'Strike Back' Renewed by CInemax for Ten Episode Season Four; Show Will End Its Run in 2014

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October 28th, 2013

Strike Back season 3

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NEW YORK, Oct. 28, 2013 – The hit action series STRIKE BACK will return to CINEMAX in 2014 for a fourth and final season of ten new episodes, which will shoot in Asia and Europe, it was announced today by Kary Antholis, president, HBO Miniseries and Cinemax Programming. CINEMAX/HBO will again produce the series with partners Left Bank and Sky, which will air the series in the U.K. Returning for season four will be Left Bank’s Andy Harries as executive producer, series producer Michael Casey and head of production Marigo Kehoe. Sky’s Cameron Roach will executive produce. Also returning are Michael J. Bassett as co-executive producer, writer and director and James Dormer as co-executive producer and writer.

            Returning cast and additional crew will be announced at later date.

STRIKE BACK wrapped its third season on Oct. 18, and the entire season is now available on MaxGo and Max On Demand. New York’s Daily News said that season three returned “with a bigger bang than ever” and redeyechicago.com noted, “Every season ‘Strike Back’ raises the stakes,” while HitFix.com remarked that “the action scenes remain brutal and thrilling.” TV Guide said the series “blazed a new trail in hardcore pulp fiction,” the Huffington Post called it “well made and damn fun,” and craveonline.com said it is “still the gold standard for TV action.”

Debuting in 2011, STRIKE BACK was the first collaboration between CINEMAX/HBO and Sky. The first season introduced an unlikely pair of operatives in the stealth counterterrorism unit Section 20: Sgt. Michael Stonebridge (Philip Winchester), an exceptional British Special Forces (SBS) soldier, and the less-conventional Damien Scott (Sullivan Stapleton), a former U.S. Delta Force member. In the third season, the team tracked terrorist Al-Zuhari and his conspirators from the jungles of Colombia to Beirut to Russia to Eastern Europe in order to stop a major attack on Western-allied targets.

In addition to Philip Winchester (“Crusoe,” “Camelot” and “Undrafted”) and Sullivan Stapleton (“Animal Kingdom,” “Gangster Squad,” the upcoming “300: The Rise of an Empire”), season three stars of STRIKE BACK included Rhona Mitra (“Underworld: Rise of the Lycans”), Robson Green (“Wire in the Blood”), Michelle Lukes (“Alexander”) and Milauna Jackson (“Blood Done Sign My Name”). Season three guest stars included Dougray Scott (“Desperate Housewives”) and Zubin Varla (“Little Dorrit”).

For more on the series, visit facebook.com/cinemax, twitter.com @Cinemax #StrikeBack and youtube.com/Cinemax.

STRIKE BACK is a CINEMAX Presentation in association with British Sky Broadcasting Limited; a Left Bank Pictures Production; executive producers, Andy Harries for Left Bank and Cameron Roach for Sky; series producer, Michael Casey; co-executive producer, Michael J. Bassett.

  • davie

    oh wow 4th (5th) and Final season for Strike Back, huh? Pretty good series..although I still need to catch up on Season 3 (Season 4)

  • PurpleDrazi

    Great news! I love this series. It’s like a combination of the Unit and 24 only it’s better than both.

  • steve

    Thats all i ask for when a show ends that the writers/producers get time to wrap it up. So im sad its ending but happy itll get a proper ending

  • tv2day

    Better than 24, please stop. 24 changed TV and is still one of the greatest shows ever. Strike back is okay. Very predictable and the motivations are pretty cheesy.

  • chrono

    24 is way better.

  • Mon

    Final season? I want a happy ending! I wish we could have that everyone makes it out alive in the end.

  • Tom

    Strike Back deteriorated significantly this season. The storyline (so to speak) featured even less substance than usual and instead focused on gratuitous violence and soft porn. I was hoping Cinemax would just cancel it, but at least it’s ending. Now, if they’d only do the same with Banshee.

  • Dave

    Tom, i think the Disney Channel is calling your name, if you don’t like shows like Strike Back and Banshee thats fine don’t watch them, plenty of us like both shows, bring on the violence and sex scenes.

  • don

    tom you want Cinemax to stop soft porn thats what build Cinemax lol.its a great show it shouldn’t end

  • SueP

    Glad to know we have one more season. One of the best action shows on TV!

  • Bl00dwerK

    Final season?! NOOOO! Alright, at least they’re ending it on their own terms…

  • Tom

    @ Dave

    In case you missed it, Strike Back just ended it’s fourth story arc. I’ve seen all of them. Until this season, the program was relatively interesting. That explains my comment. As for you: quit wasting space giving gratuitous advice to posters about their viewing options.

  • Bl00dwerK

    Dave’s right, Tom. The Disney Channel IS callint your name…

  • Bl00dwerK


  • DocBlaq


    As much as I loved 24, it started to become ridiculous after season 2. I understand Jack had only 24 hrs to save us all but seriously, some of the plots by hour 10 were just lazy and boring.

  • Sam

    I’m sad it’s gonna end next season but at least we’re gonna get a real series finale.

  • Charles

    Strike Back is what 24 would’ve been if it was on cable. 24 was awesome for network TV, and Strike Back is awesome for cable.

  • Brandojames

    I’m surprisingly ok with Strike Back ending. The series is absolutely one of my all time favorites. I just know that when they actually choose to end it is usually for the best. I would love for me but if it’s gotta end, then it’s gotta end. I’m glad to have been able to watch a show like it.

  • steve

    I give credit to Strike Back for doing high-quality action for television, but the writing is really sloppy. Section 20 pretty much botches every single mission it takes on, which is just the effect of lazy writers not knowing how to script out a show like this. Like for example, I would think that if a special forces unit found out where a terrorist holding nuclear triggers was, they’d send in more than a couple guys to get them. But that can’t happen on Strike Back, because they have to fail just enough to move the storyline into another episode. It gets pretty tiresome watching that.

  • jason50

    I’m sad, currently Strike Back is the best action show on TV. All the best action shows have ended or is ending. Sucks, now we are left with boring uneventful dramas like the horrible season of Homeland.

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