Will 'Revolution's' Ratings Hit a New Low Tonight? (Poll)

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October 30th, 2013

Revolution october 30

NBC is promoting tonight's episode of Revolution with the tagline "the episode that everyone will be talking about tomorrow." Unfortunately, the network's promo writers may be overly optimistic because few people are watching the show this season. For the past two weeks the show has garnered a series low 1.4 adults 18-49 rating. Tonight Revolution will face stiff competition from a television event that is actually generating a lot of buzz, game six of the World Series. However, several other scripted shows have increased their ratings opposite the World Series including Once Upon A Time. Maybe Revolution will too. What do you think? Make your prediction!

  • Scandalicious

    I think Revolution will get a 1.4 again this week. I think that if it wasn’t for the World Series game tonight that Revolution might actually rise.

    ABC: The Middle 2.2, Back in the Game 1.5, Modern Family (R) 2.0, Super Fun Night 1.8, Nashville 1.6

    CBS: Survivor 2.2, Criminal Minds 2.5, CSI 1.9

    NBC: Revolution 1.4, SVU (R) 1.2 (9pm), 1.0 (10pm)

    FOX: World Series 4.6

    CW: Arrow 0.9, The Tomorrow People 0.8

  • CBSviewer

    1.4 (it’s pathetic but it will stay around it)

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    Mid 1s

  • CBSviewer

    Tonight ratings:

    Survivor: 2.3
    Criminal Minds: 2.5
    CSI: 2.0

    Revolution: 1.4
    Law & Order: SVU (R): 0.9

    The Middle: 2.1
    Back in the Game: 1.9
    Modern Family (R): 1.8
    Super Fun Night: 1.8
    Nashville: 1.5

    Arrow: 0.9
    The Tomorrow People: 0.8

    World Series: 4.6

  • Why Watch

    Revolution will keep sinking gradually. I gave up a couple shows back, since the show was dragging and going nowhere. This season just isn’t up to last season and that was only ok. No one I know watches this anymore. It had a good premise.

  • Laina

    I think it will stay at a 1.4.

  • rgxx

    You know you show is in trouble when TvByTheNumbers does a poll on how low will the ratings go. Arrrgghhhh !

  • rgxx

    and how do people think this show is going no where regarding the story – have you seeeeen the last couple of episodes… it’s truly a sci-fi show now!

  • Kissan

    I’m going with a 1.3. It’s going up against a big episode of Survivor, the highly anticipated World Series, all new episodes of ABC comedies and the compatible Arrow. Also SVU is a repeat so people will think Revolution is a repeat too.

  • rgxx

    I voted 1.5 – – – – – okay I’m hopeful…

  • Joseph

    Only a 1.1 in the 18-49 demo….it and everything else will get creamed by the World Series. In fact, I don’t think any other program on broadcast TV tonight (October 30th) will do better than a 1.7 in the 18-49 demo.

    I expect tonight’s Game 6 viewership to spike to between 20 and 22 million people.

    If the Series goes to a Game 7 tomorrow (October 31st), the numbers will actually go down to about 18 million viewers because so many people will be out for Halloween.

    If the Series ends tonight, tomorrow will likely be the least-watched Thursday night of prime-time television during the month of October, combining both broadcast and cable, since the 1950’s.

    If the World Series doesn’t go to a seventh and deciding game, tomorrow’s prime-time numbers could get that ugly.

    And for the broadcast networks, it will be even worse. If the World Series ends tonight, tomorrow’s most-watched program will be the NFL Network’s Thursday-night pro football game, but even those numbers will be lower than what “TNF” has drawn in recent weeks.

  • Mal

    1.2 because I’m a self-professed hater.

  • k:Alex

    I hope Charly will die, the “us military” think it’s Reachel, but it’s Charly.
    Tom finds his son back with that wife and they start a war.
    And Monroe and Miles back together start another war :).

    I hope all will happen.

  • Fake Me Out

    I hope it doesn’t hit or tie lows and goes up. A lot of the problems from season 1 were addressed this season and it’s a much better show this year. It still has some issues but I think the fans did have an impact and I wish some of them who bailed last year would come back and give it another try … I think most would be pleased enough to stick around. Failing that, if this is the last year, I hope they have enough time to do a proper end and tie up all lose ends.


  • Targaryen

    …because few people are watching the show this season…
    really?the fact that the live 18-49 matters dosnt mean that those are the numbers of people watching the show around the world

  • Igwell

    Why are so few people watching the show?

    Because nobody has watched NBC on Wednesdays at 8pm since Deal or No Deal in 2006?

  • Hardline_Pro

    I think it has found it’s audience. I imagine it will be stead at a 1.4-1.5

  • Tori

    Normally I’d think it would drop to a 1.2 or 1.3, but the previews for tonight’s Revolution made it seem like something particular may occur tonight, something many on TV forums have been looking forward to, so I think it may hold despite the competition. Not to mention, it airs at 8pm not 10pm anymore, so not against a necessarily crucial part of the World Series game.

  • Chris_SAdvisor

    1.2 – but since this will be an artificial dip due to a limited event, it will L+3 back up to at least 1.3 (possibly 1.4).

    @ rgxx – Learn your terms. Science Fiction requires there to be a fiction based on science. Rev. is pure, unadulterated fantasy – or more properly, Techno-Magic. Kripke has even admitted that the promise of the believable SciFi in Rev. is over and science has left the building (in season 2). I know all the PR spin-doctors call their shows SciFi (e.g. Fringe) – but that is misinformation trying to lend some credibility to their stories. Issac Asimov laid out the rules for SciFi back in the 60s and others have fleshed them out completely, but basically it comes down to *one* quantum leap in *one* technology per generation. All other advances *must* stem from the primary advanced. Revolution’s nanites has about 82 (at last count) and even breaks a few laws of physics to achieve them (wiring smaller than the size of an atom, and destroying energy). That is not even counting the AI interface with Aaron, or how they are suddenly macro-sized (fireflies are not nano scale).

    That is why most bailed after the nanties were rolled out, as it was a complete farce for Kripke to have claimed they were ‘possible’ with today’s technology. So only the core fans remain, ignoring the magic, and focusing on the story. But even with all the talent they added this Summer (O’Bannon and the other co-creator of Supernatural), they are doing a very poor job. Sure there are moments of what-could-be, but the average is sub-par, and full of plot holes.

    This week it will dip below 5M due to the game, but next week when it remains below, and I think it likely that NBC will cancel it at mid-season, or send the second half to burn-off. This should have been a 16 episode Summer series up against the likes of Falling Skies. Perhaps NBC will hire someone with a clue, but I doubt it. ;)

  • Jim

    I enjoyed Revolution last season but its just gotten too weird this year. I mean nanites? Burning people? Now someone gets buried and brought back to life?

    Plus I find it hard rooting for Monroe after last season. Makes no sense.

    Last year was about a family struggling together, good vs. evil, survival. Now its just strange.

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