Thursday Final Ratings: 'The Vampire Diaries', 'The Millers' & 'Elementary' Adjusted Up; 'Sean Saves the World' & 'Parenthood' Adjusted Down

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November 1st, 2013

Sean Saves the World October 31

The Vampire Diaries, The Millers and Elementary were each adjusted up a tenth while Sean Saves the World and Parenthood were each adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Thursday broadcast ratings.


Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Broadcast primetime final ratings for Thursday, October 31:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 CBS The Big Bang Theory - R (8-8:31PM) 2.6/9 11.80
ABC It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown - R 2.2/8 6.98
NBC Saturday Night Live Halloween (8-9:01PM) 1.7/6 5.32
CW The Vampire Diaries 0.9/3 2.07
FOX The X Factor - Clip Show 0.8/3 3.25
8:30 CBS The Millers (8:31-9:01PM) 2.1/7 9.67
9:00 ABC Grey's Anatomy 2.6/8 8.94
CBS The Crazy Ones (9:01-9:31PM) 1.9/6 8.06
NBC Sean Saves the World (9:01-9:30PM) 1.1/3 3.72
FOX Glee - R 0.6/2 1.89
CW Reign 0.6/2 1.57
9:30 CBS The Big Bang Theory - R (9:31-10:01PM) 2.1/6 8.48
NBC The Michael J. Fox Show 1.1/3 3.34
10:00 ABC Scandal 2.9/9 9.18
CBS Elementary 1.8/5 9.47
NBC Parenthood 1.2/4 3.67

Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2013 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • Truth

    @Dream on

    I was merely trying to have a fun, hypothetical what-if with methix0r. Apparently, he/she took it too seriously.

  • Tianyi Li

    Damn, I thought VD would at least adjust up to a 1.0 Hopefully the rating will go up next week

  • Christian


  • Lacy

    @ methix01

    If SPN has 23 episodes each for season 9 and 10 (which looks likely), it will have 218 episodes. Passing Smallville by just one episode which has 217. Note trying to be mean or anything. Just pointing out that it looks very likely that SPN will pass Smallville’s great achievement. SG-1 had 213 episodes btw.

    I think its great that three genre shows can pass the 200 mark! Here’s to hoping TVD can follow suit. I know lots of people think the actors will quit after season 6 but we can hope!

  • RMH

    Oh man, you know the slap-fight has gotten out of hand when people are pitting the actual characters against each other in a “who would win” situation.

    Gotta say, as a SPN fan, we do have a small, but significant and extremely loud/obnoxious group of people who start drama wherever they go. They suck, nobody likes them, not even other SPN fans.

    Anyway, onto the ratings:
    TVD’s number is pretty weak, BUT considering it’s just one bad night (on Halloween, no less) after a string of successful ones, I don’t think these numbers mean diddly squat.
    I think the next couple of weeks will be the most telling for pretty much all the shows, since there won’t be any big games or holidays (that I’m aware of) borking the ratings.
    I doubt Reign will improve much, unfortunately, it’s had lackluster ratings out of the gate, and while it maintaining a .6 might be enough to carry it through a whole season, I sincerely doubt it’ll get two. Same can be said for The Tomorrow People. The CW has other shows waiting in the wing.

    I’m on the fence about Elementary, I really REALLY hope it gets renewed, and I think CBS is willing to be patient with it for syndication, but those numbers…

  • Truth

    “Gotta say, as a SPN fan, we do have a small, but significant and extremely loud/obnoxious group of people who start drama wherever they go. They suck, nobody likes them, not even other SPN fans.”

    SPN and TVD fans are kindred spirits in that respect. :)

    I’ve personally had bad experiences with nasty Destiel fans that claimed to have “quit” the show when Castiel’s love interest was cast. Yeah, right.

  • Chris

    lol what’s with the Supernatural and TVD fans going at it?

    Can’t we all just get along? :) :)

  • RMH

    Heh, no need to single out one ship, man, I’ve met nasties in ALL the ships, Destiel, Wincest, Megstiel, Sabriel, Wincestiel, etc etc etc. You name it.
    I think it’s safe to say that all sub-groups have their ugly side, yeah?

    Fandoms aren’t allowed to get along. That’s the rules. : P

  • Chris

    @RMH, why not?

    I like both shows, I see no reason to fight. :P

  • Truth


    Unfortunately, some of the crazies in the TVD fanbase couldn’t tolerate not being #1 this week and caused quite a debacle.

  • anon

    I saw an episode of SPN recently and from my POV it seems to have a production value akin to former WB/CW veteran ‘One Tree Hill’ (which isn’t saying much bc OTH was a soap), so if that’s why its lasted so long (because its now ‘old school’ & is the only show currently on the network that pre-dates the network as The CW) and kept its fanbase, then so be it I guess.

    As far as TVD, I quit watching in S1, but from what I’ve read some fans are not only tired of the love triangle and the doppalgangers storyline, but also are still irate over Bonnie’s storyline from the S4 finale onward. (Calling TVD’s EP, who’s also TO & TTP’s EP, racist, etc.) Are those more reasons for the decrease in TVD’s ratings, IDK? Still I do think the dip from last week to this week is probably a temporary thing, and thus either way I doubt it’s being canceled any time soon.

  • Networkman

    CBS: Decent performance from Elementary. I feel it will return for a season 3, I just think it needs move to a new night. In my opinion, The Crazy Ones is a more sophisticated adult oriented single cam that most likely would share an audience with Grey’s Anatomy. I don’t feel it should be leading of the 9pm hour. And it simply does not fit behind The Millers. CBS should switch The Crazy Ones behind The Big Bang Theory. The Millers could move behind Two & A Half Men.

    8pm The Big Bang Theory
    8:30pm The Crazy Ones
    9pm Two & A Half Men
    9:30pm The Millers

    I would love to see a crossover between The Big Bang Theory and The Crazy Ones. Maybe the agency could work with one of the characters on Big Bang to help advertise their work/project, etc.

  • Carl

    @RMH, the problem is that any time a fan says SPN was #1 for the week, even if they don’t mention another show, it’s turned into bashing and being unfair and JUST YOU WAIT!!!

    I don’t think most people here who were happy that the show was #1 for the week expect that to continue, nor do they seem in the dark that this is down to TVD airing on Halloween and being preempted. I don’t think that most of the fans will be surprised when TVD is #1 again next week, or if SPN drops in the ratings next week.

    People can’t even just say they are happy the show was #1 without getting a faceful. And this leads to more arguing and more strange comments (like someone saying they love SPN but will quit because of fan comments here…the SPN fan is full of crazies and THIS is what someone quits over?), and silly comments like saying SPN isn’t doing well, everything else is just doing worse (the show isn’t a huge hit but has improved it’s performance so far over the last several seasons, even though many insisted that SPN only went up last season because of Arrow), or that it’s just doing well by CW standards (part of that is true, but this, TVD, and a few other shows have also helped stabilize the CW at a time when NBC, ABC, FOX, and CBS all have shows that are near or even below CW levels).

    I have no problem with TVD. I assume TVD will be #1 for most weeks the rest of this season.

    I just don’t understand why people jump on any comments that support SPN, even those which are extremely mild.

  • Ellen

    That picture of 2 males dancing is gross. No wonder nobody is watching it. So sick.

  • Carl

    @anon, some soaps have, or had, great production values. SPN is…well it’s mixed. I think the set design if often good.

    @Networkman, I don’t think any CBS 10 PM show at this point is going to do that much better than Elementary. I think sometimes there were too many expectations put on Elementary. The backlash over a female Watson meant the show was never going to be a huge hit. It’s a great show, a solid performer, and I hope CBS lets it grow.

  • Hamza

    This confirms Person of Interest as the highest rated 10 PM CBS show again! Good stuff.

    And I believe the Originals also got higher rating than the Vampire Diaries this week. Maybe Halloween effect, but still quite interesting.

  • Ember


    It’s no use. I already tried. Some people will fight for the sake of fighting.

  • methix0r

    why would TVD actors quit after the 6th season are they all only contracted for 6 seasons or what?

  • Truth


    Yes, they’re only contracted for six seasons. Some of the cast have intentions to move on, prominently Nina Dobrev.

  • methix0r

    @truth what? nina dobrev said she want to leave after six season? who else and wtf no they are not allowed to move on i wont allow it i want 8 season minimum

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