Will 'Once Upon a Time' Hit a New Low Against the World Series? (Poll)

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October 27th, 2013


Once Upon a Time has had a rough couple weeks. Last week, it came within a tenth of tying its series low 2.0 adults 18-49 rating. With the World Series adding to the already considerable  competition tonight, will the  series fall to a new low?  Make your guesses below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

  • JJ

    Im looking forward to the Hook storyline tonight. Hes definitely my fave character on this series. Ill be watching live!

  • frodo

    Once 1.9
    Revenge 1.6
    Good Wife 1.3
    Mentalist 1.3

  • Douglas from Brazil

    @See BS

    “The only buzz The Good Wife has is a false one a handful of fans are trying to create right here.”

    So you don’t read much of websites who talk about tv, don’t cha?

  • Matt

    ONCE will remain steady at a 2.0 and 7 million viewers. Revenge will rise to a 1.7 and around 6.5 million viewers. Once the World Series is over, I expect ONCE to rise back up into the 2.5 range and Revenge into the 2.0 range.

  • Matt

    Final Predictions:

    ONCE: 1.9 / 7 million (will rise to a 2.0 in finals)
    Revenge: 1.7 / 6.5 million
    Betrayal: 1.0 / 4 million

    The Good Wife: 1.5 / 9 million
    The Mentalist: 1.3 / 8 million

    The Walking Dead: 6.9 / 13 million

  • diana

    as much as i would love to see revenge rise 2 tenths this week and find its way back in 2’s i think that your being a little too optimistic about revenge i think that this week it will even be lucky to get a 1.5. as for ouat i think that your spot on i think that ouat will find its way back up in the high 2s when the world series is over

  • Tom

    OUAT – 2.0
    Revenge – 1.6
    Betrayal – 0.9

    Wife – 1.6
    Mentalist – 1.4

  • Euphemia

    Yes. I’m sure it willhit a season low. This season is really stupid and the love triangle is ruining everything.

  • alvar

    I think people need to accept that people have just lost interest in both Once and Revenge. The competition is no excuse, because if people were really interested, they would tune in. Both shows were pulling good numbers last fall with the same competition, so how can you justify using that excuse.

  • Ray

    The competition was not the same last year. Braking Bad (first couple of weeks of fall season)/The Walking Dead was weaker last fall, football was solid, and the World Series–well we don’t know how tonight will be yet.

  • Patrick G

    I think “Once Upon a Time” has a real shot at dropping to a new low tonight. The series’ extended stay in Neverland has been really boring and unpleasant, and while I have largely enjoyed the show twisting the traditional plots of well-known and established Disney characters and fairy tales into new directions, making Peter Pan and his Lost Boys so evil was a huge mistake. He was one of Disney’s ultimate good boys, and I think it has alienated many viewers. I know the Disney parent that owns ABC has largely let the producers and writers of OUAT do whatever they want with Disney canon, but I think it’s time they start overseeing the show-runners and nixing ideas such as this that can harm their product. I’m about ready to turn OUAT off completely until they conclude this horrid Neverland plot! Sub-2 ratings, here we go!! :(

  • Ray

    I fear for how Revenge is going to do, because honestly, tonight was another sleep-inducing episode of Once Upon a Time (which will likely have the second half of the show in lower ratings, thus lowering Revenge already). Also, I did not see a single promo for Revenge during most of Once Upon a Time (there may have been one in the final commercial break, when ratings are probably going to be at their lowest). I constantly saw promos for The Goldbergs/Trophy Wife, Wednesday night, Dancing with the Stars, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, and The Middle. You think ABC would have gave a huge push for tonight’s highly anticipated Revenge episode?

  • brian

    1.8. It won’t fall as far as a male oriented series.

  • Scot

    I say 1.8-1.9, between the World Series and The Walking Dead, everything else on Sunday will be obliterated.

  • JR35

    Early numbers from metered markets, courtesy of Marc Berman:

    Once Upon a Time: 4.5/7 (last week: 4.4/7)
    Revenge: 3.9/6 (LW: 4.2/6)
    Betrayal: 2.4/4 (LW: 2.4.4)

  • numbersguy

    ONCE 2.2
    REVENGE 1.5
    BETRAYAL 1.0

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