Soap Opera Ratings: 'General Hospital' Hits High in Women 18-49 Viewers

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November 8th, 2013


via Soap Opera Network:

Ratings  for the Week of October 28- November 1, 2013

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,875,000 (-44,000/+699,000)
2. B&B 3,607,000 (-62,000/+598,000)
3. GH 2,907,000 (+52,000/+207,000)
4. DAYS 2,549,000 (+44,000/+111,000)

1. Y&R 3.6/12 (+.1/+.5)
2. B&B 2.6/9 (same/+.3)
3. GH 2.2/7 (same/+.2)
4. DAYS 1.9/6 (same/same)


Women 18-49 Viewers
1. Y&R 839,000 (+24,000/+91,000)
2. GH 748,000 (+5,000/+93,000) *
3. B&B 667,000 (-23,000/+92,000)
4. DAYS 567,000 (-16,000/-3,000)

* New high for Valentini/Carlivati regime

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 1.3/9 (same/+./1)
2. GH 1.2/8 (same/+.2)
3. B&B 1.0/7 (-.1/+.1)
4. DAYS 0.9/6 (same/same)

Source: Soap Opera Network


Y&R = The Young & The Restless, B&B = The Bold and The Beautiful, GH = General Hospital, DAYS = Days of Our Lives.

Nielsen TV Ratings Data: ©2013 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • Mike

    I just wonder if we will see an increase in Days and GH with SoapNet gone for good in a few weeks. People who are watching there will have to choose to watch live or DVR it. So the season ratings may go up for both shows with increased DVR views.

    The biggest thing that will hurt for Days is Sony will no longer be getting the money that SoapNet pays to air Days. I am sure they will cut Days budget more to make up for the lost revenue.

  • Kelby

    DOOL is pitiful. It is not so much the acting, but it is the stories. There is nothing entertaining about them and some of them are completely plot driven. The entire Kristen/Brady romance is an example of this. Those scenes today were completely ridiculous. Well acted, but ridiculous. Poor DOOL. I wonder if it will see its forty ninth year on the air. It really shouldn’t, but NBC has been dragging this show around for years and I do not know why. I suppose it is still a lit profitable. Y&R makes me absolutely sick these days. A show I never thought would become like the rest. It sure as h..l did.

  • Toshi

    @Kelby, I strongly disagree with you about Days. I think it has been edge of your seat fantastic lately. I completely agree about Y and R. Train wreck!

  • Justin

    Agreed with Toshi…Days has been really good!

  • j

    GH with the Julian Jerome vs Sonny story is really good.I look foward to watching everyday.

  • Dillon

    I am loving DAYS, and can’t get enough of it!!! I sometimes can’t believe what they are able to do with the SMALL budget they have compared to the other soaps. They truly knock it out of the park. I hope all the soaps keep going strong!

  • Toshi

    I am a very tough customer when it comes to soaps. My only shows have been Y and R and B and B for the last 20+ years. 5 years ago my partner introduced me to Days and it was unwatchable to me. When Y and R became awful last year i gave Days another try. It is now “must see tv” in our house. We still catch B and B but Days is the top choice. Great acting, writing and producing.

  • James Michael

    GH is the only soap on my local Xfinity/Comcast OnDemand feature. I switched from online to this method and now keep up regularly. I wonder why none of the other soaps are there? I’m curious if other areas have soaps on their OnDemand channels?

    I’d check out Y&R if it were there. ABC OnDemand broadcast are just like watching live with commercials and promos. You can’t fast forward, but can pause and reverse. You can stop it and return to the same point later. Episodes are available for a week.

    Audiences continue to grow. A very good sign compared to the predictions of the end of all soaps many wrote about on this blog. What they’re giving us in daytime seems to indicate the changes made in the last few years is a better fit for today’s watchers.

  • Mike

    Just read in the ratings thread on SON that the year to year comparisons shouldn’t be taken too literally this week. They are compared to the same week last year of the big Hurricane Sandy that cut off many for several days last year. And the ratings were down significantly due to that.

  • Mike

    This was how bad the ratings were for that week they put this statement out with the NBC press release that week:

    From NBC Press Release: Nielsen considers the October 29-November 2 week a “breakout” due to extensive disruptions caused by Hurricane Sandy and the week’s results will not be included in season program averages.

  • AMC

    I read on soap central that Susan Lucci is rumored to be joining one of the existing soaps. Seen at sony Pictures. Anyone know more?

  • JayTN

    A few thoughts…

    Mike…I wonder if “Days” would join the schedule at TVGN when SOAPnet finally goes dark. It would be a bit odd for “Days” to air there, since TVGN is co-owned by CBS (probably a big reason why Y&R airs there). However, Y&R is produced by Sony, which also produces “Days”, so perhaps Sony could get CBS to cut them a break and also air “Days”.

    AMC…if Susan Lucci has been seen at Sony Pictures, she would most likely be joining – or making a brief stint on – Y&R or “Days”, as they are the only soaps produced by Sony (GH is produced by ABC; B&B is produced by the Bell family). If Lucci joins Y&R, I hope that that soap doesn’t go down the road that NBC’s long gone “Santa Barbara” did. Created by the children of GH’s creators, SB was notorious for hiring past their prime movie and primetime actors for guest stints…so much so that there used to be a saying, “old actors don’t retire, they just go to ‘Santa Barbara'”. SB’s glitz and glamour, not to mention the Emmy nominations/wins it received, kept the low-rated soap on the air longer than it should have, as it brought a touch of class and recognition to NBC’s line-up, which was largely ignored by the Emmy voters.

    Lastly, I don’t think NBC (or its owners, Comcast) really care about “Days” 50th anniversary. It is really just a useless number that will only get a lot of play in the soap press and maybe a one-sentence mention on the national nightly news broadcasts. NBC announced the cancellation of “Another World” just before its 35th anniversary, an anniversary it reached by less than two months. NBC also canceled “Search for Tomorrow” just over three months after it reached its own 35th anniversary (even though it only aired on NBC for five of those years). There was even debate about whether or not GH would be allowed to see its own 50th anniversary (and probably wouldn’t have if “The Revolution” or “Good Afternoon America” had rated higher). Networks can and will cancel a series whenever they are no longer financially feasible to continue, regardless of how long it has aired…just ask CBS which canceled the longest running scripted series in television not just once (with “Search for Tomorrow”), but twice (with “Guiding Light”).

  • cab

    I will always be faithful to Days. It has improved so much this year that I can not wait to see the next episode. Has November sweeps begun for these ratings posted? Days’ storylines have been big this past week with Eric confronting Nicole to the wedding between Brady and Kristen. It is really bad for me to say, but I think that they should try to drop the gay storyline between Sonny and Will. I am at all not offended by it, but sad to say the world still is homophobic. Now that Chandler is gone, maybe they will slowly eliminate the new Will and Sonny off the show. Which is offensive to me. Maybe they should start to count the male viewers into the ratings count. Gay males typically have accessibility to extra spending potential. If the advertisers realized this. then they would be included in the ratings game. Gay males should be watching and supporting Days for its excellent use of the gay storyline. There are several young actors leaving Days this month and I do not know what Days is planning to do to fill these vacancies. I can not complain about anything that Days is doing, I love every character and storyline. Can not wait to see what happens next. Even the writers are doing amazing things as well as the actors. Keep up the great work Days, I’ll always be there.

  • Mike

    According to SoapCentral it is now confirmed that Genie Francis has been let go at GH.


    Also according to Debbi Morgan the actors were told now that All My Children is done too. It has been cancelled. So it can probably be safely assumed that One Life To Live is cancelled too instead of just on hold.

  • Mike

    Jay — It would be a good thing for Days if they did get TVGN but like you not sure if CBS would go for it.

  • Umanyways

    How in the hell does Days have some minuses in ratings? It was the big moment! Kristen was exposed for her sex tape with Eric at her wedding to Brady in front of everyone! Finally that happened it told months! I guess people watched it in groups or something.

    Days won the daytime Emmy for best drama this year! it ain’t goin’ anywhere. Y&r is getting Days’ Kristen and Days is getting a y&r male actor, as well as a new will and real housewives of bev hills Kyle Richards will play a model agent. Most of those are this week! And he whole jj track wreck helped the ratings and is back again soon as he may possibly relapse!

    Veterans Kimberly & Shane are coming back to parent Theresa the terrible lol and the fact she’s living in hat ex con’s home! I wish Hope found out.

    Nicole is going to go back to being bitchy and gangsta at Kristen before Kristen flees Salem for good! That’s going to leave Nicole either in one piece or two..

    Sami can fuss at EJ all she wants she ain’t leavin him.

    Gabi being kidnapped by Nick is going to happen I can tell. THAT’s going to be the next big thing on Days. Of course Sonny and Will will be involved. The new buff grow up Will will shock people eventhough he’s been gone just 2 weeks lol

    Will be interesting to see Abby’s next storyline now that Chad and cam are off the show.

    Veterans Marlena, Victor, Maggie, Jen, Hope,Carolyn are still in the picture and that’s amazing!

  • Tim

    Loving DAYS at this moment,everything is going up in smoke,loving it,doesn’t get any better than this passed two weeks…..Loving it Tim….

  • DexterNY

    I am so glad to see all the DAYS fans on here. I am watching every day.

  • Mike

    I may have posted this already but can’t remember. But CNN has an article that in November (no date given) Nielsen will begin to add online viewers to the ratings. But it may not be immediate good news esp. for the soaps.

    The article states:

    “Not all online views will count as part of the main Nielsen TV ratings.

    Shows that don’t include the same ads online as on TV will be counted as part of separate Nielsen Digital Ratings. Shows streamed directly by networks through their own sites and apps typically include the same set of ads, and those viewers are counted towards the traditional Nielsen totals.

    This is the latest attempt by Nielsen to catch up with current digital-media technology. Earlier this month, the company announced it was launching Twitter TV ratings, tracking the number of people tweeting about a show and how many people were reading those tweets.”


    As far as I know or remember the soaps online right now don’t include the same ads from TV. They usually have different ads as most advertisers will only pay for the TV version. Even when they aired on SoapNet the shows had different advertising.

    This may force the TV networks to set up different contracts for the advertising in the future.

  • Mike

    For those wondering why Nielsen is making that stipulation. Remember advertisers are the ones that hire Nielsen. They want to know what type of viewers are seeing their ratings.

    To get an accurate count on that the playing ground has to be equal. So they definitely know that they are paying the right price and that the ad was seen by x number of people. If the ads were different on different platforms and then added together they wouldn’t know.

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