'Roots' Remake in Development at History

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November 5th, 2013


History seems to be the latest network hitching a ride on the remake/reboot train, announcing that a remake of classic series Roots is in development. Per Deadline, the remake will be 8 hours long (the original was 12) and is expected to be a more contemporary take on the story.

  • TBM

    Why mess with a timeless classic???

  • PurpleDrazi


    Another unnecessary remake. Just show the original. It was fantastic.

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    My name is Kunta Kinte!

  • Herb Finn

    Contemporary take means that it will be more gritty and realistic and not the sanitized for tv 1977?


    Will they take a cue from the attic scenes on AHS Coven, I wonder

    @ TBM
    @ PurpleDrazi

    I agree

  • Columbo

    Will the remake state the whole ‘roots’ crap was make believe garbage by Alex Haley?

  • a p garcia

    Its probably a bad idea to remake a classic but that won’t stop producers.

  • TV Viewer

    Why? The original was one of the best miniseries in the history of television! It was an incredible event in 1977. Isn’t the History Channel better than inviting critics to attack them from trying to remake one of the most significant programs ever shown on American television.
    It seems like a no win situation to me.

  • merrrranga

    BOO! Boo, Wendy Testaburger, boo!!!

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