Major League Baseball On FOX A Grand Slam in 2013; Fall Classic Rating and Audience Up 17 Percent from 2012

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October 31st, 2013

World Series Game 6

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Anchored by World Series, Regional Sports Networks & Jewel Events

All Demonstrate Growth


Fall Classic Rating and Audience +17% from 2012


New York – The 2013 World Series is in the books, with the Boston Red Sox winning baseball’s ultimate prize at home for the first time in 95 years, and the only thing hotter than MVP Big Papi’s bat was Major League Baseball’s season-long performance for FOX Sports anchored by the Fall Classic’s dominant performance.


“This baseball season has been a tremendous success across the board for FOX Sports, and 2014 can’t get here soon enough,” said FOX Sports President and COO Eric Shanks.  “Our postseason coverage saw a 26% jump year-to-year, while ratings for the All-Star Game grew, we posted solid numbers at FOX Deportes and several of our regional sports networks had record-setting seasons and dominated prime time from April through September.  Next season will bring MLB to FOX Sports 1 and with it hours of studio coverage and original programs.”


The 2013 World Series averaged an 8.9/15 national household rating and 14.9 million viewers, +17% in rating and viewership over last year (7.6/12, 12.7 million viewers), according to Nielsen Media Research.  The 2013 World Series also posted impressive double-digit increases across key male and adults demographics over 2012, including Men 18-34 (+18%, 4.7 vs. 4.0); Men 18-49 (+13%, 5.3 vs. 4.7); Adults 18-49 (+17%, 4.2 vs. 3.6) and Adults 18-34 (+16%, 3.7 vs. 3.2).


FOX’s coverage of Series-clinching Game 6 delivered a Series-high 11.3/18 national household rating and share, with 19.2 million viewers watching as the Red Sox captured their eighth World Series.  Game 6, the highest rated baseball game since Game 7 of the 2011 World Series, easily won the night in prime for FOX among households (11.2/18), notching the network’s highest-rated primetime broadcast of the season, best Wednesday night since May 2012 and the highest-rated prime time broadcast on FOX since January.  Last week, the first four games of the World Series led the network to its first weekly prime time win this season, ranking No. 1 in Adults 18-49, Adults 18-34, Teens and Total Viewers.


Game 6 was the highest-rated game of the Series for FOX Deportes, the nation’s leading Spanish language sports network, delivering 277,000 total viewers.  It was the most-watched game on FOX Deportes since Game 2 of the 2009 World Series.  The 2013 World Series was also +98% for A18-49 (128,000 vs. 64,000) vs. FOX Deportes' inaugural year of World Series coverage in 2001.


Growth in World Series viewership comes after a 23% increase in household rating for FOX’s ALCS coverage, which averaged a 4.9/9 compared to last year’s NLCS coverage on FOX (4.0/7) and was FOX’s best LCS average since 2010.  Over the entire 2013 ALCS, the important Men 18-34 demo average rose 33% compared to 2012, while other key demographics also notched double digit increases, including Men 18-49 (+27%), Adults 18-34 (+13%) and Adults 18-49 (+17%).


The 2013 MLB All-Star Game posted a 6.9/12 household rating, with 11 million viewers, +1% over last year’s 6.8/12 and 10.9 million viewers.  This year marks the first time since 2001 that all of MLB’s jewel events – All-Star Game, Division Series, both League Championship Series and World Series – posted year to year audience increases.


Locally, FOX Sports regional sports networks recorded its highest-rated season ever, averaging a 3.94 household rating, a 7% increase over 2012.  In fact, FOX Sports Midwest, FOX Sports KC, Sportstime Ohio, FOX Sports Arizona, FOX Sports North, Sun Sports, FOX Sports Ohio, FOX Sports Wisconsin all ranked No. 1 among all cable outlets in prime time during the 2013 MLB season.


More World Series Game 6 Highlights:


-       Boston led all markets with a massive 55.2/75, the best MLB rating in the market since Game 4 of the 2007 World Series.

-       Boston peaked with a 59.5/84 from 11:00 -11:30 PM ET during the Fenway Park on-field celebration.  Red Sox hub Providence followed with a 44.1/61.

-       St. Louis delivered a 37.9/55 followed by Hartford (27.8/41), Fort Myers (16.6/27), Kansas City (14.4/23), Tampa (13.4/21), Memphis (13.3/19), Las Vegas (13.0/22), and Richmond (12.9/22) to round out the top 10.

-       For the six-game series, St. Louis was the top metered market averaging 40.6/60 while Boston came in at 39.6/60.

-       According to figures released by Nielsen SocialGuide, World Series Game 6 was the most social program of the day with 1.6 million tweets from 623,000 unique authors.  The 2013 World Series drew 4.3 million tweets, up 86% from the 2012 World Series and more than three times the number of tweets compared to the 2011 World Series.

-       According to Facebook, the 2013 World Series generated 32 million interactions from 11 million users. The Red Sox won the team buzz battle 62% to 38% over the Cardinals during the six-game series. World Series MVP David Ortiz was the most buzzed about player with nearly four times the comments, likes, and posts compared to any other player.

  • Tom

    Good for baseball!!

  • jay

    Hahahahahahaha oh my god! They are still trying to spin it as if it wasn’t horrible ratings. How about this fact, 8.9 rating and 14.9 million viewers are both the lowest EVER for a 6 game series. Did you get that? Lowest ever. Try to spin it fox. Go ahead and try to spin it @ultima. Lol we are not dumb. We can read between the lines.

  • jay

    And another thing it is the 4th lowest ever all together. That means recent sweeps and 5 game series have beaten it. 2007 sweep red sox vs rockies beat it. 2006 six 5 game series cards vs tigers beat it. 2005 astros vs white sox beat it. Stop lying to yourself fox and mlb.

  • Edward

    I love it when these press releases come out and do the spin. Frickin hilarious stuff. “ERRRRRRRRR FOX couldn’t be happier with how the ratings turned out.” Though, I must admit as a hockey guy. Bettman would do back flips for these ratings.

  • jay

    Yes edward hockey commish and nbc would do backflips. But, hockey is providing good ratings for what they get paid from the network. Mlb is stealing money. They have their hands all the way in fox’s pockets. Especially with the atrocious demo rating. At least hockey skews well and that’s good for tje future.

  • kb

    4.2 average demo is awful. Nba finals averaged 7.1.

  • Baseball4Ever


  • E

    Yes. Terrible spin by Fox. They (and MLB) have to be extremely dissapointed with the numbers for this series. With Boston and St Louis they had 2 rabid fan bases. They had an exciting and somewhat controversial 6 game series. The fact that they could not draw at least 20 million for any games for this series shows you how much baseball has fallen in the public’s intersest. Baseball needs to reinvest in a whole new marketing concept to gain a broader audience, and much more importantly, a younger audience. If MLB does not do something soon, the numbers will continue to drop and may eventually be as low as hockey!

  • Ultima

    How about this fact, 8.9 rating and 14.9 million viewers are both the lowest EVER for a 6 game series. Did you get that? Lowest ever. Try to spin it fox. Go ahead and try to spin it @ultima

    Gasp, ratings decline, nothing on TV ever suffers from that! :roll:

    The series went six games. Given the number of four and five game series over the past decade, that’s a win for FOX.

    Also, it’s irrelevant that four game and five game series have had higher averages. Aggregate ratings are what matter; selling six games worth of ads at a 4.2 rating is better than selling four games worth of ads at a 5.0 rating.

    In terms of aggregate ratings, this is the third best World Series since 2004, behind only 2009 and 2011.

    Call this spin or excuses or whatever you want, but the bottom line is what matters and FOX unquestionably made significantly more money off of baseball this season than they did last season.

  • aj

    Jay my favorite baseball hater… =)

    Baseball is doing great. it is the 2nd favorite sport by far. It made over 7 billion dollars last year, with over 70 million fans coming to its games. The local tv rating are greater than nba and nhl combined. local not national.

    What the baseball is dead crowd fails to understand, mlb is a local sport, not a notional sport. People root for their team. MLB haters and lazy sports analysts write rating are down in the WS… omg baseball isnt dead. Its not that they arent watching baseball, they are not watching another team that isnt their own.

    Lastly you and the other haters love to mention the nba and nhl ratings. Put those 2 up against the nfl or mlb thy would be crushed.

  • kb

    Facts are facts fellas. Mlb ratings are mediocre and they play 160 games. So they make more money than the nba. But shouldn’t mlb be making over 10 billion? 7 billion seems low for 162 games. Golf makes a lot of money too. Nba plays half the games and the arenas hold half the capacity yet it makes over 5 billion. And nba’s tv contact renegotiation s are coming up. Cha-ching! Look for a big increase in revemue. Nba is clearly more discussed and the audience clearly seems more interested. The only time mlb is discussed is when guys get caught with hgh/steroids/ whatever else those cheaters are using these days. Mlb’s audience is devoted I give you that but they’re ooooooollllllllldddddddddd!


    @ Ultima


    But do you think anyone would “grasp” this?

    Here’s hoping…

  • kb

    What kobe did in the off season or what lebron had for breakfast makes bigger national news than baseball’s entire snoozefest of a regular season. Lol

  • kb

    @the old man

    you’re the stereotypical baseball fan. The name fits.

  • aj

    Well you cant argue with haters… MLB is doing fine. Cya next year.

  • aj

    well im 25 lol.

  • Tom

    Mlb beats Nba locally in nearly every market

  • aj

    tom, dont use logic. the anti-mlb haters are unable to listen…

  • Adam


    then what does it say about you that you spend your time discussing the sport on message boards?

  • Edward

    Wait a minute……The next national contract for the NBA is gonna be huge! Look at all of the young stars you’ve: Lebron in his prime, D-Rose entering his, Durant also. They do such a great job promoting and embracing their stars. MLB trips over their stars like Yusiel Puig.

    I love baseball and yes their local ratings are good and they get some nice contracts, but the trend of national ratings are going down!

    Just a quick note ratings for kids or audience made up with kids for the World Series was: 4.5%, Stanley Cup 9%, NBA 9.5%, MLS 12.5% They just got to do a better job reaching out to the kids and developing a younger fan base and if you look at how kids or most are these days they’ve such low attention spans and baseball is a sport where it does not lead to a quick and instant gratification.

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