'The Walking Dead' Draws 13.3 Million Total Viewers, Up From Last Week

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November 4th, 2013


Last night's episode of The Walking Dead drew 13.3 million total viewers, up slightly from last week's 12.9 million viewers.  8.7 million of those viewers were in the adults 18-49 demo, which translates to a 6.8 rating, even with last week.

  • Patrick

    Yeah still good ratings and i think it will rise soon again :)

  • Jagger Dagger

    Zombies > Fairytales

  • Tabitha

    Monster ratings :)
    Well deserved!!!!!

  • Alan

    They need to bring Carol back! Worst decision ever. I hate Rick. But great ratings anyway lol

  • Matt

    good episode last night. some unexpected twists!

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    Monster ratings

    This show refuses to die!

  • j

    Oh noez the show is getting more elderly if the demo’s the same but viewers are up.

  • Wright

    That was some twist when Rick banished Carol.

  • jose

    gret TWD , poor Carol

  • skyfi

    Did we really need this news?!

  • John A

    Great ratings.

  • LisaM

    Nice kids eaten within minutes of meeting them. Hate when that happens. I cannot imagine Carol will be gone for long thouhg.

  • Mark

    AMC should brag on this. 2 straight weeks that it looks like it will beat Sunday Night Football.

  • romo

    Seeing the governor rummaging thru Lenscrafters was a real shock.

  • romo

    I dont think it will beat SNF which may end up with a 7.0 in the final #.

  • Michael1

    I’m always impressed when these AMC shows that won’t make any sense unless you watch them in order are able to gain viewers week to week. I’m sure there’s a joke in there somewhere about bringing viewers back from the dead.

  • casey

    Great ratings again, no surprise.
    That being said they better bring Carol back soon, they take out all the woman leads and that is starting to annoy me

  • Chris_SAdvisor

    Well I would not have thought the (Kirkman) soap opera episode from last week would have been so popular. This week was weak as well with a lot of silly, but thankfully transient moments.

    Giving an alcoholic access to (easy to carry and long-lasting) drugs but he does not take any so they can have a contrived plot device (a single bottle of alcohol). Exiting the building by an unknown route (contrived encounter).
    The tattooed girl’s death look suspicious. Her leg ‘fell’ off at the gate (with little to no blood, and no blood trail to her body) and there were no shots fired, though she would have had a good line of sight (360 degrees), and knew she was being chased (dropped produce). There was also that line about “we can’t fight them or we could get infected” in the vet hospital. This was completely incongruous with the fact that they had already been fighting them up-close without it being an issue (even though they have ranged weapons) and had a clear shot though the window of the gas station. Not sure how that slipped by *everyone* in the production. This show needs someone permanent for continuity. All-in-all another weak episode. Still, if it can grow fans with this kind of writing, it will not see any improvement soon.

    I am really getting sick of the CG blood not getting on anyone this season even though they are directly underneath a geyser. Also the Katana being depicted as if it were a light saber – cutting though a head with a flick of the wrist, not even requiring a one armed-swing? Both are immersion breaking events, but as mentioned, luckily the time-outs for commercials help them quickly fade from memory.

    I also agree with the sentiment that they have destroyed Rick’s credibility as a leader. The virus-infected were coughing up blood in under 24 hours from onset of symptoms, but they have Rick suggest that they were miraculously going to recover without meds? Looks like Kirkman is pulling another Shane, suddenly writing him with a new and objectionable personality (aka schizophrenia). Kirkman claimed that he regard’s the fan’s instance that Rick cannot be killed-off as a challenge. If so, he is in for one heck of a rude awakening as this would effect TWD and the new show as well. Perhaps this is just a EPIC contrivance to have Carol head off to start the new show?

  • tomko44

    Carol=Death… don’t speak to her… definitely don’t try and befriend her (unless you are Darryl). She will be back as she is too annoying to stay away long. People will watch just to see how she gets back into the fold.

  • Dochas

    Carol will be back. I have no doubt. I was surprisingly ok with Rick’s decision last night. I’m not feeling an emotionally detached Carol. I’m sure Daryl will not be happy and that should make next week interesting.
    However the changes they’ve made from the comics to the show, y’all do know that Carol kills herself in the comics? This could have been TPTB’s way of saving her and Melissa McBride a role to come back to.
    SN – Since they really don’t mind straying from the comics some, I would have been happy to leave this version of Ty off of the show.
    The little girl who plays Lizzie is sort of creepy but a good, young actress. I want to see where they take her story.

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