Will John Noble's Appearance Boost the Return of 'Sleepy Hollow'? (Poll)

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November 4th, 2013


Tonight, Sleepy Hollow returns from hiatus with guest star John Noble (formerly of cult hit Fringe). Will this bit of casting boost the series' return?The last Sleepy Hollow original earned a 2.7 adults 18-49 rating, down a tenth from the previous week's 2.8 adults 18-49 rating. Make your predictions for tonight's episode  below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

  • Michael

    If he was playing Walter Bishop, an easy 3.0+. As a new character, 2.6-2.9, depending on how many people dropped out after the baseball hiatus.

  • Samunto

    If history is anything to go by, FOX’s new shows return from baseball breaks with series lows. Hopefully Sleepy can go against the trend.

    Needless to say 2.4

  • DW

    3.0 . its been wildly advertised that you can catch up here , here and here. and sunday night shows were up. not by much but they were up.

  • Alex

    I don’t understand all the high predictions- it’s going to get a 2.6-2.7

  • Chris_SAdvisor

    Predicting a 2.6 as well (slight drop due to hiatus). Fringe may have had a good following at the start, but it was vapid (glaring plot holes in the first episode), and considerably dropped in the ratings by the end of the series. I doubt that he will mean much to a show like HH.

    If it were Jim Beaver, it might make a difference. ;)

  • psychic

    Fringe has a tiny, rabid, loyal fanbase. Key word here is “tiny”.
    I don’t predict a big rise. Maybe a small one.

  • Kate

    I think it will dip by a tenth or so – not everyone who watches will know that it’s new since it’s been on hiatus for a couple weeks.

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    Needless to say 2.4.

    Then why did you say it?

    [Fringe] was vapid

    How do you make the rolleyes smily?

  • Jerry

    Honestly, I love the show but I’m expecting under 2.4. People are just really bad when it comes to tuning back in after a hiatus. We shall see though!

  • ludotv

    I love that John Noble will be in Sleepy Hollow but I don’t think that will affect the ratings particularly. A hiatus even just two weeks may not be great news, people get distracted, forget to watch and what not but hopefully every Sleepy Hollow fan has missed it like I did and perhaps it raises a bit to 2.8 / 2.9?

  • luka

    Bones 2.2
    Sleepy Hollow 3.2

    Dancing with the Stars 2.0
    Castle 2.0

    How I Met Your Mother 2.9
    2 Broke Girls 2.5
    Mike and Molly 2.3
    Mom 1.8
    Hostages 1.2

    The Voice 3.6
    The Blacklist 2.8

  • Jazz

    This has to be my favorite show of the season. It might be my favorite show period. That and Grimm. I look forward to them. I don’t know who or what will improve ratings. Maybe the long break might help. I hope many missed it like I did.

  • SJ

    This is kind of a ridiculous question given Fringe’s anemic ratings, isn’t it?

    Whether it rises or falls it will do so based on factors other than the involvement of this particular guest actor.

    I wonder if Mike and Molly will be able to crack a 2.5. Some of the predictions here are wildly optimistic. Scratch that, crazy. A 3.0 for a second-banana show that just recently (and inexplicably) got upgraded to a lead-off spot on what used to be CBS’ biggest comedy night? Should have kept 2 Broke Girls at 9:00…

  • NBC Fan

    Dancing with the Stars-2.0

    How I Met Your Mother-3.1
    2 Broke Girls-2.8
    Mike & Molly-2.7

    Sleepy Hollow-2.8

    The Voice-4.1
    The Blacklist-3.0

  • s0303

    i don’t think when john noble was on tgw that it impacted the ratings…so i don’t think him being on sleepy hollow will either…i love john noble, but this short hiatus of sleepy hollow made me realize i just don’t really care about the show…guess i’m not going to continue watching, starting tonight…

  • Chris K

    I don’t agree with the poll.

    The show will return down or even with last episode. 2.5-2.6 is my guess.

  • HeadlessHorseman

    @Chris K
    You don’t agree with the poll? The poll is a question, not a statement. You don’t disagree with a question. Unless you mean the majority of voters. If so, you didn’t have to put that you disagree with the poll in your comment. Your prediction would have been a clear enough indicator.

  • Samuel

    John Noble didn’t boost the numbers for fringe… No reason to think he will on this show. I hope numbers don’t go down once again.
    2.7-2.8 tonight I’d say.

  • Ashley

    Loved Fringe. Hoping for 2.8-3.0 for SH

  • HeadlessHorseman

    The idea is that hopefully, Fringe fans will watch Sleepy Hollow. John Noble didn’t boost the numbers for Fringe because he hadn’t been the star of a cult hit before.

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