Will 'Once Upon a Time' Hit a New Low Against the World Series? (Poll)

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October 27th, 2013


Once Upon a Time has had a rough couple weeks. Last week, it came within a tenth of tying its series low 2.0 adults 18-49 rating. With the World Series adding to the already considerable  competition tonight, will the  series fall to a new low?  Make your guesses below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

  • Charmed

    1.9. It’s sad, it had so much potential.

  • Noel

    The real question is, will Once and Revenge end with a 4th final season or will they continue after that.

  • David

    I think Once Upon a Time should be taken out of the Sunday timeslot, because the show always performs terribly against sports, and during the spring.

    The show should be moved to a different day in the week, like Tuesday or Wednesday, a day where people actually watch TV. If the show stays on Sunday, it will keep falling in ratings.

    Even if it isn’t the competition from sports and the show is simply falling because no one watches it anymore, if they’re not going to move the show from its timeslot, at least prepare the final season pretty soon. I predict the show should end in its fifth season or so.

  • SJ


    I can’t possibly see how they go on past season 4, each. We’re likely looking at low 1s and sub-1 ratings for Once and Revenge, respectively, in spring 2015.

  • diana

    i’m guessing that season 4 will be the final season of revenge due to its thin premise as for ouat i’m not really sure if season 4 will be it’s last season because it has a very loyal audience i could see it go on till season 6

  • Ray

    My predictions:

    Sunday Night Football: 8.0-8.3
    The Walking Dead: 6.8-6.9
    World Series: 2.6-3.0
    Once Upon a Time: 2.1-2.2
    Revenge: 1.6-1.8

    I hope Revenge can at least maintain its audience from last week, but with this highly anticipated episode, I’d love to see it go up at least a little (I know the competition is still going to be strong, but I hope it doesn’t bring Revenge down any more).

  • BigBrotherFan

    Once Upon a Time-1.8

    The Amazing Race-2.0
    The Good Wife-1.4
    The Mentalist-1.3

  • CBSviewer

    Tonight ratings:

    The Amazing Race: 2.0
    The Good Wife: 1.3
    The Mentalist: 1.4

    Once Upon a Time: 2.0
    Revenge: 1.6
    Betrayal: 0.9

    World Series: 4.8

    Sunday Night Football: 9.1

  • jj


    2.6-3.0 for the world series? You better check the past few years for sunday world series games. They do very well. Could be as high as 5.0

  • Ray

    I know my prediction was rather low. I was being optimistic for the shows its up against. Let me adjust my predictions:

    Sunday Night Football: 7.5-8.0
    The Walking Dead: 6.1-6.0
    World Series: 4.2-4.8
    Once Upon a Time: 1.9-2.2
    Revenge: 1.5-1.8
    Betrayal: 0.7-0.9

  • diana

    unless the world series goes above a 6.0 i don’t think that it will affect the abc line up

  • iSayso

    A to Q: Hellz yeah!

  • tv_viewer

    My predictions:

    Once Upon A Time 2.0
    Revenge 1.5
    Betrayal 0.9

    The Amazing Race 1.9
    The Good Wife 1.5
    The Mentalist 1.2

    The ratings of Once Upon A Time for tonight’s episode rest on the interest fans have on the back story of Hook and his brother, not on the World Series. Grey’s Anatomy’s ratings wasn’t affected by Game 2 of the World Series.

    I’m predicting that OUAT’s ratings will drop by 0.1 (just like OUAT in Wonderland) from last week’s ratings.

    Revenge’s ratings only went up during the Fall 2012 (before week 10 of the 2012-2013 television season) when OUAT’s ratings also went up. Since OUAT isn’t likely to rise from last week’s 2.1 rating, then Revenge’s ratings won’t go up. I’ll be optimistic and predict Revenge will match last week’s ratings.

    Last season The Good Wife’s ratings only rose from the previous week (for the first 9 weeks of the 2012-2013 season) for week #4. It is interesting to note that The Amazing Race merely maintained its 2.6 rating (week #3 and week #4) while The Good Wife jumped to a 1.9 from a 1.7.

    This season will definitely be different. The Amazing Race didn’t drop below its season 21 premiere until week #8. But in season 23, episodes 3 and 4 (1.9 rating) are already below the season 23 premiere (2.0 rating). Fans don’t seem to care for the cast of this season too much. Even though there is a double U-Turn in tonight’s episode, I predict the ratings won’t rise for The Amazing Race.

    I’ve seen the CBS promos of Alicia leaving the firm. The ratings for The Good Wife probably will rise from last week’s ratings of 1.4 to a 1.5 tonight.

    My guess is Haffner is Red John. So Haffner working more closely with the CBI team won’t be the episode where Red John’s identity will finally be revealed. The Mentalist will be stuck at a 1.2 rating until the big reveal episode is aired.

  • Joseph

    It will likely hit a 1.7 or 1.8 in the 18-49 demographic at best.

    But next week (November 4th), the show’s 18-49 rating should be at least 2.5.

    And after the end of the NFL season, if the show remains on Sundays, the show’s 18-49 ratings should climb well into the 3’s, since football will be over.

  • josh



    I can’t possibly see how they go on past season 4, each. We’re likely looking at low 1s and sub-1 ratings for Once and Revenge, respectively, in spring 2015.

    phaa you know nothing pal ! once wont be low or sub 1 so shut the hell up eghh..

  • diana

    i know that revenge is always like .7 ratings behind ouat so if ouat gets like a 2.0 to 2.1 then revenge will likely get a 1.5 to 1.6. if ouat gets like a 1.8-1.9 then revenge will sadly be like a 1.1-1.2

  • k:Alex

    Would be fun if Betrayal rise again.

  • were123

    I’m crossing my fingers so that Revenge rises, but I think it’ll be on the 1.5/1.6 range. It’s hope is for when it returns from hiatus in March, and for that ABC has to do a special episode so that viewers can catch up and promote it a lot. Every single time ABC has done recaps the ratings for Revenge go up.
    After the first recap in season 1, Revenge went from 2.1 to 2.3. The second one, before the season 2 premiere, lifted it from 2.4 to 3.2. And finally, even an online recap lifted the ratings from 1.8 to 2.0 in Februry.
    Revenge is a show that benefits from recaps.

  • diana

    i would love for revenge to be in the 2’s but i know that its unlikely to happen i really hope revenge does not drop further and just stabalize’s i know that it will get a 1.5 or 1.6 but i would be happy if it just stays stable


    (Probably wrong but) I went w/ 1.8-1.9

    @ Terry

    The animation domination block will be severely impacted by baseball since it’s being preempted for the World Series

    @ Holly

    I think “event” programming such as the World Series does impact entertainment programming (PS) Welcome back! Missed you much!

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