Will 'Revolution's' Ratings Hit a New Low Tonight? (Poll)

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October 30th, 2013

Revolution october 30

NBC is promoting tonight's episode of Revolution with the tagline "the episode that everyone will be talking about tomorrow." Unfortunately, the network's promo writers may be overly optimistic because few people are watching the show this season. For the past two weeks the show has garnered a series low 1.4 adults 18-49 rating. Tonight Revolution will face stiff competition from a television event that is actually generating a lot of buzz, game six of the World Series. However, several other scripted shows have increased their ratings opposite the World Series including Once Upon A Time. Maybe Revolution will too. What do you think? Make your prediction!

  • Debbi Smith

    I just love Revolution I will not be watching the world series I hate sports

  • Chris_SAdvisor

    Jim, no one was brought back to life. Atropine. Lame as heck that this is still viable 16 years after production (and impossible to think they imported some Belladonna to make more since it does not grow in the US – certainly not Texas) , but it is the most likely explanation. Transparently pulled-off too. No one is going to be surprised even with their smoke-screen back-story that he is evil due to psychological trauma. It only proves there are no heroes on this show, so no one to root for. Arron deteriorated and is so badly written. A genius one second, but cannot logically string a few thoughts and realize how to try and use the nanites for good? Not even trying pushed him out of a hero role.

    So I agree. A strange show with no likeable characters, where the best-liked is the most sociopathic (Monroe) due to the lack of options. If this were a Batman story, Batman would be dead, and we would be left cheering for the Joker.

    After seeing this episode, I doubt that next episode will be higher than 1.2.

  • tv_viewer

    The Red Sox will win the 2013 World Series. I guarantee it.

    1.4 for Revolution tonight.

  • Jon

    @Joseph……why since the 1950’s….
    is this years halloween that much more special than the last 50 years to keep people away from Tv.

  • Ed Brock

    World Series is over. I see (or at least hope for) a bump.

  • mmogaddict

    They really need to move Revolution to another slot, Friday 8pm would be my suggestion. Make that night a genre night.

  • Janus

    Either 1.3 0r 1.4–show stabilized last week but final World Series game might temporarily push it down.

    Despite a few naysayers–most are saying this year is better and has garnered some passionate core. It just may survive…it’s on the borderline now.

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