'The Blacklist' Generates Second Biggest L+3 lift ever

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October 26th, 2013

The Blacklist Episode 2

via press release:

  • “The Blacklist” has delivered the second biggest “live plus three day” increase in U.S. television history in total viewership, with the Oct. 21 telecast growing by 4.916 million persons from 10.437 million viewers in “live plus same day” to 15.353 million in L+3.  The only telecast ever to add more viewers in L+3 is the Sept. 30 “Blacklist,” which grew by 5.081 million persons, raising its 11.348 million in L+SD to 16.429 million viewers in L+3.


  • In adults 18-49, the Oct. 21“Blacklist” added 54% or 1.60 of a point to its next-day “live plus same day” 18-49 rating (to a 4.57 in L+3 from a 2.97 in L+SD).  The 54% increase in 18-49 and 47% lift in total viewers are the biggest percentage increases to date for “The Blacklist” in both categories.  By rating point, the 18-49 increase of 1.60 points is second biggest for the series behind a 1.66 lift for the Sept. 30 telecast.


  • “The Blacklist” is up week to week in “live plus three day” results for each of the last two weeks in adults 18-49, going from a 4.53 on Oct. 7 to a 4.54 on Oct. 14 to a 4.57 on Oct. 21.  In total viewers, the Oct. 21 “Blacklist” is up this week versus last, to 15.353 million from 15.066 million.


  • KC

    ….and….nobody cares….

  • sh

    I pretty much decided to quit this show because I find it so boring.

  • zth


    L+3 is the rating that advitersers pay for. Why should nobody care?

  • zth


  • ABC hater

    People are still very interested in this show. That’s great. :)

  • romo

    Advertisers pay for L3 ?

    I thought it was for C3.

  • zth


    You’re right, it’s C3, but the correlation between L3 and L3 is nearly 100% (C3 is probably lower than L3 by the same percentage for all shows probably).

  • Anna g

    It’s good news for TB. It’s the only new show this fall that I watch as I gave up on Agents of Shield.

  • Doug

    C3 is highly correlated to L+SD, zth, not L+3.

  • Restless

    Impressive and awesome :D

  • eridapo


    Wrong… Advertisers pay for Live+C3 (Do not confuse it with Live+3).

    Live+C3 measures actual commercial watching while with live+3 commercials can be skip.

  • MizFit

    ” live+3 commercials can be skip.”
    Depends on where you’re watching it.

  • David Howell

    NBC have got to give this show a shot away from The Voice if it’s got this much DVR interest.

  • omabin

    C3 is more correlated with Live+SD than L3 I think.

  • AB

    Those who claim that BL is ‘boring’ or ‘too long’ are admitting their shallow minds and short attention spans.
    But does that really surprise anyone?

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