Will 'Dracula' See Another Slide Tonight? (Poll)

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November 8th, 2013


Dracula premiered two weeks ago to a decent 1.8 adults 18-49 rating. However, last week the series fell substantially to a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating. Does the series have some hope of rising again, or is it due for another slip (especially against stiff box office competition this evening)? Make your predictions below and tell us your thoughts in the comments.

  • victor Hugo

    My bet 1.3 will remain stable this week

  • Dillan

    Grimm: 1.5
    Dracula: 1.1

    The Carrie Diaries: 0.3
    ANTM: 0.4

  • Carrie

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see a slight slip to maybe 1.2. This will likely be a make or break week for the show when people will decide whether they’ll keep it or let it go. I’d expect things to stabilize next week.

  • william

    dracula is a disappointing turd sandwich. the first week got good ratings because of the name brand, but what everyone saw who turned in was crap. screwing up dracula is the equivalent of not making a slam dunk to win a basketball game, or missing a 15 yard field goal,

  • Five

    I guess it’ll hold onto the 1.3 from last week.

  • Wright


  • Alan

    Dracula is the MOST disappointing show for me this season. I was really excited for it…but it is utter garbage. SOOOO slow and dull. I’m betting it slips to a 1.1-1.2

  • Wally

    Only if Grimm slides too.

  • romo

    minus 0.3

  • Tom

    <1.0 for sure….
    likely cancelled until end of the season.

  • Carl

    I think it will stay where it is or have a slight increase, although Jonathan Rhys-Myers is so dull.

  • saffron

    It’ll nudge down a bit. 1.1-1.2.

  • John A

    Yeah 1.1-1.2. Probably stay at that level for the rest of the season.

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    I’ll sink my teeth into a 1.2 prediction, though lower is certainly possible.

  • George

    haven’t we seen ENOUGH vampire and zombie garbage. where are the NEW ideas???

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    missing a 15 yard field goal

    I think the shortest field goal you could possibly have would be from about 17 yards….

  • tv2day

    Dracula has always been boring. The vampire craze didn’t pop off until they modernized the story. First with blade then the rest. Old world Dracula has always been a snoozefest

  • HalCapone

    Dracula needs zombies

  • Connman

    I just have no appetite for this version – and my DVR is already more stuffed than my Thanksgiving turkey will ever be!

  • Bob Keller

    What an absolutely terrible show.

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