'The Originals' Hits Highs in L+3 Ratings

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October 27th, 2013

The Originals Episode 3

via press release:

Last week's episode of THE ORIGINALS saw huge week to week increases in delayed Live + 3 Day DVR viewing, more than doubling its W18-34 (+119%, 1.89 vs 0.86) rating, and nearly doubling its rating in A18-34 (+91%, 1.42 vs 0.74) versus the Live+Same Day ratings.

THE ORIGINALS averaged 3.37M viewers, a +51% gain over L+SD, and marking the series most watched episode of the season in L+3. It was also THE ORIGINALS highest-rated episode of the season in A18-49 (1.62), which rose +72% over its L+SD rating.

SUPERNATURAL also saw big gains in L+3 data versus L+SD, rising +47% in A18-34 (1.21 vs 0.82), +40% in A18-49 (1.48 vs 1.06), +58% in W18-34 (1.37 vs 0.87), and +34% in total viewers (3.12M vs 2.34M).

  • Glue

    Go the Originals! I love that show!

  • starship

    Wonder why it hasn’t been given a full season order yet. Maybe they’re waiting to decide if they should give TTP and/or Reign additional eps too.

  • Alan

    Give it a full season already, CW!

  • Robin

    Probably because it was up against PLL, people dvr’d it

  • Brandy

    Yay, Love this show!It & Reign are the best new shows on cw or other networks this season(though I Ike/watch Once:Wonderland & Witches of East End too).

  • John A

    Come on CW give it a full season. I think Arrow got a full season after 2 episodes last yr so whats the hold up? Surely it will get it wednesday.

  • JJ

    Loving The Originals so far! The CW has some strong pilots this season.

  • I Love TV!

    I really think THE CW has grown in terms of quality programming. Arrow, Nikita, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, The Originals are really great and I love watching them.. The Tomorrow People has the potential of growing, Reign and The Carrie Diaries are better than those teen dramas that aired on the network.. The only problem has to be Beauty and the Beast, I really don’t like the show and I don’t why! Not a fan

  • Robin

    @I Love TV!
    It probably has something to do with the show being called beauty and the beast and not beauty and the male model. And the fact that its really mediocre at best

  • Mike

    This is what I predict will happen by the end of this week

    The Originals picked up for a full season
    The Tomorrow People Full season pickup
    Reign (i don’t Beleive will have a full season. Because it’s suppose to be a limited series)

    I’m really looking foward to the 100 and star crossed..

    Cw was the only network that I was looking foward to all their new shows this season.. I really hate to see which shows get the axe in May..

  • reedmac

    Good numbers for Supernatural so far this season, number 2 show on the CW this season even with DVR?

    The Originals is doing really well so far. CW will definitely have to consider splitting it and SPN up next season to sure up Monday and Tuesday.

  • brent

    These are great numbers for TO. What makes it even greater is that these numbers are just L+3.Can’t wait to see what it does for L+7.

  • feinn

    Order a full season right now, they only hurt the show by waiting. ..already more viewers than supernatural too…and hittings series high in 4th episode shows growth

  • Tphxitachi

    These gains are huge and PPL just made a dent in the woman demo. And this doesn’t factor, Online viewing via CW app and etc.

  • feinn

    @Numb3rs cw doesn’t wait for international numbers…most shows are shown months after usa….and they only care about selling shows in different markets…international can help future seasons but this current season will be based off how well it does domestically

  • Dave

    The CW is being stupid this year. Last year they gave golden child ARROW a full season order after just two airings whiles ordering more scripts for BATB and First Cut with the latter being picked up a few weeks later.

    This year, they stupidly ordered more scripts for all three. The Originals is clearly the break out hit for them this season with TTP and Reign being the new BATB and First Cut.

    I fully expect a full order by Wednesday but knowing The CW, they’d probably wait a whole other week to see how TTP and Reign perform again to make one whole formal announcement.

  • Mike


    What is this First Cut you keep saying?

  • may

    i think cw is not ordering full seasons because they have two mid season shows yet to air which can replace shows once the 13 episodes end. Where can these two shows fit anyways. Something will get moved to fridays probaly.

  • Dave


    Sorry, I meant Emily Owens MD. First Cut was the initial title but was changed last minute at The CW’s upfront presentation last year.

  • RS

    I think (definitely) The Originals will get a full order. And probably the Tomorrow People. Beauty and the Male Model will get moved to Friday and then cancelled for next year. Reign is a toss up for renewal next year (even without a back-order it could be renewed a la cable shows).
    The 100 and Star-Crossed will take the Monday and Thursday slots at mid-season.

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