Will Halloween Be a Ratings Trick or Treat for 'Scandal'? (Poll)

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October 31st, 2013


Nielsen played a Halloween treat on the networks when it decided that November sweeps would begin tonight. In all likelihood, television usage will be down. But there is no way that the networks can take a night that is so important to their local affiliates off. So, with the exception of FOX which had the night slotted for a potential World Series game 7, the networks are largely going with original programming, though CBS is resting Thursday's most popular show, The Big Bang Theory.

Red -hot Scandal fell below a 3.0 adults 18-49 rating for the first time this season last week when it garnered a 2.9. Star Kerry Washington, in a media-savvy move worthy of her character Olivia Pope, generated a lot of buzz for the  show yesterday when she announced she was pregnant, sparking speculation about whether Olivia would soon learn she was having a baby gladiator.  Will that news inspire viewers to take a break from Halloween parties to search for Olivia's baby bump? Make your predictions below.

  • David Howell

    Back to a 3.0. 10pm might be less Hallowe’en-affected.

  • Alex

    As a huge fans (also many other fans), this season has been a tad of a disappointment. Hopefully it improves

  • Alex

    Expect CBS to fall tonight without BBT

  • KC


  • CrimTV


    Expect CBS to fall tonight without BBT

    Why? Everyone expected The Goldbergs and Trophy Wife to crash without Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the result was that they remained stable and TW even rose!

  • Alex

    Yes but AOS is no where near the powerhouse of BBT

  • Bee

    oh sweet! no TBBT tonight. so scandal (or greys) could end up at the night’s #1 show!

    anyway, i’m not sure news of kerry washington will drive an increase. that seems odd to me, idk. but since it’s halloween, i would guess the ratings are going to be down.

    i’ll guess 2.5-2.8 for grey’s anatomy and 2.5-3.0 for scandal.

  • Patrick Ausgewahlt

    The Golbergs and Trophy Wife benefited from no New Girl-Mindy Project competition. The Millers is facing SNL Halloween, which should easily out rate any other competition it has had this year and its lead in is gone. The Crazy Ones will fall because it’s own lead in with shrink.
    The World Series not having a game 7 saved the CBS comedies from total collapse tonight, but they will still be down.

  • Michael1


    I guess it all depends on what you mean by “no TBBT”. CBS will most likely get a 3.0 share for both the 8:00 and 9:30 time slots, more than double the 1.2 that the “SHIELD” repeat got. Heck, the TBBT repeats on TBS routinely get more than 1.2. If TBBT beats “Grey’s Anatomy”, then “Elementary” may even poach some “Scandal” viewers.

  • Samunto

    And her hosting SNL this Saturday and the promo vid that was released also has people talking.

    Ratings aside, if Shonda were to write the pregnancy into the storyline….imagine the guessing if the baby is from Prezzi Fitz!!!!!!!!

  • Alecia

    I think it’ll probably be down a couple tenths along with most other shows. It’s Halloween after all. And I really hope that Olivia doesn’t end up pregnant anytime soon. They can have her carry big purses or hide behind couches or whatever. I don’t care as along as there’s no baby.

  • Ccemerson

    Off topic, surprised NBC didn’t take this opportunity to bench the comedy’s and reair Grimm and Dracula to get extra added exposure . They are more Halloween themed in content.

  • TV Viewer

    A Monday night repeat episode of The Big Bang Theory was #23 most watched program in the 18 – 49 demo last week. The show does extemely well in first run and repeat episodes.

  • Shepherd


    No original programming on FOX, no game, no big lead off for CBS either.

    great pumpkin – 1.5-1.8
    Grays – 2.7-2.8
    Scandal 3.1-3.2

    TVD – 1.3
    Reign – 0.6-0.7

    SNL – 1.0-1.2
    SSTW – 1.0-1.1
    MJF – 1.1-1.2

  • Al

    According to fox’s website, they will be airing a new x-factor today and following it wil be a repeat of the glee Cory tribute episode.

  • Juan

    I’m actually gonna say it goes up from a couple factors. By 10 people are already home, people work and kids got school and such, also it’s not a totally younger skewing show like say OUAT or comedies. Also there is buzz from washingtons pregnancy and her SNL episode. Plus this episode is the episode where people will get to see Lisa kudrow (last episode she was the for like a sec.) as she meets with pope. I say

    3.2 scandal
    2.9 grey’s

  • Brandon

    I’m going with a 3.1

  • Jon

    With the halloween effect my guess is 2.3

  • NDSGfan

    Do you think that The vampire diaries ca UP this week or not ? Because it’s a good show for haloween…

  • hammard

    Last year the 10pm shows weekly falls at Halloween:
    Nashville: Down 10%
    CSI: Steady
    Chicago Fire: Down 12%

    So I’m going for a 2.7.

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