Will Halloween Be a Ratings Trick or Treat for 'Scandal'? (Poll)

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October 31st, 2013


Nielsen played a Halloween treat on the networks when it decided that November sweeps would begin tonight. In all likelihood, television usage will be down. But there is no way that the networks can take a night that is so important to their local affiliates off. So, with the exception of FOX which had the night slotted for a potential World Series game 7, the networks are largely going with original programming, though CBS is resting Thursday's most popular show, The Big Bang Theory.

Red -hot Scandal fell below a 3.0 adults 18-49 rating for the first time this season last week when it garnered a 2.9. Star Kerry Washington, in a media-savvy move worthy of her character Olivia Pope, generated a lot of buzz for the  show yesterday when she announced she was pregnant, sparking speculation about whether Olivia would soon learn she was having a baby gladiator.  Will that news inspire viewers to take a break from Halloween parties to search for Olivia's baby bump? Make your predictions below.

  • NBC Fan

    The X-Factor-1.3


  • KC

    It’s weird Scandal is up one week and down a little bit the next. I predict Scandal to jump back up to 3.0 tonight, a little less than what it would do if it wasn’t Halloween (3.2).

  • Ray

    My predictions:

    Charlie Brown – 1.3
    Grey’s Anatomy – 2.5
    Scandal – 2.7

    Big Bang Theory (R) – 2.1
    The Millers – 2.1
    The Crazy Ones – 1.7
    Big Bang Theory (R) – 2.1
    Elementary – 1.4

    Saturday Night Live – 1.6
    Sean Saves The World – 0.9
    Michael J. Fox Show – 1.0
    Parenthood – 1.3

    The X Factor – 2.2
    Glee (R) – 1.3

  • Tony JJ

    I hope Scandal rises. It looks like the plot is going to start really getting exciting and Lisa Kudrow’s character gets introduced after being “teased” last week. So excited!

    Charlie Brown 2.5
    Greys Anatomy 2.8
    Scandal 3.1

    The Big Bang Theory (R) 2.2
    The Millers 2.5
    The Crazy Ones 2.4
    The Big Bang Theory (R) 2.5
    Elementary 1.6

    The Vampire Diaries 1.0
    Reign .5

    X Factor 1.2
    Glee (R) .6

    SNL Halloween 1.2
    Sean Saves the World 1.1
    Michael J Fox Show 1.2
    Parenthood 1.3

  • Jon

    @ Joseph….serious question, what is so special about this halloween that people would stay away from the tv in large enough droves that it would be the worst night since the 1950’s

  • lil

    I think OUAT in wonderland will have the worst ratings Thursday night.

  • alvar

    Once Wonderland could have gained some additional exposure tonight being up against a Big Bang repeat.

  • Steve

    It’s down because of Halloween effect VS. Up because of heavily promoted Lisa Kudrow

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  • Kissan

    The Thursday ratings are here:

    Scandal had a 2.9.

    Grey’s Anatomy had a 2.6.

    The Millers had a 2.0

    TCO had a 1.9

    Reign had a 0.6

    And last but definitely not least, after five whole years of being above a 1.0, TVD had a (drum roll please) 0.8!!!!!!!!!!

  • senor chang

    good on the whole for ABC and not too bad (at least, not any worse) for NBC. pretty dire for a certain pair of new comedies on CBS.

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