Will the Second Episode of 'Dracula' Take a Bite Out of the Ratings? (Poll)

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November 1st, 2013

Dracula NBC Trailer

Last week, Dracula premiered to a strong for Friday 1.8 adults 18-49 rating, equaling the performance ofits lead-in Grimm. Response to the new series was mixed, with some viewers enjoying the show's new take on the classic story and star Jonathan Rhys-Meyers performance, while others wondering why Dracula's revenge plot involved persuading Victorian England to use less oil.  Will the show's ratings hold in week two? Make your prediction then explain your reasoning in the comments.

  • gerry

    1.6, small drop, but i see this performing strongly, esp on the heels of halloween.

  • Shepherd

    Last week really surprised me, but I haven’t seen the episode.

    I’m guessing 1.6-1.7

  • Jeff (Canada)

    I can see a 1.5 or a 1.6. Still really strong for a scripted show at 10pm on a Friday night.

  • Alex J

    it will drop. but how much? im thinking it stays fairly strong.

  • Kissan

    The Thursday ratings are here:

    Reign had a 0.6

    Scandal had a 2.9

    GA had a 2.6

    X Factor had a 0.8

    TVD had a series low of 0.8. It was preempted yesterday in NYC.

    The Millers had a 2.0

    TCO had a 1.9

  • KarenM

    It’ll fall.


  • senor chang

    “Response to the new series was mixed, with some viewers enjoying the show’s new take on the classic story and star Jonathan Rhys-Meyers performance, while others wondering why Dracula’s revenge plot involved persuading Victorian England to use less oil.”

    dat shade doe

    voted a 1.7, haven’t seen the pilot yet but I’ve heard good things.

  • Stuart Pitt

    I guessed < 1.5. My wife is a huge Dracula / vampire fan and she didn't like it and said she may not watch it this week.

  • Alecia

    1.5 The show was pretty boring. I had to force myself to sit through the whole episode. I’ll try to watch it ondemand sometime over the weekend but this doesn’t seem like something that i’ll watch on the regular.

  • CraveRecords

    People are still in the Halloween mood and there’s some weird vampire documentary leading off the night. I think it maintains the 1.8 or goes to a 1.9.

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    I will take a stab and say 1.4.

  • SueP

    I’m with Alecia – Found it boring and had to force myself to watch the entire pilot. Doubt I’ll be watching it tonight. I’ll guess !.5 or below.

  • hammard

    The critical reception is pretty similar to Grimm and that saw a fall of about 15%. Therefore I’ll go for a 1.5.

  • CreacK

    I picked 1.6. I would have gone <1.5 but since last night was Halloween, I figure that there may be a little extra interest based on vampires association with Halloween, but not too much.

  • teraj

    Love Grimm and surprisingly loved Dracula too. I’m NOT a fan of the character of Dracula, but when I went back and watched the whole episode over again, I understood it more, the characters and plot. Also loved the elaborate staging and CGI effects used.

    If anything, GRIMM was a rather boring episode. Nick is still a zombie and Adalaide is still in the process of getting her powers back… yada, yada, yada.

  • Samuel

    The show was quite boring. I’m unsure if I’ll watch tonight. I’d say a 1.6-1.7.

  • DenverDean

    1.4 or 1.5. The feedback was pretty lukewarm. However, it’s Friday 10/9, it’s not like that demo is sitting home in droves watching live.

  • Jerry

    In my opinion, it was actually quite a boring pilot, and the leading character isn’t very charming enough to hold it up. I have totally forgotten any of the other characters besides the lead, which is not a good sign.

    I had high hopes for this, but I was quite disappointed, and I forced myself through the first half, just to wait for something to happen in the second half. The second half did get better though, but it is a very slow-paced pilot, and nothing too spectacular.

    But I am dying to watch something different than the normal stuff, so I will give shows like Sleepy Hollow and Dracula a bit more slack than the others. But I am not sure if the others are willing to give it that chance. I am thinking a 1.4 rating.

  • Scandalicious

    From what I heard fans mostly liked Dracula. I think the Halloween spirit will also help keep Dracula from falling to hard. I am guessing a 1.6.

    ABC: Last Man Standing 1.3, The Neighbors 1.0, Shark Tank 1.9, 20/20 1.4

    CBS: Undercover Boss 1.5, Hawaii Five-O 1.4, Blue Bloods 1.3

    NBC: Why We (Heart) Vampires 1.3, Grimm 1.7, Dracula 1.6

    FOX: Master Chef JR 1.4, Sleepy Hollow 1.0

    CW: The Carrie Diaries 0.3, ANTM 0.4

  • jami

    I watched the whole episode last week thought it was terribly boring. I will not be surprised the ratings honestly I would think a 1.4 but it could go higher

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