'Sean Saves the World' Gets Additional Script Order

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November 5th, 2013

Sean Saves the World October 31

NBC has ordered four additional scripts for freshman comedy Sean Saves the World, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

  • KevinSW

    LMAO I loved Outsourced too hahaha, I miss that show.

  • Alex J

    I was just thinking the same thing the other day.
    Back when Outsourced was on I was watching a total of 10 NBC shows.

    Now I am currently only watching 4 shows from NBC. Waiting on Community…

  • cimmer

    A Hail Mary for Sean Saves the World eh? Good luck to it.

  • Glue

    It’s actually really good. It surprised me how much I’m enjoying this show

  • mary 1

    The office part is a little bit funny. The guy who plays the boss is good for a chuckle. Linda Lavin who plays Sean’s mom is a little bit grating so they need to tone her down a lot. The daughter is blah and their interactions don’t add too much to the show so they should just focus more on the work stuff if they want to improve the show. With their very low ratings NBC must really have run out of replacement shows to keep this one going.

  • Rebecca

    I loved Outsourced. Since that’s not coming back, how about bringing on About A Boy or Growing Up Fisher sooner? SSTW probably won’t go past this season, and neither will MJF.

  • Jacobo

    I like this show, I also liked TNN but then I got bored with it.

  • Dave

    Full blown crisis at NBC giving this awful show additional script orders.

  • rob60990

    NBC has 2 replacement comedies so I’m not sure why they need to give this loser more episodes unless they still plan on airing those comedies Tuesday at 9 which would be ridiculous with 2 other networks airing comedy at that time.

  • Nick

    Good thing NBC has that Roseanne comedy in development.

  • Kit

    This show is absolutely atrocious. I turned in once and sat through an episode and hated it. It made me wish The Office was still there in that time period. Even in it’s last declining years, it was still better than this trash.

  • Mike


    I really liked outsourced too.. It really should have never been canceled

  • RJ

    The show isn’t brilliant, it’s fun in a cheesy, 90s throwback (with a gay twist) kind of way. I agree with an earlier poster that the stuff involving his workplace (including Thomas Lennon, Megan Hilty and Echo Kellum) is a lot stronger than the stuff about his home life, and I’m hoping producers will start focusing more on that. I also agree that while Linda Lavin is very talented, her character needs to be toned down a bit.

  • DryedMangoez

    Count me in as another one who enjoyed Outsourced. And it actually did well until NBC moved it. Plus, it got funnier as the season went on. Oh well.

  • Dan

    @DryedMangoez – I agree NBC could have renewed Outsourced (I hear they planned on it initially May 2011 along with Law & Order LA) and paired it with Up All Night Wednesdays instead airing Free Agents but it was a 1 season wonder.

    @Rob70990 – Because I think NBC wouldn’t want to cancel 2 Thursday comedies and they don;t want to rely on just Undateable as a Sean replacement (If they still want to keep About a Boy and Growing Up Fisher on Tuesdays) That stupid 3 way comedy competition is back unfortunately. Plus as horrible as Sean does, it does build on 8:30 which is OK I guess.

    @Nick – Who’s to say that Roseanne comedy wont be a flop. That 10/90 comedy could be a flop just like Anger Management, then NBC would be stuck with it for 100 episodes. A big name TV star like Kevin James, George Lopez, Charlie Sheen or Roseanne Barr doesnt translate into a comedy hit.

  • Rebecca

    What is the Roseanne comedy in development, Downwardly Mobile? Or did she move on to another one?

  • mando

    OS was canceled because actors didn’t like the show. NBC had no choice but to caccel.

  • KimmelKanyeWest

    This is why NBC should have given Community a full season order. Although Community has never been a ratings hit, their ratings look great compared to what SSTW and MJF show pull. At least you’re adding episodes for perhaps further syndication deals.

  • BigBrotherFan


    umm..You honestly think anything Roseanne comes out with in this day and age is going to do well? She’s done a real good job ruining her name the past 10-years or so and is pretty much a granny now! I be shocked if it lasts more than 8 episodes? are they still trying to make that 90 episodes deal? LOL

    As for this show..I agree with one of the earlier posters who mentioned Sean Hayes was really hasn’t evolved-I agree! Is he going to play Jack for the next 10 years, too? Ugh. He’s a one trick pony and this will NOT be back for more than 18-episodes! It will be the Guys With Kids for this season.

  • tamaraleigh

    I am really loving this show!! The work-place stuff is great (the uppity boss guy is a riot) and I also like the daughter! I’ve stopped watching The Crazy Ones in favor of watching this! (In addition to Grey’s Anatomy.) But still can not watch MJF show :( I’ll watch Two/Half Men or reruns of Big Bang before I’ll watch that.

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