'Back In The Game' Canceled by ABC; 'Trophy Wife' & 'The Goldbergs' Get Full Seasons; More Episodes for 'Super Fun Night'

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November 1st, 2013

The Goldbergs October 29

Late afternoon news from ABC: it has picked up full seasons (back 9 orders) of Trophy Wife and The Goldbergs and four more episodes of Super Fun Night.

Back In The Game isn't being pulled from the schedule, but it isn't getting any additional episodes beyond the 13 ordered so it's effectively canceled.

  • cris

    Super Fun Night :)

  • Kush


  • sofaspud

    Gee, I thought TROPHY WIFE was going to get cut first. Poor Jimmy.

  • ScalemailTed

    Jules to stay on Psych then?

  • tim_m

    What is ABC smoking and where can i get me some? Trophy wife is AWFUL and barely getting low 1’s. Back in the Game was pulling high 1’s. Someone needs to be fired at ABC.

  • Greg

    This probably means that Suburgatory will replace Back in the Game and Mixology will replace Super Fun Night. But what will replace The Neighbors? Maybe double airings of LMS?

  • Oliver

    Why must anything replace The Neighbors?

  • tom

    so they pulled the one with the better ratings ? this is weird.
    What next ? renewed ouat Wonderland ?

  • alffan

    Need to move The Goldbergs to Wed 8:30, Trophy Wife to Wed 9:30, Shark Tank to 9:00 Tuesday, and put Suburgatory and Super Fun Night from 9-10 Friday.

  • JJF

    Shocking that TF got ordered over BITG. The latter held decently after The Middle. I’d have expected the reverse.

  • RyanCanada

    Trophy wife full season? but not SPN? TW should be cancelled

  • J.G.

    What I’m guessing will happen is:

    Trophy Wife after The Middle, Mixology after Modern Family, The Goldbergs/Suburgatory on Tuesdays

  • chloe

    Suburgatory is going to get the 8.30 time slot on Wednesday not goldbergs or trophy wife.

  • J.G.

    The buzz on BITG was that ABC was unhappy with the show’s creative direction

  • Lulla

    In my opnion, “Back In The Game” was the weakest new comedy of ABC’s fall. So I’m not surprised and even a little happy. Although, I think ABC should have given it a try on fridays, paring it with compatible “Last Man Standing”. I looove “The Neighbors” but they don’t make the job so far, and clearly never will. I guess ABC couldn’t keep all of them.

    I guess “Suburgatory” will be back on wednesdays and “Mixology” will replace “Super Fun Night” next spring. The real sad thing here is always the same since they announced their schedule back in may : “The Goldbergs” should have been paired with “The Middle” and “Trophy Wife” with “Modern Family”. It’s not too late to do so, but hey, we all know they won’t even try. Probably because “Super Fun Night” + “Mixology” on tuesdays would have targeted the same audience as “New Girl” and “The Mindy Project” on FOX…

  • jenn

    This actually makes perfect sense, and is pretty much what I predicted (although I thought SFN would get a full back-nine.) BiTG was getting okay ratings but weak considering it’s lead-in and lead-out. It also had HORRID DVR numbers, meaning people were basically just watching it Tuesdays at 8:30 because it was there. TW is lower rated, but has better DVR numbers, lots of critical support, and based on what I see, more social media buzz. Meaning, it could definitely grow. Same with Goldbergs. And both of those Tuesday shows maintaining audience/growing with the Shield repeat was also a nice indication that people actually like these comedies and aren’t just watching them out of convenience. I’ll be interested to see if SFN improves or stabilizes and eventually gets a full season.

  • jenn

    Sorry, I meant Wednesdays at 8:30 for BitG. Obviously.

  • Thiago

    The only thing I could think

    Trophy Wife: ABC Studios
    Back in the Game: 20th Century Fox

  • johnhelvete

    ABC owns Trophy Wife. Also ABC probably feels that Trophy Wife could get the exact same rating as BITG if they moved it to Wed at 830, and they are probably right.

  • fernando


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