Winter Premiere of 'Ravenswood' on Tuesday January 7, 'Twisted' to Premiere Tuesday, February 11 on ABC Family

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November 1st, 2013


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The “Pretty Little Liars” Spinoff Series Will Return With New Episodes on January 7, 2014, Following Pretty Little Liars


Burbank, CA (November 1, 2013) – ABC Family announced today that recent series “Ravenswood” will return with new episodes on January 7, 2014, paired with “Pretty Little Liars.”  “Twisted” will also return with all-new episodes on Tuesday, February 11, 2014, after “Ravenswood” finishes its run.


“Ravenswood” premiered October 22, 2013, as ABC Family’s #1 series premiere in the network’s history in Women 18-34 and cable TV’s biggest drama debut in the demo in nearly three years.   Additionally, the series premiere amassed the most tweets of any new TV series premiere this season, reaching over three million people and generating over 16 million impressions. The show will air its midseason finale on November 19, 2013.


“Twisted” will return with all-new episodes on Tuesday, February 11, 2014, from 9:00PM – 10:00PM ET/PT. With Danny now on the run, the town of Green Grove is even more convinced that he killed Regina, unaware the real killer is someone they never suspected. Jo continues to grapple with how much Danny and Lacey had been keeping from her, but is soon swept into the truth about what really happened to Danny’s Aunt Tara. Meanwhile, Tess, being the only one who knows Danny’s long-thought dead father is still alive, has summoned Vikram back to town, but even she is not aware of the depth of secrets the Desai family holds.


Other ABC Family series set to return in January include the previously announced premieres of “Pretty Little Liars,” “Switched at Birth,” and “The Fosters.”


The hit ABC Family original series “Pretty Little Liars” returns on Tuesday, January 7, 2014, from 8:00 – 9:00 PM ET/PT. As the Liars go looking for answers about Alison and try to make sense of their lives for the past year, a darker side of Ezra emerges. “Pretty Little Liars” won six Teen Choice Awards in 2013, including Choice TV Show, Choice Summer TV Show, Choice TV Actress Drama – Lucy Hale, Choice TV Actor Drama – Ian Harding, Choice Summer TV Actress – Troian Bellisario, Choice Summer TV Actor – Keegan Allen,  and Choice TV Villain – Janel Parrish. According to SocialGuide, “Pretty Little Liars” summer finale became the #1 “most social” TV series episode in history, breaking records with over 1.9 million tweets. ABC Family will air a special “Pretty Little Liars” marathon on Tuesday, January 7, 2014, from 12:00PM – 8:00PM ET/PT, leading up to the premiere.


The third season of ABC Family’s Peabody Award-winning drama series, “Switched at Birth,” begins Monday, January 13, 2014, from 8:00PM – 9:00PM ET/PT. Senior year means big changes for Bay and Daphne, as the Carlton School for the Deaf receives an influx of hearing students who are not happy to be there. Daphne begins working at a free clinic as part of her probation from the Senator Coto blackmail scandal, and Bay takes an art class at a local college. Toby tries to unite a divided Carlton by coaching girls' field hockey, and the parents face the specter of the impending empty nest in unexpected ways. RJ Mitte (“Breaking Bad”), Max Adler (“Glee”), Sandra Bernhard (“Roseanne”), and Alec Mapa (“Ugly Betty”) will guest star in the premiere episode and recur throughout the season. ABC Family will air a special “Switched at Birth” marathon on Monday, January 13, 2014, from 12:00PM – 8:00PM ET/PT, leading up to the premiere.


Winner of 2013’s Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Breakout Show, “The Fosters” will return with all-new episodes on Monday, January 13, 2014, from 9:00PM – 10:00PM ET/PT, picking up from the summer cliffhanger. The repercussions of Callie’s decision to run away impact every member of the Foster family, including newlyweds Stef and Lena, who had offered to adopt the troubled teen. Will Jude be able to accept the love of this family without his sister in the picture? And how will Brandon deal with the news that Callie has run away? Meanwhile, Jesus and Mariana prepare for the reality of Lexi leaving. Mike and Stef continue to deal with the fallout of the shooting, while Lena must come to terms with Stef returning to the force, post-shooting. How will Stef and Lena navigate all this chaos and change as a married couple? The winter season will also include Rosie O’Donnell in a recurring role as Rita Hendricks, a tough yet compassionate woman who works in the foster care system. ABC Family recently announced a second season pick-up for the critically-acclaimed series. ABC Family will air a special “The Fosters” marathon on Tuesday, December 31, 2013, from 11:00AM – 6:00PM ET/PT.


ABC Family’s #1 series of all time, “Pretty Little Liars,” surged to its best season on record in Summer 2013, passing the four million Total Viewer mark for the first time ever, and ranking as the #1 cable TV series for the third-consecutive summer in target females 12-34. Moreover, led by its August 27 finale, the ‘most tweeted’ episode in TV history (1.9 million), “Pretty Little Liars” accounts for the Top 4 ‘most social’ TV episodes of all time, and 6 of the Top 8 overall. The #1 new cable TV series of Summer 2013 in core Millennial demos, “The Fosters” set series highs for its August 5 finale and wrapped as the network’s #2 series currently in production. The perfect companion for “Pretty Little Liars,” newcomer “Twisted” ranked as the #2 new cable TV series of Summer 2013 in Viewers 12-34 and Females 12-34, and placed #1 on Tuesdays at 9 o’clock for its season in Females 12-34. “Switched at Birth” stood as cable TV’s #1 scripted series on Mondays at 8 o’clock for Total Viewers and across key 18-34, 18-49 and 12-34 categories.


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  • fourat sakka

    this is so confusing !!

  • Charmed

    PLL hit 4.22 million in January 2011, and the highest it got this season was 3.33, so that’s completely wrong

  • Tony JJ

    Stupid! Twisted is way better than Ravenswood.

  • Luke

    AKA “oh sh*t Ravenswood plummeted without a PLL lead-in so we’ve gotta schedule its return sooner than expected that way it doesn’t totally flop”

  • Nikki

    Twisted didnt deserve PLL lead in.. so this makes me happy.

  • Mike


    You do realize that after ravenswood finishes its run twisted takes its spot and will still have the pretty little liars lead :)

    I do agree that they should have always had ravenswood paired with PLL

  • Mike

    I hope twisted and ravenswood get renewed,,, their new pilots sound horrible

  • Kissan

    So let me get this straight, Ravenswood’s midseason finale will be on Nov 19th and then when PLL comes back January 7th Ravenswood will come after it and the season finale of Ravenswood will be on February 4th. PLL’s season finale will be on March 18th. Twisted comes back February 11th and it will have aired 6 episodes by the time PLL has their season finale. So anyways, where are the last 4 episodes of Twisted gonna go, because we all know that Twisted can’t stand on its own.

  • Hi

    PLL + Ravenswood. Amen.

  • Tony JJ


    this is why I think this is a dumb move, by the time Ravenswood airs after PLL, it will already be dead and PLL audience won’t want to start watching then. So PLL lead in isn’t going to help Ravenswood, then when Twisted returns and airs it’s 6 episodes with the PLL lead in, it will air 4 without the lead in and fail by itself. So by doing this it just killed both shows. The better option might have been airing Ravenswood either Wednesday at 8 or Tuesdays at 10.

  • DM

    ABC Family is obviously sweating after that massive episode 2 ratings drop and hoping that having PLL as a lead in will bring the ratings back up. One of the PLL producers said that the network originally wanted PLL and Ravenswood to air on each other’s off seasons. So much for it being the ratings powerhouse they expected it to be.

  • ABCFamilyFan

    Twisted’s back order is only for 8 episodes (NOT 10)

    Pretty Little Liars appears to have 11 episodes for their back order, so they could air Twisted after Pretty Little Liars for the first 6 episodes and then have a “2 hour finale” the week after the Pretty Little Liars finale.

    However, I read in a recent interview with one of the Pretty Little Liars producers that they are producing 25 episodes this year. I figured this was a mistake, but if they do in fact produce 25 then Pretty Little Liars will have 12 episodes this winter and therefore a “2 hour finale” of Twisted would be able to have the Pretty Little Liars finale as a lead-in.

    If not, giving Twisted a 2 hour finale without the Pretty Little Liars lead-in would be a good way to see how the show does on its own.

    I think their original plan was to have Ravenswood take over for Twisted in the post-Pretty Little Liars slot after Twisted’s 8 episodes and they would order more episodes of Ravesnwood so it would run through spring. It now looks like additional episodes of Ravenswood are off the table for this season and they are only going to broadcast the remaining 5, with no more episodes until they see how those 5 do after Pretty Little Liars this winter.

    This is a clear indication that ABC Family is freaking out and not at all happy with the Ravenswood ratings. They could have saved this embarrassment if they waited until now to announce their winter premiere dates as opposed to before the Ravenswood ratings are in, they could have made it look like this was their plan all along instead of basically putting out a press release the equivalent of stating “The ratings for Ravenswood are way worse than we thought”

  • M

    So does that mean no Ravenswood until then or are there still more episodes to air now?

  • ABCFamilyFan

    @M Ravenswood still has 3 more episodes to air this fall.

    ABC Family ordered 10 episodes of the show, they scheduled the first 5 for this fall, those will still air this fall and the remaining 5 episodes will now air this January.

  • ABCFamilyFan

    What really sucks is that it if Ravenswood did what ABC Family expected this fall it looks like we would have got year round PLL/Ravenswood in 2014.

    Deadline reported after the premiere that ABC Family ordered 6 additional scripts followed by another 3. This combined with the 5 episodes already ordered would have put Ravenswood with 14 episodes for season 1B, which means the show would have been able to run repeat free from March 1st to June 3rd (Twisted finale would air Feb 25th) now it looks like we wont get that unless Ravenswood rebounds this winter.

  • Nikki

    I think Twisted sucks.. it will probably air the back episodes and then thats it. Ravenswood will probably be back for a second season. Im still missing Bunheads and TLG.. its to bad they were canceled. Good thing for Netflix.

  • Gia

    I’m so tired of everything revolving around PLL! That show has become ridiculous. I wish it would end already, but of course–it’s being dragged out because it’s ABC Family’s “star” show and they keep trying to use it to promote other shows. I’m indifferent towards Ravenswood (I watched the first two episodes–it’s ok. Better than PLL in my honest opinion, but if it gets cancelled, it won’t be that much of a big deal to me). I am, however, LIVID about having to wait an extra month for Twisted. It is not at all fair to Twisted fans that our show is getting pushed back due to issues with another show.

    ABC Family needs to get it together. Seriously.

  • Nikki

    @ gia Twisted is lucky it even got its back order. it should of been pulled by now.. its cheap to make thats why it didnt get pulled. But it will not see a season 2.

  • ABCFamilyFan

    @Nikki, we get it, you don’t like Twisted. But just because you think a show sucks means that it is lucky to get a back order.

    Twisted’s ratings were better than both The Lying Game and Bunheads. You can’t just look at Adult 18-49 with ABC Family. Look at the total viewer numbers and the female 12-34 demo numbers, Twisted was clearly the stronger show. I was very upset too when The Lying Game and Bunheads were canceled but you can’t say it was wrong for ABC Family to cancel these shows and then say they should have canceled Twisted.

    What facts do you have that Twisted is “cheap” to make compared to other ABC Family shows? It didn’t win the California tax credit lottery like Bunheads, it wasn’t filmed in Texas to get a tax credit like The Lying Game. Twisted may be more profitable because of better ratings in the demos and the fact that ABC Family owns the show not Warner Brothers but as someone who watches and loves all of ABC Family’s show there is nothing “cheap” in Twisted to make it stand out from the other ABC Family shows.

    You don’t know if Twisted will see a season 2 or not. It’s far from a breakout hit and could easily be canceled but it hasn’t even returned yet. You can’t say it wont see season 2 before you see Twisted’s performance this winter, along with the winter performance of Ravenswood and how many pilots ABC Family picks up.

  • david

    Clearly ABC Family is worried after episode 2 of Ravenswood from a few days ago because they are putting it with PLL again and moving Twisted that was allready schedule there back a month. I think Raveswood is ok from the first 2 episodes so far. Interesting how they show is about a ghost kind of now.

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