM) -R 1.3 4 5.26
CW The Vampire Diaries 1.3 3 2.63
ABC Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 1.1 4 4.38
8:30PM CBS The Millers 2.7 8 10.74
9:00PM ABC Grey's Anatomy 2.8 8 8.73
CBS The Crazy Ones 2.3 7 8.69
NBC Sean Saves the World 1.1 3 3.96
CW Reign 0.6 2 1.83
9:30PM CBS Two and a Half Men 2.3 6 8.53
NBC The Michael J Fox Show 1.2 3 3.76
10:00 PM ABC Scandal 2.9 8 8.62
CBS Elementary 1.8 5 8.720
NBC Parenthood 1.3 4 3.95

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  • Theisssuesarenow

    I agree with Matt irob needed to be renewed but crazy ones will last years and years

  • Fa1c0n

    It’s very amusing to look at all of these comments. I am a fan of both Revenge and Scandal and I don’t see the huge competition between the fans. Everyone on here that is trolling, is a child and I doubt they asked mom and dad if they could come on this website. Those who say Scandal has peaked and will keep going down, you are dead wrong. Scandal was up against The World Series, which for you children, is a huge deal on TV. I don’t see why people have to troll and be jerks. Revenge fans are doing most of the trolling because they are upset at how low their shows’ ratings are. Everyone on this site really needs to take a chill pill.

    Relax. They are both good shows.

  • L

    Ouch, that adjustment for TVD just made Reign look much, much worse…

  • Kit

    Very surprised Two and Half Men didn’t fall with the World Series and was actually up. I’m fine with that, as last night’s episode was very well done. I still think this show can eek out one more renewal.

  • Gemma

    It’s amazing how every other show managed to be unaffected by baseball but scandal. Give me a break. And last time I checked scandal is primarily a chick show.

  • feinn

    no full season orders by cw yet…come on

  • tyrone

    I just dont see what people see in big bang theory. Is isnt funny at all. But to each his own

  • diana

    @falcon scandal didn’t go head to head against the world series the world series is from 8-10 and scandal starts at 10

  • diana

    as long as scandal remains above a 2.4 it will stay a hit

  • Ray

    World Series – 3.4
    Up against Scandal

    The Walking Dead – 7.1
    Sunday Night Football – 10.0
    Up against Revenge

    See the HUGE difference. Now, the only reason I brought Revenge up was because other people are trying to compare ratings & say Scandal has big competition. Not really people.

  • Phill

    way to go TVD! and greys :O

  • Tim

    WOW. So Scandal gets .1 below a 3.0 and suddenly it isn’t a hit anymore? Its the #3 show of the night. The #1 drama of the night and #1 10:00 show of the night by over a whole ratings point.

    Give me a break.

  • Networkman

    CBS put Two & a Half Men on at 9:30pm hoping that it would keep Elementary’s ratings afloat. I really feel it should be airing at 9pm. CBS has to rearrange their comedies. Since I don’t see 2-1/2 Men returning to Monday night put it on at 9pm Thursday. The Millers has to leave the 8:30pm slot after Big Bang Theory since its retention is horrible. It may be time to give Mom the chance to breakout. The Crazy Ones may be a better lead into Elementary.

    8pm How I Met Your Mother(Final Season)
    8:30pm 2 Broke Girls
    9pm Mike & Molly
    9:30pm The Millers
    10pm Intelligence

    8pm The Big Bang Theory
    8:30pm Mom
    9pm Two & a Half Men (Final Season)
    9:30pm The Crazy Ones
    10pm Elementary

  • remi

    Looking at everyone’s comments, I feel like you’d have better luck predicting what gets cancelled and renewed asking a magic 8 ball.

  • ToXiX

    As a fan of The Big Bang Theory, I have found this season to be very disappointing so far.
    Two and a Half Men on the other hand, has been GREAT this season.

  • Kev

    lol ABC at the 8pm hr.. great job TBBT and TVD!

  • Alan

    Reign is a goner.

  • Reprise

    OUATIW won’t get pulled from the air regardless of how low it goes. At the very most it’ll get switched with a less important show and left to air the rest of its episodes quietly. My money is it staying on Wednesday. ;)

    The show has failed, but it won’t affect Once Upon a Time in any way anyways. It was always that one shot spinoff show.

  • redhood

    Hopefully Reign continues to free fall coz we need Cora back in Teen Wolf, and honestly its just sucky show that shouldn’t have been picked up

  • KJ Styles

    SMH at everyone bashing The Crazy Ones. It’s better than The Millers and 2.5 Men put together.

    The World Series is the reason why just about every show was down this week. Despite the ratings decline, I still see Crazy Ones getting renewed. Only 3 CBS comedies are doing better than Crazy Ones, and one of them is in it’s final season.

    As for the Scandal haters, it’s not going anywhere either. It’s the highest rated drama on ABC and the second highest rated drama on network TV only behind NCIS. When the World Series is over, it’s ratings will go back up guaranteed.

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