'Sean Saves The World' Getting 5 Additional Episodes

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November 8th, 2013

Sean Saves the World - Season 1

Low-rated NBC freshman comedy Sean Saves The World is getting a backorder for 5 additional episodes according to Deadline. That brings the show's first season total to 18 episodes.

  • freakinalex

    I was gonna make a joke that the Bubble Watch was gonna list the show as officially canceled now, but I see someone beat me to it.

  • Dan

    I figured this would be the case. Additional episodes seems likely as NBC may replace it with Undateable.

  • Alan

    NBC is a joke lol. By May, they will cancel everything like last time.

  • mulscu

    SSTW an MJF shows i reallyyyyyy wanted to love.but they are writen so unfunny thats its not funny.unless the writing improves which at this point is highly unlikely they need to go.

  • mando

    I was looking forward to watching New NBC sitcoms. MJF show was totally unfunny.
    I still watch this show. but I don’t laugh a lot while watching this show. Writing problem is the biggest issue. Bring back Guys with Kids!

  • Oliver

    This is going to seem pretty funny when it dips below 1.0 in a few weeks (maybe even next week) and they eventually end up burning episodes off.

    Of course, this is the most Greenblatt-era NBC comedy ever, combining pretty much failed “broad comedy” idea into a single show. Lead no-one cares about! Bland broad jokes! Tired family plots! Gay fathers! Awkward combination of home and work! Ordered based on nepotism! Recycled casting from another failed Greenblatt-era NBC show! Multi-camera with loud laugh track!

  • BigBrotherFan

    Please. I called this today. This show will end after 18 episodes and never back.

  • CarShark


    I doubt it. They’ll probably renew Community on an episode-by-episode basis. That way the fans

  • Dan

    @Bram – back “3” for Community would get it to exactly 100 episodes. ;)

  • Cyrax86

    Just like in the previous 3 seasons, NBC has no faith in its midseason comedies. I’m sure Undateable will be a Summer burn off now…

  • Chris J


    That’s probably true but the sad thing is Undateables probably wouldn’t do any worse than Sean Saves The World and Michael J Fox.

    Since both shows are already at a 1.0 there was no reason NBC to extend SSTW episode order.

    The only logical thing I can think of is if Undateable wasn’t going to be ready by February.

    Anyway sadly NBC is at the place where Dateline would rate better than these comedies.

  • fourat sakka

    why low rated !! it’s not that low !!!

  • Dan S

    Not a fan of Sean but 1.7 isn’t so bad for a Thur comedy. I don’t think it’ll maintain those ratings but you can’t say it didn’t get a fair sampling.

  • Samunto

    Glad to read this.

    I’m one of those who’ve watched every episode and though i had expected much more, the show still makes me laugh out loud. And it’s getting better. I only hope the does better as the season goes by though i won’t cry so hard if it gets cancelled.

  • KC

    This show is terrible.

  • Ryan

    Schedule Filler at its best. Still going to be canned. Even The Voice couldn’t help it.

  • HalCapone

    Sean might save the world but he can’t save NBC or the inevitability of his own cancellation.

  • rob60990

    Hahahahahahaaa. Funnier than the actual show.

  • Peter

    Why? It’s so bad…..

  • Joseph

    The Cancellation Bear has Failed!

    He was supposed to have gotten rid of this show.

    Or does he have some surprise up his fur??

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