'The Walking Dead' Garners a 6.8 Adults 18-49 Rating, 12.9 Million Total Viewers

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October 28th, 2013


Sunday night's episode of The Walking Dead delivered a 6.8 adults 18-49 rating  (8.6 million adults 18-49 viewers) and 12.9 million total viewers. Against The World Series and Sunday Night Football, the show dipped a bit from last week's 7.1 adults 18-49 rating and 13.9 million viewers. Though the sports ratings could rise in the finals, TWD currently ranks as Sunday's top program.

  • Michael1


    It’s also dragging down “Talking Dead”.


  • Ram510

    I think this show would benefit from having another villain like The Governor. This whole “were sick” scenario has been done almost every season already. I think they can still use the the disease angle but they need more going on.

    Bring in a new villain to help flesh out the show cause right now the show is back to being Oregon Trail + zombies and that’s getting old and boring.

  • dantas

    People, The Walking Dead is the Cable God right now.

    It will only get cancelled (and by cancelled, I mean have a final season ordered) when it falls back to low 2s.

    This show will last 10 seasons easily.

  • dantas

    Although it is cable. And everything is reeeaally unpredictable.

    My last comment was just a hunch.

  • steve

    I think what we’re seeing for the ratings of today’s serialized dramas is:

    – viewers tune in live/same-day for the season premiere
    – they tend to watch the rest of the season time-shifted on their DVRs
    – then they’re back live/same-day again for the season finale.

  • somebody85

    “The show seems to be doing everything possible to drive away its viewers — constantly killing off characters, having no hope of an end-game in sight, switching show-runners almost every year… and yet, people like me continue to watch non-stop.”

    No character died last night, but definitely put them in peril
    The radio transmission says otherwise, or at least somewhere else to take it
    I’ll give you that (though Mazarra was around for 2 and 3), Gimble has done a good job so far.

    With that being said, I thought last nights episode was the weakest of the first 3, and I can tell some of it in the middle was filler to fit this shows massive popularity and 16 show schedule. The dialogue wasn’t as meaningful last night and it did have a season 3 vibe, with “something cool happens at the beginning, a lot of characters talk in the middle, big set piece at the end involving walkers, cliffhanger.”

    The world didn’t seem as developed when Rick was walking around the prison and I wish it hadn’t taken the whole episode to get the road trip going (which didn’t last as long as I was expecting even though it continues next week) Still it was overall entertaining and raised some questions. I’m hoping the show finds that right balance again for episode 4.

  • DW

    27th. good for you amc.

  • FaceForTheDarkCornerOfRadio

    I wish they would get rid of annoying Glenn. What a drag he is. If we can see the back of him, and that idiot Governor character, the show will be in a great place. Carol did right, burn up them infected nobodies! Make ’em crispy!

  • skyfi

    And… what? Who cares about TWD ratings? No matter they drop or do not drop. Why do you do this rush with ratings posting now? They will be revealed in several hours anyway!

  • Seth

    This show is better than Homeland, but worse than Sunday Night Football.

  • Patrick

    Still good ratings :) nice episode

  • Sonya

    @LisaM My theory and granted it has a red shirt feel but up until Glenn, the only people infected have been the Woodbury people. What if the Guv exposed them to some type of virus that lay dormant as long as they stayed in Woodbury. The Guv infected them but also gave them a partial serum. Now that they aren’t getting the serum, the virus starts to spread?

  • Chris_SAdvisor

    @Ram510 – The Gov. is not gone. He is coming back. The problem is that now Kirkman is basically running things, after they get rid of the Gov. the story flounders for at least one whole season, and then another cookie-cutter Gov. walks into the story. That is when many of us quit the comic for turning into a soap opera.

    As for this being a great start, it is mostly bad with a dash of good. The largest plot hole was the fact that Hershel is a bloody veterinarian, yet he apparently could not diagnose sickness in the animals? The second was the fact that this “mega-killer-super-flu” hits and kills people so quickly (~8 hours). That almost smacks of Revolution quality writing (total lack grade school science knowledge). Even Ebola take 48-72 hours from onset of symptoms.

    Then, with all the perimeter sweeps they did not notice the dead rats, and somehow the zombies with the dog-like super-olfactory systems also missed the rat pile? They could have easily reached through the fence to get the snacks.

    Michonne is a bloody samurai who can go out into the wasteland by herself and survive forever, but somehow manages to twist her ankle because she decided to run away from two zeds instead of using her sword, or hand-to-hand skills?

    Finally, introducing a bunch of red-shirts who apparently have been around for some time, just to be killed-off has virtually no impact on the audience. That kid that was killed off in episode 1 of this season has already faded from your mind, just like mine (and all the characters on the show). This is just cheap and lazy writing. Hell, they did not even talk about Andrea, and she was a major character. Everyone is too disposable now, except for Daryl and perhaps Carl.

    The good is that they finally showed some development (pulley-controlled doors with defenses), though I have the feeling this is just window-dressing, so they can tear it all down. I have not seen episode 3 yet, but they did nothing constructive in the first two, and I get the feeling they did not in this one either. With the fences being threatened they shored-up one spot, but seriously, they cannot find a couple cans of gasoline and a weed sprayer (soak and then light – not flamethrower)? That would easily clear a section of fence in about 3 minutes.

    Daryl being accepted but then bowing to Rick, seems like foreshadowing but it is too early. So, they need to start showing scavenging runs, make plans for continued survival, and then actually show them implementing those plans. Without that, this will just be following the comic into mediocrity (with far too many soap opera quality tropes), as the group stumbles from one bad situation into another.

    It does come down to AMC playing Russian-roulette with the show runners, who probably disagree with Kirkman’s decisions. They should have just officially put him in charge and ended the endless shuffle job they are doing. Is the show going to be cancelled any time soon? Of course not. Will it get better? We sure hope so. Will this show runner last more than one season? I would not give him more than a 50/50 chance at this stage.

  • gerry

    this show is amazeballs for ratings. it is smartly written and has some really cinematic episodes. they’ve switched focus a bit this season, but there are still plenty of zombies and plenty of kills and more will come as the season progresses. the last season did not end as a cliffhanger, so they’re setting up the season from scratch and that takes some build. and lest us forget that they will give us a fall finale and a spring finale. there is much to look forward to.

    even though last night’s ep was probably the slowest of this new season it was still strong and the radio message sets up new mystery. and at a 6.8 on amc, it’s got miles to fall before it has any concern to worry.

  • Kate

    The ending was unexpected. Can’t wait for next week, I hope they find a cure!

  • Daw Johnson


    Wasn’t “Clear” in the second half of season three? You know, far and away the best episode ever..

  • steve

    Still impressive 6.8. AMC would be happy enough with a 3

  • Ferdinand Villamor-Slade(Philippines)

    I think they are doing a great job on this 4th season. Every episode leaves its audience wondering. After watching the 3rd episode I wasn’t surprised that Carol killed Karen and David. She’s been doing everything on her own. But still I wonder if it’s really her. That’s one of the exciting truth to find out. The ratings drop but still a good one. I am still hooked to this show.

  • Louise

    I read all the remarks so far and the reviews are all over the place. Some are quite critical and some are praising. I fall into the praise group. I believe character development is crucial to the success of Walking Dead. So many feature films just go for the gore and you don’t even remember what the “story” was.

    Episode 3 was interesting in character advancement. Hershel comes into his own as a man of medicine when he willingly goes into the isolation area to minister to the sick. Yes, he missed the veterinarian duty of diagnosing or trying to diagnose the pigs. But he’s in there now giving hope and comfort.

    I can do without some of the gory stuff of the walkers, but realize also I am not in the 18-49 age group. I am 64! I love science fiction and this show serves all that I desire in a tv show of this type.

    I also thought at first the this season just had too many faces popping up, but with the virus running rampant, they had to bring in more people or our dear original group would be dropping like flies. If that happens I do think many may abandon the Walking Dead. Losing Lori, T-Dog, and Andrea last season was difficult.

    This season will be as good as the others. Be patient and just watch. The ratings are strong and will continue as long as our core group hangs in there and does not get sloppy and forget WHERE they are– it’s a new world out there, guys!

  • Louise

    Oh, yes….I will never figure out how Tyreese came out of the forest alive. That was not realistic at all. I think they will stop when the can and examine him for scratches and bites. Presently, adrenaline is keeping him going. We will see!


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