'The Young & the Restless' Delivers Its Largest Weekly Audience in Nearly Two Years

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October 31st, 2013


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The Talk" Scores it Third Largest Weekly Audience and Matches its Series High in Women 25-54


THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, the #1 daytime drama, delivered its largest weekly audience in nearly two years, while THE TALK earned its third-largest audience and matched its series high in women 25-54, according to Nielsen live plus same day ratings for the week ending Oct. 27.


THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS averaged 4.92 million viewers, up +3% over last week and its biggest weekly audience since the week ending Feb 3, 2012.  In key women demographics, it averaged 1.9/12 in women 25-54 and 1.3/09 in women 18-49.  THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS ranked as daytime's #1 program in women 25-54 and women 18-49.


THE TALK averaged 2.74 million viewers, up +3% over last week and its third-best viewers total ever, just behind two weeks in September.  In women 25-54, THE TALK averaged     1.2/07, up +20% from last week and matching its series best.  Compared to last year, THE TALK was up +21% in viewers (from 2.27m) and +20% in women 25-54 (from 1.0/06).


For the week, CBS had the top five daytime programs in viewers, four of the top five in women 25-54 and women 18-49.


Top 5 Daytime Programs in Viewers (In Millions)

1.         THE PRICE IS RIGHT 2                              CBS    5.47

2.         THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS         CBS    4.92

3.         THE PRICE IS RIGHT 1                              CBS    4.64

4.         THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL          CBS    3.67

5.         LETS MAKE A DEAL 2                               CBS    3.46

Top 5 Women 25-54

1.         THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS         CBS    1.9/12

2.         General Hospital                                             ABC    1.6/10

3.         THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL          CBS    1.5/09

3.         THE PRICE IS RIGHT 2                              CBS    1.5/10

5.         THE PRICE IS RIGHT 1                              CBS    1.3/08

Top 5 Women 18-49

1.         THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS         CBS    1.3/09

2.         General Hospital                                             ABC    1.2/08

3.         THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL          CBS    1.1/07

4.         THE PRICE IS RIGHT 2                              CBS    1.0/07

5.         THE PRICE IS RIGHT 1                              CBS    0.9/06

5.         Days of Our Lives                                          NBC    0.9/06



    Well JFP is laughing her way to the ratings bank regardless of fans threatening to quit or boycott. Ratings are close to 5 million. She is pushing the show up in numbers. This woman isn’t going anywhere period. Heck she’s having the last laugh. The show is much more compelling then it was under Maria bell.

  • moshane58

    Great for Y&R. Looks GH is still doing good. Hope Days raises…

  • Matt


    Compelling? How is Y&R ‘compelling’? Oh wait, because it’s recycling old storylines from GENERAL HOSPITAL. That’s why.

    The entire Delia death storyline was a complete copy of Jake’s death on GH 2 years ago. The ratings may be up this week, but fans are extremely unhappy. They want originality and freshness, not old storylines from another soap.

    Therefore, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS is far from ‘compelling’ right now. And savor it while it lasts, because GH will soon be beating Y&R in 18-49 almost every week.


    Matt from someone who had to endive Maria’s horror exec producing at y and r that included miscast soap vers, an American idol contestant in a major storyline and horrid plot driven vices. I saw the GH story it wasn’t told as well as this one has been. Shelley Altman is writing a very edgy umbrella storyline that is encompassing entire cast and y and r vets. All SONY cares about our ratings. JFP did this at oltl and she was awarded GH for 11 years. This woman isn’t going anywhere if her ratings keep skyrocketing. Stellar ratings.

  • Mike

    I’m not a fan of this storyline, but it is not because it is a copy.

    I get so tired of people throwing up copying storylines from another soap opera. Ron C. copies his own storylines that he just wrote on One Life To Live 2 or 3 years ago and has repeated them on GH too.

    Every writer and every soap copies stories.

    Even the great William J. Bell rewrote his rape stories of women over and over. The Dobsons who were great writers rewrote their own marital rape story on both Guiding Light and As The World Turns.

    As far as the promises of GH beating Y&R and so and so. Fans have been promising since Feb of 2012 that it was going to happen. Back in April when GH first hit #2 in the 18-49 one fan came on here and proclaimed that GH would be #2 from here on out and B&B wouldn’t get it back. During the summer it even dropped down to 4th with Days beating it one week.

    Fans are fickle. And none of these writers have proven that they can keep anything going consistently and until they do none of us have any way of knowing what any of these shows will do in the ratings.

  • Edward

    Where are you G@H fans? You got nothing….lol I pull for all soaps to do well. There are only 4 left. Great to see a trend of ratings going up for some soaps….

  • PatF

    Good for YR, although, I wish Phelps was gone yesterday.

    GH is parading a bunch of its former vets onto the show, so that is its own form of stunt storytelling.

    None of the soaps can really maintain these ratings boosts.

    Look at Days, who overused Kristen so much (to get it’s boost) and the actress was so worn out she had to leave.

    BB has been more consistent, but they are basically redoing the trio from hell with Wyatt thrown in the mix.

    So we all just need to be happy all the shows are doing well. But really NONE is better than the other any more. YR used to be the golden standard, but three new teams in about 7 years have altered its course.

  • Derrick

    It seems the fans that are hating Delia’s storyline is probably eating humble pie right now!

    Go Y&R. I was not happy about them killing off Delia but the storyline was beautiful!!!!!

  • Karen C

    Go Y&R and JFP!! So much for the boycotters. I am loving Y&R right now. It’s must see tv.
    Soaps have duplicated storylines since forever. People act like Delia’s death is the first time that there’s ever been copycat storylines. One could say that the GH story from a couple years ago copied the Laura Cudahy story from AMC years ago.
    Go Y&R.

  • rob60990

    GH held steady vs last week in W18-49.

    Jill and her stunts. It won’t last.

  • DenverDean

    Interesting that The View is nowhere to be found.

  • Mitchell

    As a rule I don’t like killing of children,as a plot device to give uninteresting or under used actors something to do!

    Having said that,the best death of a child is of course is,GH’s death of BJ and the heart transplant for Maxie,in the 90s! That will always be the Gold standard!

  • ShawnfromDayton

    At least they’re not trying to force us into believing Adam’s an alcoholic like they did with Luke on GH when it was revealed he ran over Jake.

  • Dillon

    I think both GH and Y&R didn’t put enough into this storyline. I felt so much more raw emotion when Zach Brady was killed on DAYS. Hope (Kristian Alfonso) knocked it out of the ballpark when Zach was killed by Chelsea. That being said, storylines like these are important because they are real. I’m happy to see the ratings rise, but it is always an ebb and flow. I’m hoping people start tuning into DAYS – it is fantastic right now!

  • PatF

    Actually Cassie’s death on YR probably is the best written child death because of the fall out. Still being felt today.

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