'Sean Saves the World' Gets Additional Script Order

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November 5th, 2013

Sean Saves the World October 31

NBC has ordered four additional scripts for freshman comedy Sean Saves the World, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

  • Jason

    I’m thrilled they have ordered more scripts and i think it will get a full season order too. The show is hilarious and gets better week in and week out. Linda Lavin and Thomas Lenin are hysterical while Sean is at his best. And I love Megan Hilty, so there’s that… It also has way more potential than the MJFox show and it’s cheaper to make. So, congrats to them. I wish them well and I’m excited for more of this great comedy.

  • Cyrax

    Yeah Deadline reported this on the same day when Ironside & WttF were cancelled (10/18), THR was slow on this…

  • pn

    I think that improved rating on October 31st might have led NBC to give it 4 additional scripts. It did better than the Michael J Fox show which was after it. (Sean was 69th place and Fox’s show a hard to believe 80th place). I wonder if that 3rd live show of The Voice might get more viewers to see Sean Saves the World at 9. Voice’s viewership is less on a 3rd night (aboout 7 or 8 million), but that’s because people get worn out of singing competitions after 2 days and move on to comedy and drama fare afterwards. Hopefully that Voice assist and lead in might help Sean Hayes’ comedy at all.

  • hlnkid

    Count me in the minority of those who actually like this show. I’m picky about sitcoms and most today are crap. While Sean isn’t the greatest thing to ever grace the TV, it’s one of the few shows that actually makes me laugh once in a while. The cast is decent. The writing is decent. Glad NBC hasn’t given up on it yet. Honestly, this is the only NBC show I actually watch.

  • a p garcia

    Cancelation bear: We need your help to save us from Sean!

  • a p garcia

    The promo for Sofia Vergara’s show by her production company looks good.

  • tomsman

    I just watched this for the first time and it is one and done. It’s so 90’s. ;-)

    That said, I’m with everyone else who mentioned “Outsourced”. There are more of us than you think, Rockmypants. If I recall correctly, though low, the ratings were better than some of the crap they’ve put on since. That show was funny.

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