'The Originals' Hits Highs in L+3 Ratings

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October 27th, 2013

The Originals Episode 3

via press release:

Last week's episode of THE ORIGINALS saw huge week to week increases in delayed Live + 3 Day DVR viewing, more than doubling its W18-34 (+119%, 1.89 vs 0.86) rating, and nearly doubling its rating in A18-34 (+91%, 1.42 vs 0.74) versus the Live+Same Day ratings.

THE ORIGINALS averaged 3.37M viewers, a +51% gain over L+SD, and marking the series most watched episode of the season in L+3. It was also THE ORIGINALS highest-rated episode of the season in A18-49 (1.62), which rose +72% over its L+SD rating.

SUPERNATURAL also saw big gains in L+3 data versus L+SD, rising +47% in A18-34 (1.21 vs 0.82), +40% in A18-49 (1.48 vs 1.06), +58% in W18-34 (1.37 vs 0.87), and +34% in total viewers (3.12M vs 2.34M).

  • Akii

    I feel that the cw needs to get more teen dramas in terms or regular shows. When 90210 was in its prime it during season 2-3 it was one of the best shows out. Season 5 had gotten better also. If CW wants to dominate and become apart of the Big 4 networks it should bring Back Ringer, 90210, Hellcats and The Secret Circle, i mean even Melrose Place 2.0 was decent I just feel all of these shows are based on scifi and fantasy we need some normal teen dramas. I feel They would do better if during the Fall schedule they could show te scifi shows up until Feb. Then from March- Aug. They could show normal teen or regular dramas like Ringer 90210 HellCats Nikita ext. its just a thought. And please for the love of god CW stop changing the time slot and days the shows come on. It makes it hard for the show’s audience to grow

  • Robin

    Ok you must be either dawn ostroff or just trolling. 90210, hellcats, Melrose place lol. Most of those shows were barely getting one million viewers at the end of their run. 90210 ended with .5 million viewers. Its the sic fi and fantasy shows like TVD, SPN, arrow, originals, smallville that have been successful.

  • violet hour

    go originals klaus is fun

  • Rachel

    If The CW needs more teen dramas they need another TVD-like series. Not one that deals with vampires but something like aliens. I thought Star-Crossed could feel that void but saving it for midseason is basically its death sentence.

  • Shang

    The Originals is so good. I think it’s better than vampire diaries and pretty little liars. Every time the episode ends.. I’m just like… woah…Pretty little liars has shocking moments but not like every episode. The past episodes of season 4 hasn’t been that good even though i like that show, but the Originals OH MY GOD! Just over the top! Raise the bar!

  • omabin

    This is good, it sort of shows that the audience is still there and that probably competition played them a trick this night. Hopefully, the Live+SD numbers go up this week

  • Love The Original

    The Original is good, Julie Plec Bring Ian Somerhalder in the original rating will improve big time ..

    Please finish Vampire D this season…Tired of seeing three characters played by Nina annoying Dobrev and Two Characters Played by Paul emotionless Wesley ,why why why , does not make sense, ..FINiSH VD THIS SEASON CW

  • Love The Original

    BTW forgot to mention Love Supernatural, Arrow and the original ,very good shows ..Watch VD only for Ian Somerhalder, his acting is getting better day by day but his screen space is getting less day by day. Bring new girl for Damon , he will be very happy with the new girl rather then Annoying Elena ,bringing new for Damon might bring good rating for VD

    DO not wants to see too many Ninas and too many Pauls playing too many characters.. we cannot identify who is who n loosing interest..

  • Wright

    I really think that TO should be picked up for a full season and TTP and Reign renewed for 13 episodes each year. That way the 100 and Star Crossed can replace them in January. Reign is a beautifully done show with great writing and actors.

  • Miles R.

    I absolutely love The Originals and this is excellent news. I find myself looking forward to Tuesday nights now more than ever. A big hit for the CW and Joseph Morgan is quite a gem for the network. I hope we will get some crossover action between The Originals and Vampire Diaries.

  • Joseph Morgan Obsessed


  • Revenger

    I think The Originals will be given a full season, while TTP and Reign are either renewed for 13 ep season 2 or cancelled, depending on ratings that being said this could be the CW schedule next year

    8 The Originals
    9 New show

    8 New show
    9 Supernatural

    8 Arrow
    9 The tomorrow people/ The 100

    8 The Vampire Diaries
    9 Reign/New show

    8Hart of Dixie
    9 ANTM/TCD/ repeats

  • Andreia

    Congrats to the all cast and crew of The Originals.

    I love this show . Is Great !

    Especially congrats to Joseph Morgan (as Klaus) because he is simply brilliant *

  • Ross

    This show is pretty bad so it will not be in my DVR recordings for this season. CW should not push this show anymore and make room for better written series. The ratings at the beginning were due to people being curious about it, but now that we have a taste of it, it left most people with a bitter taste in their mouths. These characters should’ve stayed in TVD series, IMO.

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