'Sleepy Hollow' & 'New Girl' More Than Double Their Audience in 30-Day Multi-Platform Playback

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November 1st, 2013


via press note:

Below is the 30-Day multiplatform total audience for all FOX series episodes that aired during the week of  9/30 through 10/6/13. Key highlights:


  • For the third episode in a row, SLEEPY HOLLOW saw more than +100% lift from its post same-day encore and multiplatform viewing in the first 30 days – rising +102% to a whopping 21 million viewers.


  • NEW GIRL posted its largest 30-day multiplatform gain to date (+111%) from its Live + Same Day total audience – 31 percentage points higher than its premiere week episode lift (+80%).


  • BROOKLYN NINE-NINE saw an even higher 30-day lift than its previous episode (+95% vs 88%) and rose to 8.2 million viewers.

FOX Multi-Platform Chart





  • Andrew

    Those figures do not look right for a The X Factor.

  • Barb

    Why are the networks doing the 30-day playback all of the sudden. While interesting, it has nothing to do with renewals at this point. The only positive is that it probably incorporates non-Nielson viewers through VOD.

  • j

    They should start bragging about a 365-day audience…

  • DTravel

    These are not the ratings are looking for. *waves hand*

  • Igwell

    They should start bragging about a 365-day audience…

    I’m nearly that far behind on New Girl and Mindy.

  • D Pats

    I know the Fox prez really thinks there is something to the multi platform numbers. (Be curious to see how they play out in the demo.) And they must know what they are doing. Fox charges more for advertising during the seemingly ‘ok’ rated New Girl than CBS does for long time hit NCIS. NCIS’s 30 sec ad rate is more comparable, actually, to what seems like a poorly rated show in The Mindy Project.

  • Linda

    Why do these numbers never match. For example the L+SD total viewers on Thursday, October 2 was 7.13 for X-Factor and 4.42 for Glee – where are they getting 10.3 and 6.5 respectively? And where is the last column %?

  • danny

    Why does anyone watch New Girl?

  • tv2day

    Ratings should be more akin to this method. the way people watch television has changed. they binge watch on DVR. Watch off dvr when it fits their schedule. I havent watched at tv show live with commercials since the late 1990’s. Especially when up against live sporting events like NBA NFL

  • tv2day

    @Danny a more interesting question is why do you care that they watch new girl lol!

  • Linda

    Does anyone know why the Live+SD numbers are a few MILLION more in Total Viewers in Live+SD compared to the FINAL numbers reported by TVBTN? Where is FOX coming up with all these extra viewers?

  • Randy

    @Danny Why watch New Girl? Zooey Deschanel and an above average supporting cast. How’s that for starters?

  • KC

    @Danny, @Randy
    I don’t know why anyone would watch NG anymore – it has gotten really bad. I gave up last year. Obviously many others did as well if you look at the numbers.

  • I Love TV!

    @Danny @KC

    LOL! last year was acclaimed as one of the most funniest comedies airing in ALL TV. You can see on metacritic.

  • Sneezer

    The guys on The New Girl are hilarious. I like Zooey Deschanel, and I do think she’s funny, but the guys are stealing this show. I do agree with the fact that the show can be hit and miss. There were a few episodes I only watched part of and really thought I was going to drop it. Once I made myself watch the whole thing, I found it kinda of a crazy-funny. eh

    Oh, and I LOVE Sleepy Hollow.

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