Will Halloween Be a Ratings Trick or Treat for 'Scandal'? (Poll)

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October 31st, 2013


Nielsen played a Halloween treat on the networks when it decided that November sweeps would begin tonight. In all likelihood, television usage will be down. But there is no way that the networks can take a night that is so important to their local affiliates off. So, with the exception of FOX which had the night slotted for a potential World Series game 7, the networks are largely going with original programming, though CBS is resting Thursday's most popular show, The Big Bang Theory.

Red -hot Scandal fell below a 3.0 adults 18-49 rating for the first time this season last week when it garnered a 2.9. Star Kerry Washington, in a media-savvy move worthy of her character Olivia Pope, generated a lot of buzz for the  show yesterday when she announced she was pregnant, sparking speculation about whether Olivia would soon learn she was having a baby gladiator.  Will that news inspire viewers to take a break from Halloween parties to search for Olivia's baby bump? Make your predictions below.

  • Kev

    I think it may still fair well since it is on a little later, and most should be back from trick or treating

  • Scandalicious

    I think that Halloween will have a slight effect on Scandal and will stop it from beating last weeks ratings. However, I don’t think it will drop any further – 2.9 is my prediction. There has been a lot of buzz surrounding Kerry Washington so hopefully it prompts viewers to watch it live tonight.

    ABC: It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown 1.8, Grey’s Anatomy 2.6, Scandal 2.9

    CBS: The Big Bang Theory (R) 2.2, The Millers 2.4, The Crazy Ones 2.1, The Big Bang Theory (R) 1.8, Elementary 1.7

    NBC: Saturday Night Live 1.8, Sean Saves the World 0.9, The Michael J. Fox Show 1.0, Parenthood 1.2

    FOX: The X Factor (R) 1.4, Glee (R) 1.2

    CW: The Vampire Diaries 1.1, Reign 0.5

    I think NBC wil be hit by the holiday the hardest tonight.

  • shogun

    Does Halloween really hit the 10 pm shows that hard?

  • Jenna

    I’m prediction between 2.7-2.8. I’m hearing a lot dissatisfaction with the show from critics and fans alike. Buzz can only get you so far. If the quality of the product isn’t good, many will eventually tune out. Scandal isn’t a 3.0+ show in my opinion. I think this season will settle into a 2.5-2.8 rating and that’s pretty respectable.

  • j

    I think a better question is:
    How fail will failing Millers be without a BBT lead-in to prevent its failure?

  • Mary

    I don’t see how a 10 o’clock show will be affected by Halloween. Trick or treating is done way before then!

  • j

    Well adults’ drunken Halloween parties usu end after 10.

  • Matt

    While it may fall a few tenths to about a 2.7, it may rise, considering tonight’s episode marks the debut of big-guest star, Lisa Kudrow and the kickoff of a big storyline. Therefore I’m going with either a 2.7 and 7.9 million viewers or a 3.0 and 9.1 million viewers.


    Grey’s Anatomy – 2.7 / 8.5 million viewers
    Scandal – 2.7 / 8.0 million viewers (OR) 3.0 / 9.2 million viewers

  • tv_viewer

    My predictions:

    Charlie Brown 2.5
    Grey’s Anatomy 2.6
    Scandal 2.7

    Big Bang Theory (8 pm repeat) 2.0
    The Millers 2.4
    The Crazy Ones 2.2
    Big Bang Theory (9:30 pm repeat) 2.2
    Elementary 1.8

    Saturday Night Live 1.5
    Sean Saves The World 1.0
    Michael J. Fox Show 1.1
    Parenthood 1.2

    The X Factor 1.5
    Glee (repeat) 0.9

    Another poster implied that Nashville dropped from a 2.0 to a 1.8 (10% drop) for last year’s Halloween. I agree. The same will happen to Scandal (a 0.2 drop to a 2.7).

  • Joseph

    The only show on TV tonight (October 31st) that will surpass a 2 in the 18-49 demo will be the NFL Network’s “NFL Thursday Night Football” game.

    Nothing else on broadcast or cable will get more than a 2.0 in the 18-49 demos (I’m even tempted to say nothing else on broadcast or cable will get more than a 1.8).

    With the World Series over (Congratulations, Boston!), tonight may set a mark for the fewest people to watch prime-time TV (combining broadcast and cable) on a Thursday night in October since the late 1950’s!

    It could get that ugly!!

  • Fake Me Out

    Speaking of NBC’s Dracula, has anyone else heard of the possible spin-off being discussed for late night adult cable, Rackula? Apparently it’s being pitched as ‘Fangs aren’t her only two big weapons and when this Vamp drains you it won’t be your neck she’s bitting’ … ;-)

    ^*^ ^*^ Happy Hallowe’en everyone. ^*^ ^*^

  • ToXiX

    Scandal will drop to a 1.9 tonight

    Just kidding.

  • ToXiX

    For CBS

    BBT – 2.5
    The Millers – 2.2
    The Crazy Ones – 1.9
    BBT – 2.1
    Elementary – 1.7

  • Samuel

    Scandal will most likely pull a 2.9- 3.0. Very respectable.

  • luka

    My predictions:

    Charlie Brown – 1.4
    Grey’s Anatomy – 2.5
    Scandal – 2.7

    Big Bang Theory R – 2.1
    The Millers – 2.0
    The Crazy Ones – 1.8
    Big Bang Theory R – 2.0
    Elementary – 1.5

    Saturday Night Live – 1.2
    Sean Saves The World – 1.1
    Michael J. Fox Show – 1.2
    Parenthood – 1.2

    The X Factor – 2.4
    Glee R – 1.1

  • Steven

    Not sure about Scandal but I feel like Elementary will crumble.

  • rob60990

    “Nothing else on broadcast or cable will get more than a 2.0 in the 18-49 demos”

    You’re an idiot as usual.

  • gerry

    2.8, it will suffer a little but being on later in the evening will help it tonight.

  • Kangarookeeper

    The X-Factor is a new episode according to Fox. It makes sense since this is the first day of November sweeps.

  • NBC Fan

    Charlie Brown -2.7
    Grey’s Anatomy -3.0
    Scandal -3.0

    The Big Bang Theory R.-2.8
    The Millers-2.3
    The Crazy Ones-2.1
    The Big Bang Theory second rerun-2.2

    Sean Saves the World -1.3
    The MJF Show -1.2

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