Wednesday Final Ratings: 'CSI' Adjusted Up; 'Criminal Minds' Adjusted Down + No Adjustment for 'The CMA Awards'

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November 7th, 2013

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CSI was adjusted up a tenth while  Criminal Minds were each adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49  versus the preliminary Wednesday broadcast ratings.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Wednesday, November 6,  2013:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM ABC The 47th Annual CMA Awards (8-11PM) 4.7 13 16.76
CBS Survivor Blood vs Water 2.5 7 9.29
FOX The X Factor (8-10PM) 1.5 4 4.54
NBC Revolution 1.4 4 5.21
CW Arrow 1.0 3 2.80
9:00PM CBS Criminal Minds 2.3 6 9.70
NBC Law and Order: SVU 1.5 4 5.65
CW The Tomorrow People 0.6 2 1.56
10:00PM CBS CSI 1.8 5 9.08
NBC Dateline NBC 1.1 3 4.40

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  • California

    First ever, CM under 10 million total viewers?

  • Skylar

    Not surprised at the drop in criminal minds. For the last three seasons the show has failed to deliver on writing any good stories and just focused on the characters and stilled failed to develop them from season 1. The only reason for Route 66 episode may have got a decent viewing is possible meredith monroe is a lucky charm for cbs. When she did a perfect day on cold case they got 19million viewers but after that the rating dropped again. Let see if criminal minds has the same fate?

  • noemi

    Arrow is in his second season, I expected a higher rating, does not have great numbers. the acting is mediocre. Amell is a piece of wood but happy you!

  • Mike


    No need for POI

    Um it would need a season for of at least 22 episodes so that it can fulfill 88 episodes for syndication.lol it’s not going anywhere

    Hopefully CBS will move it back to its previous slot next season.. Also I do agree its time to cancel CSi… I do hope that if this is the final season of the mentalist (which I Beleive it is) I would hope that they announce it soon so wee can get a proper finale and not a cliffhanger.. Also hope they cancel two and a half men this season and bring Charlie back for the final 2 episodes (never gonna a happe but it would be cool)

  • Bored Now


    Don’t even bother trying to reason with Theisssuesarenow using actual real world facts. He won’t listen and his next comment will simply be a rewording of his last. Been trying to work out if he’s a troll or just a fool, but I’m guessing somewhere in between the two.

    I do hope that POI gets a better slot next season. I feel like 9pm Sunday would even work better for it then 10pm Tuesday. If it meant a few seasons worth of renewal for both I’d be okay with a Person of Interest/Elementary double bill on Sundays. Used to like watching them the same day. They fit well for some reason.

  • Dan S

    I hate to admit it but CM has seen better ratings days. I expect next season will be its last & likely move to 10pm on another night. CBS is slipping this season & definitely needs more hit shows to replace their aging shows.

  • lukebrux

    The Tomorrow People, too bad that audience don’t see how good is this show.

  • PurpleDrazi


    Not good for CM. But at this stage, it’s sort of at the “who cares” stage. It’s pretty much guaranteed a 10th season due to the other failing dramas. And after that, it’d probably be too expensive to renew anyway seeing as half the cast will again be up for new contracts and they all almost walked this time.

    I have a feeling you are right. As soon as contract are up the show is probably gone. It’s doing well enough to get renewed for next year but not well enough to justify the salaries Gibson and company will be asking for.

  • omabin

    Even using the average of its last episodes only, CM is still at about 130% of CBS’s drama scripted average. I think people continue to forget, over and over, that yes, a show falls, but more often than not, so does the relevant comparable average. I almost think it is best to ignore the absolute numbers and look at the % number only. As long as CM remains at 130% of the drama network average, it is not going anywhere, unless the costs really explode, and I don’t think that’s as obvious as everyone seems to think.

    People often exaggerate reports of a show’s death.

  • omabin

    By the way, @Ultima or anyone else that knows,

    When was the last time that CBS axed a veteran show (>2 years) not airing on Friday or Sunday?

  • Dave. S

    TTP… great show. Hope it stays around. Too bad more aren’t watching it. The final scene w/ Astrid was really well played.

    Can’t wait to see how Wonderland did last night. Another show with a great story that not enough people are watching.

  • Wright

    :( TTP. Good for Arrow though.
    Revolution held, but I was hoping it would have adjusted up.

  • CBSviewer

    @ Omabin

    When was the last time that CBS axed a veteran show (>2 years) not airing on Friday or Sunday?

    I think it was in 2009 when they cancelled Without a Trace after 7 seasons (which was airing on Tuesday at 10).

  • Maria

    About Criminal Minds, specially this comment: I have a feeling you are right. As soon as contract are up the show is probably gone. It’s doing well enough to get renewed for next year but not well enough to justify the salaries Gibson and company will be asking for.

    There’s a couple bits of data worth to be taken into account when measuring Criminal Minds possible longevity:

    – Harry Bring (co-executive producer in charge of budgeting) during an interview at glendalenewsexpress.com: As Bring explains it, the “Criminal Minds” budget averages about $3.5 million per episode, which is fairly modest by network primetime standards.

    Of that $3.5 million, roughly a third goes to the so-called “above-the-line” people who work on the show, including the actors, writers and producers. The other two-thirds goes to “below-the-line” expenditures, including paying the crew, renting equipment, securing locations and constructing sets.

    Looks like salaries, as high by our standards may be, aren’t THAT high.

    Criminal Minds is ABC Studios cash cow. They get the international syndication revenue, and the last numbers released show that those amount to well over $160 billions only from the European market (3rd US show, after NCIS and CSI).

    Wouldn’t surprise me they want as many episodes as possible so that kind of money keeps coming to their bank account. If the ratings don’t tank beyond endurance (maybe at 10pm?), don’t think CBS will be overly worried about this one for a 2 or 3 years… if the cast (and by that I mean T.Gibson, J.Mantegna, M.G.Gubler, and maybe K.Vangsness) agrees to play FBI profilers a bit longer.

  • Jon

    What is going on with tomorrow people. Best show on a scrappy network but yet its getting no love.

  • Jon

    Criminal minds is in no danger. It was affected by the awards show. It will go up next week. Its one of the best written shows on Tv.

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    I know that [Criminal Mimes] was just a typo [not so much], but now I really want to see a show about a crime syndicate comprised of nothing but mimes.

    Picture it… Clandestine meetings, angry confrontations in dark alleys, lavish funerals, all of it gloriously pantomimed by actors wearing black & white striped shirts & little black berets, their faces covered with white make-up… It would be the hit of the season!

    And at the end of the episode, the felonious pantomimers would be thrown in an invisible jail cell, the walls of which would be manifested only by their hands that define the unseen bars and boundaries….

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    ^^ @SnerkyOne

  • JaneDoe24


  • gerry

    i’m fine with arrow not adjusting up, as long as it can stay flat at 1.0 for awhile.

    not so ok for tomorrow people. curious to see how reign does in the demo that should be dropping soon…

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