'Supernatural', 'Beauty & the Beast', 'Arrow' & 'Hart of Dixie' Premieres Deliver Huge Live + 7 Ratings Growth

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October 28th, 2013

I Think I'm Gonna Like it Here

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With Live + 7 Day delayed viewing now available for The CW’s fall season premieres, the network saw huge increases in viewing versus Live + Same Day, with digital viewing (across CWTV.com, Hulu, and mobile and tablet apps) also significantly adding to the total audience.


The season premiere of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST on Monday, 10/7 doubled its women 18-34 rating (+100%, 0.66 vs 0.33) in L+7 compared to L+SD, and nearly doubled its adults 18-34 rating (+95%, 0.43 vs 0.22). In total viewers, it saw a +57% gain (1.42M vs 905,000). Digital viewing increases the total audience for BEAUTY’s season premiere by +42%.


HART OF DIXIE, which premiered the same night, gained +84% in W18-34 (1.05 vs 0.57), and +69% in both A18-34 (0.66 vs 0.39) and A18-49 (0.66 vs 0.39). The digital viewing for HART OF DIXIE added another +61% onto the total audience for the premiere, and was up +21% from the initiated episodes for last year’s season premiere.


The season premiere of SUPERNATURAL on its new night, Tuesday, 10/8 gained +35% in total viewers (3.5M vs 2.59M), +38% in A18-34 (1.44 vs 1.04), +36% in A18-49 (1.63 vs 1.2), and +40% in W18-34 (1.73 vs 1.24). In L+7, it was The CW’s second-highest rated show for the week in both A18-34 and A18-49, behind only THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. The digital audience for SUPERNATURAL was up +44% from last season’s premiere, and gives the total audience for this season’s premiere a +24% bump.


The time period premiere of THE ORIGINALS jumped +63% in A18-34 (1.35 vs 0.83), +60% in A18-49 (1.44 vs 0.9), +77% in W18-34 (1.96 vs 1.11), and +48% in total viewers (2.85M vs 1.92M).


The season premiere of ARROW on 10/9 saw a +45% gain in total viewers in L+7 (3.97M vs 2.73M), a +54% increase in A18-49 (1.43 vs 0.93), and a +35% bump in A18-34 (1.15 vs 0.85). The series premiere of THE TOMORROW PEOPLE on the same night gained +32% in total viewers (3.06M vs 2.32M), +56% in A18-34 (0.84 vs 0.54) and +40% in A18-49 (1.19 vs 0.85).


Digital viewing for ARROW adds +25% onto its total audience for the season premiere. THE TOMORROW PEOPLE increases its total premiere audience by +28% when digital viewing is counted.


  • Tom

    @ Jacklyn

    I did watch (or at least attempt to watch) several episodes of BATB. What I saw was Kristin Kreuk giving perhaps the most ludicrous impersonation of a cop ever presented.

    BTW, Mr. Gorman has posted a comprehensive article discussing (or, more appropriately debunking) L+7 ratings. It’s entitled “Network PR Jedi Mind Tricks: Live+7 Day DVR Ratings And Your Favorite Show’s Future” You can find it on the front page. As Mr. Gorman points out:

    “Network PR would like you to focus on Live + 7 day ratings for one very important reason, they’re always greater than any other ratings that are measured by Nielsen…And for network PR, bigger ratings are always better!”

    So, I hate to burst your bubble, but there’s nothing remarkable about the increase in BATB’s L+7 rating. What you should focus on though is how that rating compares to the one for Hart of Dixie which is BATB lead in. Here’s a summary:

    women 18-34 rating – BATB (+100%, 0.66 vs 0.33) HOD – (+84%, 1.05 vs 0.57) [HOD + 0.39]

    adults 18-34 rating – BATB (+95%, 0.43 vs 0.22) HOD – (+69%, 0.66 vs 0.39) [HOD + 0.23]

    Digital viewing increases the total audience for the season premiere:

    BATB +42% HOD: +61%

    As you can tell, while HOD’s L+7 ratings are anemic at best, they look positively robust in relation to BATB’s. The worst news is that BATB apparently can’t even hold a significant portion HOD’s women viewers. That’s critical because the CW specifically aims both programs at the 18-34 female demographic. So, in conclusion, it doesn’t appear that many viewers share your belief that BATB “has really amped up it’s (sic) game!” I hope you’ll find this informative.

  • Chris_SAdvisor

    @xprophet – After Rev is cancelled, everyone from SPN will want to return including Kripke. I just hope the new EPs keep their own thing going. It is as good as Kripke’s run, except for the teasing with Bobby. They just need to bring him back once and for all. Nice thing about being up-front about the show being magical, made-up BS, we are not expecting much from it except good writing/dialogue with some decent action. Of course, Moose still needs a few more facial expressions. ;)

  • Breaker Star

    Tonights episode of Beauty and the beast was Freakin AWSOME! I LOVE IT! :D

  • Mark Wood


    Has someone who has tried several episodes over both seasons, I think B&tB is an extremely poor show, with actors that should have never been cast in their roles. No matter the improvement in dialogue and plot, the key factor remains that the primary character is utterly unbelievable.

    As to the talk about the ratings reported here, the numbers are extremely poor, remaining the lowest performer on the CW (at that time). Even low performing Top Model and Hart of Dixie had stronger DVR lift. Top Model ‘s numbers for streaming have never been released, but Dixie had a 61% boost, with its numbers for streaming and its numbers are still extremely low for the CW.

  • Amanda

    “The most impressive thing about BATB fans is their ability to live in utter denial.”

    This is funny coming from the same guy who swore all last season that BATB fans were in utter denial for thinking they would get a second season.

  • david

    Well, a .6 for both Monday shows is what they were doing last season. Beauty and the Beast had thows numbers towards the end of last season. The Originals and Super Natural are looking really good with these numbers out and Wednesdays shows of Arrow and the Tomorrow People are looking really good too.

  • david

    To add on to my last comment I would say by looking at theses numbers i would say
    for sure geting renewed
    Super Natural The Orginals, Arrow and the Tomorrow
    Probably geting renewed Heart of Dixie for one more season
    for being canciled Beauty and the Beast
    as other peopple have pointed out it has the lowest numbers is all the categories.

  • Tom

    @ Amanda

    I never had enough confidence in the CW’s better judgment to predict that BATB would be cancelled. There was always the possibility that Pedowitz would need plenty of schedule spackle this season. However, I continue to be happily occupied with discrediting lame efforts by BATB fans to deny the obvious fact that their favorite show’s ratings have dropped to abysmal levels. I am looking forward to BATB winning another Peoples’ Choice Award though. That should instantly turn everything around.

  • reedmac


    ‘After Rev is cancelled, everyone from SPN will want to return including Kripke. I just hope the new EPs keep their own thing going. It is as good as Kripke’s run, except for the teasing with Bobby. They just need to bring him back once and for all. Nice thing about being up-front about the show being magical, made-up BS, we are not expecting much from it except good writing/dialogue with some decent action. Of course, Moose still needs a few more facial expressions’

    um no Kripke and co are unlikely to want back on SPN if Revolution ends. I’m sure Kripke will want to move on to other projects and Ben Edlund is a good enough writer he’ll be snapped up by another show no problem. Also why would they mess with the good work Jeremy Carver is currently doing?

    As for Bobby he played his part in the season premier which I thought was well done as it didnt take away from his well handled death unlike when they tried to bring him back as ghost. He doesnt need to come back and the writers I thought were nice enough to give fans the appearance they did this season but I dont think they need to pander to fans and bring him back just because.

    The best thing about this season had been Jared’s performance as Sam/Eziekiel and judging by all the reveiws around I’m not the only one who thinks so. So no ‘Moose’ doesnt need a few more facial expressions. His acting has been amazing but maybe he could do with a good few more lines and interaction with characters that arent his brother. Personally I could do with less cheesey lines from ‘Squirrel’ and less Cas period.

  • reedmac


    It’s ‘Supernatural’ all one word not ‘Super Natural’ btw

  • cas

    If only these ratings mattered.

  • Sissy

    Reign was silly, I expected them to whip out a cellphone or say what evhaaa, geeezzzzzz. Don’t do a period piece if you are not going to have people act like they are actually in that time period.

    Beauty and the Beast is the best show, it is finding its rhythm this season. It has it all, suspense, romance and humor – you can’t beat that. And wow, the people on that show are sure easy on the eyes.

  • Jacklynn

    That actually did help a lot, thanks! (How they broke down those numbers or calculated the ratings always threw me for a loop.) It saddens me to hear that you do not like the show, one which I have grown quite fond of, but I hope BATB is around long enough to maybe try and change your mind. If not, maybe it’s just one of those guilty pleasures for some of us, and for others like yourself, maybe it’s just not your cup of tea.

    I would like to say thank you to both @Tom and @Mark !

    Most people I know, if they had seen a show and did not like it, they would write it off and never watch it again. From what you said, you guys actually did try and give it a fair shot by watching BATB more than once. So, sorry you did not like it, but thanks for actually trying! As far as BATB goes, I hope that the ratings will get better and that we will be able to prove you wrong :) (and when I say that, I mean that in the best way possible!)

  • Zhara

    @the idiots hating on BATB

    Why do you care so much?

  • Despoina

    for the ones of you talking ”bad” about BATB whenever we are talking about the improvement of the show you’ve obviously haven’t checked it … even if you didn’t liked it ( after you’ve checked it ) you would have realized what we’re talking about …so please , don’t say stuff without seeing first… to the ones of you who’ve checked it and still didn’t liked it…thank you for trying…and last but not least ..to the ones of you talking about the fans — i’m a fan of the show – and yes i’ve tried to help it , ’cause simply i love it , and i wanna see what’s gonna happen’ next … isn’t that normal ? ( but it is annoying when fans are over reacting , i know , but not all beasties do that … so please just give it a try before you trash it – thanks !

  • Despoina

    just to add to my comment , don’t forget that batb airs on showcase (Canada) as well, on sundays night –
    BEFORE it airs on the cw … the episode is out on monday morning – hd quality …
    plus-i’m not in denial ( as a fan of batb )…the ratings are bad…very bad ! ,
    no doubt about it …but don’t you think that we have enough as it is ?
    we like the show and we are only try to help it…
    why to add any more problems by doing comments that are only affecting in the worst way possible
    while all that we are trying to do is help our show ? we love it – you don’t and that’s more than fine !
    …thank you – to the ones who’ve tried it ,
    even if you didn’t liked it ( at least you gave it a chance and it’s more than enough )
    …but please don’t ”add” any more problems.. ”beasties ” have enough enough as it is , right ?
    …I hope you think that’s fair enough ( fan-to-fan talking ) – thank you ( and sorry for my bad english )

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