'Sean Saves The World' Getting 5 Additional Episodes

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November 8th, 2013

Sean Saves the World - Season 1

Low-rated NBC freshman comedy Sean Saves The World is getting a backorder for 5 additional episodes according to Deadline. That brings the show's first season total to 18 episodes.

  • mathew

    yay! only NBC comedy i watch!

  • Anthony

    Just filling out the schedule. Plain and simple. There are 14 episodes of MJF left, and this would bring the total to 12 SSTW episodes left. Both shows will be cancelled at seasons end.

  • Seth

    Huge showing last night. Well deserved.

  • Bram

    They should give Community a back 2.

  • Renz

    YES!!! NBC should continue with The Voice on Thursdays then “SSTW” with “MJF”.

  • Oliver

    Ugh, why? Its ratings are horrendous and they don’t need it to pad out their schedule.

    NBC needs to fire Greenblatt.

  • Charmed

    So will this be marked as cancelled on the bubble watch, along with fellow (also non-cancelled) freshman, Super Fun Night?

  • John A

    @Charmed dont start that nonsense again. It was bad enough reading that crap on Bubble Watch last week. Anyway cant believe this loser got more episodes and still the CW havent given a full season to The Originals.

  • Eli Edwards

    Let me guess, Charmed, you were one of the people who didn’t believe that Smash was canceled last year when it moved to Saturday?

  • Rollie Dethloff

    This is probably because of that series high last night

  • TJ

    @Charmed, it should be, as it’s dead dead dead.

  • Greg

    That is great news! I think this show is so funny! It gets better and better after each new episode. I am glad NBC is smart enough to give this show a chance and watch the numbers go up each week. They had low numbers in the past weeks because of the Glee tribute for Cory and then the World Series. Now that nothing was really against it, people started watching it and I bet they will get a huge following now and the numbers will continue to grow. Congrats SSTW.

  • chris

    Maybe that’s NBC’s answer; to just air America’s got talent and the voice behind two comedies and have the audience from those two shows bleed over to the comedies because if they don’t NBC’s going to keep seeing numbers like 1.0 and 1.1. Nothing will ever change that.

  • NBC

    Or because The Voice aired behind it. Don’t confuse that with anything else.

  • Melissa


    Huge showing last night. Well deserved.

    Yup. 1.4 is quite the “huge showing”.

  • NBC

    I mean in front of it. It was propped up by The Voice, that’s all the ratings were.

  • Charmed

    @Eli Edwards of course I wasn’t! But when that happened it was certain cancellation, not outright, off the schedule cancelled, which are not interchangeable!

  • Mike

    LMFAO NBC should give up on comedy thursday

  • Matt

    So will the Bubble Watch Mark it as canceled now? ;)

  • Bored Now


    Look at extra episode situations like this as the television equivalent of keeping a brain dead patient alive on life support. Sure, the body may still appear to be ticking, but the truth is that it’s actually dead.

    Sean Saves The World, meet life support!

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