Thursday Final Ratings: 'Elementary', 'Scandal', 'The Vampire Diaries', & 'The Big Bang Theory' Adjusted Up; 'The Voice', 'The Millers', 'Sean Saves the World', 'Parenthood', & 'The Michael J Fox Show' Adjusted Down

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November 8th, 2013


The Vampire Diaries, Scandal, The Big Bang Theory and Elementary were each adjusted up a tenth while Sean Saves the World and The Michael J Fox Show  were each adjusted down three tenths, Parenthood and The Voice were adjusted down two tenths each and The Millers was adjusted down a single tenth tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Thursday broadcast ratings.


Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Broadcast primetime final ratings for Thursday, November 7:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM CBS The Big Bang Theory 4.9 15 16.89
NBC The Voice (8-9PM) -R 2.5 8 9.74
CW The Vampire Diaries 1.3 4 2.59
FOX The X Factor 1.2 4 3.67
ABC Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 0.9 3 3.55
8:30PM CBS The Millers 2.6 8 10.38
9:00PM ABC Grey's Anatomy 2.7 7 8.68
CBS The Crazy Ones 2.1 6 8.00
FOX Glee 1.5 4 4.01
NBC Sean Saves the World 1.4 3 4.55
CW Reign 0.6 2 1.64
9:30PM CBS Two and a Half Men 2.0 5 8.27
NBC The Michael J Fox Show 1.0 3 3.45
10:00 PM ABC Scandal 2.8 8 8.66
CBS Elementary 1.8 5 8.890
NBC Parenthood 1.3 4 3.88

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  • Networkman

    For the last 12 episodes of Two & a Half Men, if I were one of the writers I would focus mainly on Alan. It would become The Jon Cryer Show. Ashton would be shown every now and then. But Jon is so funny and there is much more better material that could be given to him to elevate this show. I would want to see him at the workplace and how he interacts with his co-workers, etc.

  • Networkman

    CBS messed up with scheduling. We Are Men should have never been greenlit. I don’t know why it was picked up. Mike & Molly should have been slated on the Fall Schedule. And imo, MOM would of been a better fit after The Big Bang Theory than The Millers.

    8pm How I Met Your Mother 3.1
    8:30pm 2 Broke Girls 2.7
    9pm Mike & Molly 2.6
    9:30pm The Crazy Ones 2.2

    8pm The Big Bang Theory- 5.2
    8:30pm MOM- 3.2
    9pm Two & A Half Men 2.5-2.8
    9:30pm The Millers 2.3

    I feel Two & A Half Men would of held on to a lot of the viewers from MOM and maintained at least mid 2’s consistently. It would of been a stronger 9pm hour because of a better flow throughout the night. But CBS was concerned about trying to hold up Elementary and thought Two & A Half Men would be a better lead in for it.

  • Cys

    People saying Scandal is falling like Revenge is making fool of themselves.

    Scandal is droping because they started a new storyline this season and a good written show like this need some time to introduce the stories and chatacters. It will rise again as soon as the show becomes addictive again which will be very soon.

    Look at The Walking Dead. It aways start the season strong, then drop on the following episodes, but then return stronger next premiere. Every single year.

    I’m confident that Scandal will hit new highs, unless Shonda Rhymes really screw things up which I don’t believe since Scandal is her precious baby and she is a solid writer. She will not drop the ball.

  • Jerry

    Sometimes I actually avoid the comments because as I love both Revenge and Scandal, I have to suffer through both the anti-Revenge and anti-Scandal comments everytime I come on to this website. And of course that ridiculous poster that is both anti-Revenge and anti-Scandal and keeps blabbering about how ABC viewers are abandoning the night time soaps because ABC cancelled their daytime soaps.

    I guess people are more motivated by hatred than love?

  • methix0r

    look TVD fans its great our show is #1 this week yet again lets not start another war like last week with SPN fans both dhows did good this week lets leave it at that.

    very weird whats going on with TVD atm though from 0.9 to a 1.3? it went down 4 tenths on halloween then 4 tenths back up the next week those are big changes and it makes no sense

  • Kallie

    Question– I just found out Reign airs Wednesdays in Canada on a channel called M3.

    Do the Canadian ratings influence a renewal/cancellation decision?

  • Kallie

    LOL @ Rob… Shonda is ALSO the producer of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal’s “mega-hit” lead-in.

  • mando

    It’s time for NBC to abandon Thursday Comedy. or just air The biggest loser at 8:00 and SSTW and undatable at 9:00. Move Parenthood to 10:00 on wed!!

  • Tianyi Li

    I myself is a loyal TVD fun. I’m a Chinese that lives in China and I always try to watch TVD every week and I don’t watch Supernatural at all, but when Supernatural gets higher rating than TVD, I would just hope that TVD would bounce back next week, I wouldn’t look down on Supernatural fans and staff. It’s really boring this competition between the rating of the two shows.Fans are allowed to celebrate when their show get high ratings and both shows are not failing, so can the fans of both show calm down?! BTW I’m happy that TVD end up 3rd place in its time slot

  • crest

    Methix0r _ you just answered yourself, last week was Halloween and Tvd was low, what makes no sense about that

  • Josh

    I really hope that NBC considers putting Hannibal after Grimm in the spring. Hannibal is a great show and would perform far better in the horror Friday lineup than after this embarrassing comedy block (and I love Parks and Community, but they should be moved to Fridays as well, at 8). Maybe move their Blacklist success to Thursdays at 9 to try something new and anchor up a weakness?

  • KevinY

    I think NBC is gonna try to negotiate out of having to film all 22 episodes of The MJF show. It might be hard to do that though. It’s a shame because it’s a solid show. Last night’s episode was the best one since the pilot.

  • John

    omfg. TVD is killin it! awesome! so happy

  • josh

    I am SICK of YOU CW fans shut the hell up eghhhhhhhh….

  • Bored Now


    “Define “pushing it more”.”

    The fact that you’ve been the one at the centre of both most recent occurrences of this and on both occasions have gone out of your way to make the situation worse, rather than walk away and act like the supposed superior Supernatural fan that you purport to be.

    “How is it any different from the other noise here? This is a point you seemed to deliberately avoid last week.”

    Simply because you are the one claiming that the TVD fans are the problem and calling them crazy, whilst being responsible for half the name calling and a large proportion of the comments made. As last week, I’m not defending the TVD fan comments in this thread that are meant to provoke trouble but you can’t call them for doing it whilst pouring fuel on the fire yourself. Why is your noise different? Because of your hypocrisy.

    “It seems like you’re projecting all your frustrations from this site towards me in an attempt to justify your grievances.”

    Given my grievances relate to a lot of the comments that you yourself specifically make, how is that not automatically justified?

    “If my posts bother you so, then why not simply ignore them? Should be an easy task for someone that claims moral superiority.”

    And we’re back to this. Rather than admit that you’re purposely looking to cause trouble or admit the fact that you’re just as bad as all the other crazy fans on both sides of the argument, you instead suggest I’m the problem because I’m daring to judge you and putting on me to ignore your comments.

    Tell you what, I’ll make a deal with you. If you start ignoring all the immature crazy TVD fan comments and stop trying to cause arguments in every related thread here, I’ll ignore your comments too. Win, win. Fair enough?

  • Red

    GO TBBT!!!! WOOOO!

  • ragincajun

    I would like to CBS to try the following for the remainder of the season just to see if they have the ammo to maintain two two-hour comedy blocks next season:


    The Millers



    Bad Teacher
    The Millers

    Friends with Better Lives


    Friends with Better Lives
    Bad Teacher


    I know this is quite a bit of juggling, but it would give CBS the opportunity to test all four of the new comedies after TBBT with Friends with Better Lives also getting some post-HIMYM exposure. By testing each show under similar conditions, cbs would have a better idea if any of the newbies deserve a second season.

  • BigBrotherFan

    The fact of the matter is that the CW needs to find a show that has a chance holding into at least 60% of TVD lead-in. Reign isn’t that show. If they pick it up it will do not better than BATB on it’s own.

    The Michael J. Fox show and Sean Saves the World both still deserve to be canceled. I feel as if NBC should try something cheap and unscripted in this hour regularly or at 8pm because the comedies are dead.

    GREAT numbers for SCANDAL despite what the haters say.

  • Bored Now

    I don’t see any decisions about the CW newbies being made until all four have had a chance to prove their worth. Reign will survive if the two still waiting to be aired (The 100 and Star Crossed) bomb massively. If one or both do well, then my guess is Reign is done in one season.

    I haven’t seen Reign, didn’t look my kinda thing, so I can’t speak of the quality. The 100 is definitely more my speed so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that to do well.

  • Ellie

    I am sorry that Elementary is not doing better. This weeks opener with the monologue that Miller/Sherlock gives in the AA meeting is as good TV as I have ever seen. Great piece of writing and he delivered it beautifully. If you dont like the show, we all have different tastes (I like this a lot more than the BBC Sherlock series) – but if you can get this episode online, watch that opener.

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