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November 5th, 2013

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This season to date The CW is up +9% year to year in total viewers (1.85M), up +10% in adults 18-49 (0.8), and flat in adults 18-34 (0.7) and in women 18-34 (0.9) according to the most current Nielsen data through 11/3/13.


Digital viewing is also up significantly this season, with overall viewing up +50% versus last season (initiated streams season to date versus 2012). THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is up +21% versus last season in digital, averaging more than 2 million views per episode this season, and THE ORIGINALS is averaging more than 1.5 million per episode.


Some highlights from the week of 10/28-11/3:


THE VAMPIRE DIARIES was again the most social scripted show on broadcast television for the week, according to The CW also had four of the top five most checked-in broadcast shows for the week on GetGlue, with SUPERNATURAL ranking as the most checked-in broadcast series.


SUPERNATURAL hit a season high last Tuesday in A18-34 (1.48) in L+3 Day viewing, and in L+SD (1.1). The pairing of THE ORIGINALS and SUPERNATURAL matched a season high for The CW in A18-34 for Tuesday night.


THE VAMPIRE DIARIES saw major time-shifting for last week's episode, more than doubling its W18-34 rating in L+3 versus L+SD (+106%, 2.1 vs 1.02), and gaining +89% in A18-34 (1.45 vs 0.77). REIGN also saw significant gains, rising +50% in W18-49 (1.25 vs 0.83), +46% in A18-49 (0.86 vs 0.59), +45% in A18-34 (0.56 vs 0.38) and +W18-34 (0.86 vs 0.58).


Also last week, the second episode of THE CARRIE DIARIES more than doubled its season premiere ratings in A18-34 (0.5 vs. 0.2) and also doubled its W18-34 rating (0.6 vs. 0.3) in available L+SD data. It rose +31% week to week in total viewers (890,000).

  • Me

    Well, that’s something. Too bad those Monday flops are downgrading the average.


    Not to mention the Friday flops as well

  • Timmy G

    Thus reiterating BATB should just be pulled completely. Friday’s can be forgiven more so, but I can’t imagine either new mid-season show doing worse than BATB.

  • Timmy G

    BUT nice going overall CW. You’re definitely heading in the right direction. :)

  • Charmed

    TCD got a mention :D

  • ivan

    my favorite tv network! CW !

  • HitDetector

    They really should bring back Beauty and the Geek, that could give them some decent ratings.

  • anon

    Oh yeah bring back Chuck & Caitlin, and that uber geeky Richard, who looked & acted like he’d just stepped out of a ‘Revenge Of The Nerds’ movie. :P rme

  • Niallerz24

    The CW, I think, needs to move towards more adult type shows. Like shows the WB had back in the day that did really well (Buffy, Angel, Charmed, Veronica Mars). The shows they have now, I think are really uneven in the writing. They could try a few half-hour comedies and see how they fair, and try some male orientated shows also. Go back to the days of the WB and then the CW might be able to make it somewhat great in the ratings.

  • Mark

    Really missing 90210. Only the first 2 seasons though

  • Chris_SAdvisor

    “This season to date The CW is up +9% year to year in total viewers (1.85M), up +10% in adults 18-49 (0.8), and flat in adults 18-34 (0.7) and in women 18-34 (0.9) according to the most current Nielsen data through 11/3/13.”

    So the ’18 to 49′ – ’18-34′ accounts for the entire +10% in adults, meaning they are up +10% but only in the 35-49 crowd, which does not matter nearly as much as the 18-34.

    Also strange that they differentiate between adults and women.

    ROFL, trying to spin TCD. Some though it was so far gone they would not even bother to try anymore. ;)

  • Dan

    But Mondays on average are down below even the veteran late season flops, Gossip Girl and 90210 not to mention Tomorrow People and Arrow are down below last years Wednesdays. Originals is up from HOD on Thursdays but Reign is below BATB on Thursdays.

  • ToXiX

    CW needs to have some sitcoms.
    They have shows that don’t appeal to a wide audience that’s why their ratings are so awful.
    Only thing I have watched on CW in the past few years was LA Complex & Cult.

  • POIFanatic

    @Niallerz24: Except for comedies, that’s mostly what CW is doing now. How many years has it been since you last saw any of its shows?

  • david

    Mondays and Fridays are really bringing down the overall average of the CW thow. Tuesdays are much better than last year Wednesdays are a little bit lower than last year and Thursdays at 9 are lower than a year ago. So, they still have work to do but good to see them up a little bit from year to year.

  • skyfi

    No, Mondays and Fridays are ok.
    Tuesdays are bringing up the average. Other days are the same or down vs. last season.

  • omabin

    I think the carrie diaries kind of helps them with those 18-34s it seems. It may not be as dead as I thought it was. I don’t think Beauty would do as well on Fridays.

    As for Monday, people are over-estimating the declines.To everyone’s reference, here is how original episodes in the slots compare with last year:

    – Monday 8pm: 0.48 (90210) vs. 0.40 (Hart of Dixie)
    – Monday 9pm: 0.38 (Gossip Girl) vs 0.30 (Beauty and the Beast)
    – Tuesday 8pm: 0.58 (Hart of Dixie) vs. 0.98 (The Originals)
    – Tuesday 9pm: 0.38 (Emily Owens) vs. 1.10 (Supernatural)
    – Wednesday 8pm: 1.18 (Arrow) vs. 0.93 (Arrow)
    – Wednesday 9pm: 0.88 (Supernatural) vs. 0.75 (The Tomorrow People)
    – Thursday 8pm: 1.44 (The Vampire Diaries) vs. 1.14 (The Vampire Diaries)
    – Thursday 9pm: 0.83 (Beauty and the Beast) vs. 0.67 (Reign)
    – Friday: 0.25 (Nikita) vs. 0.30 (The Carrie Diaries)

    So, it’s basically:
    – even Mondays (both hours), Wednesdays at 9pm and Fridays
    – down a bit Wednesdays at 8 and Thursdays (both hours)
    – ridiculously up on both Tuesday hours

    Also, keep in mind that because the number of episodes included in these averages is very small, one or two outlier episodes have a very high impact. This leads to some caveats:
    – the Thursday at 9pm hour is very inflated because we only count 3 episodes and the premiere was at a never seen again high level
    – the Vampire Diaries initial run was very high last year. It’s unlikely that the year to year decline is maintained across the season IMO.
    – even some Monday averages are inflated. For instance, there is a 0.6 for 90210 counted there that would only happen once again in the season
    – this one is in the opposite direction of the others, but Supernatural is deflated because it did establish in a higher level than it looked initially

  • E

    I love the show Arrow. This season is even better than last. I can’t wait for the episodes when the Flash appears!

  • Krystaaal

    I don’t mean to sound negative, but The Vampire Diaries and Arrow premiere numbers (4million +) have shown the network could have bigger shows if they tried. I don’t know why they continue to renew lower rated shows that are pulling in 0.3’s when they’ve already proved they can do so much better.

  • Wright

    Go Reign, SPN and TO!!!! I’m sorry to say, but TVD is boring this year. TCD who cares, but nice for their fans.

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