'Back In The Game' Canceled by ABC; 'Trophy Wife' & 'The Goldbergs' Get Full Seasons; More Episodes for 'Super Fun Night'

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November 1st, 2013

The Goldbergs October 29

Late afternoon news from ABC: it has picked up full seasons (back 9 orders) of Trophy Wife and The Goldbergs and four more episodes of Super Fun Night.

Back In The Game isn't being pulled from the schedule, but it isn't getting any additional episodes beyond the 13 ordered so it's effectively canceled.

  • Kissan

    I want ABC to move Goldbergs after The Middle and TW after MF. I also want SFN and and Suburgatory to go to Tuesdays at 8 and then SFN will finish it’s season by March and then Mixology will take over. Its not surprising they cancelled BITG even though the last episode was good.

  • fernando

    back in the game have more rating than trophy wife & the goldbergs bored :/

  • Nick

    If ABC had any sense of intelligence, they would move Last Man Standing to Wednesday 8:30, move The Goldbergs to Wednesday at 9:30, move Super Fun Night to Tuesdays, and put Suburgatory on Fridays.

    Ughh this would be so perfect.

  • ToXiX

    Not a bit surprised by Goldbergs getting a full season. It may very well be the only freshman comedy on abc renewed this season.

    I am actually shocked that Trophy Wife got a full season though. But I like TW way better than Back In The Game.

    Don’t care for Super Fat Night either.

    Back In The Game just had a very dumb premise

  • Greg


    Because The Neighbors is an obvious failure. 1.0, even on a Fridays, is not sustainable.

  • vegetable

    Hell yeah Trophy Wife! Best new comedy of the season!

  • JJF

    Since BITG is supposed to finish its 13 episode order and not be pulled, I wonder if they have time to write a finale. Would be nice, at least.

  • Juan

    I LOVE Trophy Wife and so happy that ABC is giving it time to grow also like the Goldbergs which is improving lots. Back in the game and super fun night are fine too but I’m ok with this decision.

  • CrimTV

    Oh my, I just watched the first episode of Trophy Wife and I love it! Really glad it has a full season but upset it’s doing so badly.

    I really wish ABC did this at the beginning of the season.

    8:00 – The Middle
    8:30 – The Goldbergs
    9:00 – Modern Family
    9:30 – Trophy Wife

  • Greg

    Yeah, I also think ABC should have tried Back in the Game on Fridays, which’s doing decently so far.

    My ABC midseason comedy schedule would be:


    8pm – The Goldbergs
    8:30pm – Trophy Wife


    8pm – The Middle
    8:30pm – Back in the Game/Suburgatory
    9pm – Modern Family
    9:30pm – Super Fun Night/Mixology


    8pm – Last Man Standing
    8:30pm – The Neighbors/Back in the Game

  • HeadlessHorseman (formerly JacobYates)

    It seems to me like TW should be the one getting axed and BITG should be getting the full season. BITG wasn’t doing that great but to cancel it this early in the season while its ratings were still halfway decent doesn’t make much sense.

  • vegetable

    ABC should’ve placed BITG on Fridays and cancelled SFN. SFN is just cringe worthy.

  • Jerry

    I always thought The Goldbergs and Trophy Wife are the most promising ones, but good for ABC to be quick to cancel BITG and to some extent Super Fun Night (quite clearly not coming back next season, since only extra 4 episodes were ordered). It’s quite clear that SFN and BITG will do even worse in non-Wednesday time slots, which they will not keep beyond this season.

    I think BITG especially when it got a 1.8 sandwiched between Toy Story which got 3.0 and Modern Family with a 4.0, is a real disappointment. People are simply not tuning in despite a strong lead-in and lead-out.

    Hopefully with this new schedule, one or both of The Goldbergs and Trophy Wife will be shifted to Wednesdays.

  • zth

    Great call by ABC.

    Trophy Wife is very similar to Modern Family, and it would benefit greatly from airing after it.

    This should be the schedule indeed.

    8:00 – The Middle
    8:30 – The Goldbergs
    9:00 – Modern Family
    9:30 – Trophy Wife

    This way, I can see Trophy Wife getting easily high 2s, maybe even low 3s – it is extremely compatible with Modern Family.

  • SVU: Hannibal

    Wish ABC would move both Trophy Wife and Goldbergs to Wed so i can free up some DVR space on Tuesdays (but then again Face Off ends next week so that’ll free up an hour)

  • Anne

    I wish and would really invest in bringing TGIF back. Shark Tank and Agents of SHIELD on Tuesdays would be great. Trophy Wife and the Goldbergs would do much better on Wednesdays. ABC should try to phase Friday into a multi cam comedy night.

  • Joseph A

    of the shows mentioned only Super Fun Night echoed with me , but that said its not just about me.

    Happy Super Fun Night got an additional order its a show that I am very surprised that I like :)

  • Anthony

    It’s pretty simple what caused this decision. ABC has shown that they expect really good numbers out of the 8:30 Wednesday slot. Better With You (similar ratings retention to BITG) was cancelled, Suburgatory had good retention and was given a shot after MF the next season, Neighbors had similar bad retention and was shipped to Fridays. Obviously ABC feels like they should be getting more than a 1.7 rating with a show sandwiched between The Middle and Modern Family. Trophy Wife, being an ABC production and clearly the least promoted out of all the comedies, as well as having the weakest leadin, was given the back order instead.

  • John A

    BITG wasnt doing that bad. Weird.

  • Raffie

    I think some have pointed this out, but The Goldbergs has a nice little niche where it is. It’s kind of going for a different audience than New Girl is, so it probably fares a little better there than any of the other, non family comedies would. Doesn’t seem like Modern Family or The Middle are going anywhere, so they don’t really need to build a new anchor. Unless they plan to open another comedy night, which seems pretty unlikely.

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