Network 10PM Dramas Benefit the Most from DVR Viewing

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November 8th, 2013

Elementary October 2013

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10:00 PM Hour Across Broadcast Networks Generating 41% Lift in Viewers and 54% Lift in Adult 18-49, Much Higher Than Earlier Time Periods


CBS's "Elementary" and "Person of Interest" Among the Leading Playback Gainers with Increases of More Than 4 Million Viewers 


"Elementary" Leads All 10:00 PM Dramas in Adult 18-49 Lift, Increasing +78%


The 10:00 PM dramas across the broadcast networks are benefiting the most from non-linear viewing, with the hour generating much higher live +7-day playback lift than shows airing in earlier time periods, according to Nielsen Media Research for the first four weeks of the 2013-2014 television season.


On average, 10:00 PM programs are posting the largest lift (+41% vs. +29% for 9:00 PM shows and +21% for 8:00 PM shows).




Several 10:00 PM dramas are seeing live plus same day audiences increase by more than four million viewers and a full rating point in adults 18-49 with the inclusion of live +7-day DVR playback.


CBS's 10:00 PM increases are led by ELEMENTARY and PERSON OF INTEREST, which both gained more than four million viewers and over a rating point in adults 18-49 with L+7 day lift.  ELEMENTARY leads all 10:00 PM broadcast dramas in adults 18-49 lift (+1.5, up +78%).  BLUE BLOODS, CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION and THE MENTALIST each gained more than three million viewers.  HOSTAGES increased its live plus same day audience by nearly three million viewers (+2.96m, up +50%) while adding nearly a rating point in adults 18-49 (0.9, +66%).


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  • Sashay

    How can we get some of these Elementary viewers to watch live? The show is way too awesome to die when there’s clearly an audience for it out there. Is it the Scandal effect? More serialized shows are watched live because people are afraid of being spoiled on Twitter.

  • Christian

    Elementary just sucks and there’s nothing you can do about it!

  • Nikki

    Well its nice to see Parenthood on the list.. and Hostages too. I knew people were watching.. just not live.

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    Stop the presses!

    Does this maybe have something to do with some people going to bed early?

    Go Elementary! Go Person Of Interest! Go The Mentalist! Go CSI!

    Go Castle! Boo Scandal! ;-) :-)

  • DenverDean

    @Nikki – Parenthood is on the list because it is a 10 PM drama – The list includes EVERY 10 pm drama on the three networks. Obviously this doesn’t apply to FOX/CW since they don’t air in those slots.

  • Cuttler

    The problem is that Americans don’t get enough sleep as it is. We are suposed to get 8 hrs (which I admit I rarely do even if I go to bed before prime time ends). 10pm/9c is just plain late for many people and they have no choice but to DVR a favorite show. Perhaps primetime should be moved up an hour but I’m sure it would be difficult to have dinner done by 7pm/6c for some families too.

  • E

    What a shocker!

  • Epidrone

    Elementary does not suck. I think it’s the best drama CBS has. I like the Good Wife, too, but Elementary is more consistent.

  • Dan S

    I agree with Cuttler that it would be nice to move primetime up 1 hour at least out here on the west coast. Quite often I’ll crash by 9:30 & DVR the 10pm shows.

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    It’s always struck me as a little weird that Primetime starts an hour later on the east and west coasts than it does in the center of the country — though I guess it does allow them to air live shows concurrently in the Eastern and Central time zones (Mountain and Pacific be danmed). Do people who live on the coasts tend to stay up later at night?

  • Cuttler

    @AllOfHerTw!st, also remember that besides airing live shows at the same time for Eastern and Central their busness times are the same as well. I.e Eastern is 9 to 5, Central 8 to 4. So it’s not like those of us in the central time zone can benifit from our primetime being 7 to 10 and then getting more sleep. We have to get up 1 hr earlier then the Eastern time zone, too.

  • Yazmeen

    Elementary is the best show on tv this year. And I’m more of a Big Bang fan! Sherlock Holmes just Rocks! And Lucy liu is a great Watson!

  • Dave

    I love The Mentalist and Elementary, both of which air on football nights, which guarantees that I will watch them on my DVR. I really hate the Sunday night thing for The Mentalist – they randomly screw with the time based on how late Sunday afternoon football runs so I have to manually make sure that I get the whole thing recorded.

    I’m kindof a realist and I’ve come to terms with it that The Mentalist will be cancelled after this season – it looks like they are wrapping everything up. It’s a shame – it’s a great show.

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