New Record for 'The Blacklist', Adding 5.4 Million Viewers from L+SD to L+3

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November 9th, 2013

The Blacklist October 28

via press release:

  • “The Blacklist” has set a new record for biggest “live plus three day” increase in U.S. television history in total viewership, with the Nov. 4 telecast growing by 5.427 million persons (from 10.337 million viewers in “live plus same day” to 15.764 million in L+3).  The 53% lift is the biggest percentage increase to date for “The Blacklist” in total viewers


  • Blacklist now has 5 of top 6 biggest L+3 increases in U.S. broadcast history in total viewers.


  • In L+3, “Blacklist” is up week-to-week in total viewers for each of the last three weeks.  Its L+3 viewer increases are also up week to week for each of the last three weeks.


L+3 Total-Viewer Results

10/14…15.066 million

10/21…15.353 million

10/28…15.458 million

11/4…15.764 million


Total Viewer Increase from L+SD to L+3

10/14…+4.138 million

10/21…+4.916 million

10/28…+4.947 million

11/4…+5.427 million


% Increase from L+SD to L+3, Total Viewers






Biggest Increases L+SD to L+3 in U.S. Broadcast History, Total Viewers

Blacklist, Nov. 4…+5.427 million

Blacklist, Sept. 30…+5.089 million

Blacklist, Oct. 28…+4.947 million

Blacklist, Oct. 21…+4.916 million

Big Bang Theory, Oct. 24…+4.761 million

Blacklist, Oct. 7…+4.526 million



  • In adults 18-49, the Nov. 4 “Blacklist” delivered the show’s biggest L+3 gains to date on both a percentage basis and by rating point, adding 68% or 1.95 rating points to its next-day “live plus same day” 18-49 rating (to a 4.81 in L+3 from a 2.86 in L+SD).


  • In L+3, “Blacklist” is up week-to-week in 18-49 for a fourth week in a row.  Out of seven “Blacklist” telecasts to date, only the second and third have failed to grow versus the prior week in L+3 adult 18-49 ratings.  “Blacklist’s” L+3 increases are also up week to week both in rating point and on a percentage basis for each of the last four weeks.


L+3 Adult 18-49 Results







Rating Point Increase from L+SD to L+3, Adults 18-49







% Increase from L+SD to L+3, Adults 18-49







NOTE: All ratings are based on viewing data from Nielsen Media Research.

  • andy

    Woah Blacklist is a DVR machine.

  • Douglas ffrom Brazil

    The important question is:How it will rate without The Voice?Can survive in another night?

  • Justin121

    Actually with all its record-breaking DVR numbers I think it’s safe to say The Blacklist will manage without The Voice.

  • Justin121

    I think it should be summoned to Wednesday and strike while the iron is hot and try to launch another show out of The Voice before season’s end.

    No need for a Revolution-repeat.

  • Freddy Arrow

    I agree that NBC should launch 2 shows a year out of The Voice. The Voice is a great way to make sure a show gets sampled, but after 10 episodes, a show needs to be able to survive on its own.

    The only argument I could see for leaving a show there is if they were highly compatible with The Voice, which I don’t think either Revolution or The Blacklist are.


    Actually The Blacklist should easily survive outside of The Voice. Its retention is becoming pretty great and last week it retained over 80% of The Voice audience. Its easily the biggest hit this season of all networks.

  • Justin121

    Did they announce Wed @ 10 for Chicago PD?

    Does Parenthood have a 22-episode order?

    In that case, move Blacklist to Thurs @ 9.

    Both SVU and Parenthood are on their way out and Must-See TV is no more.

  • zth

    Biggest L+3 DVR increase EVER. The Blacklist is the biggest HIT of this season for sure.

  • StevenD

    I think NBC will move the show to Tuesday at 9 or Wednesday at 9, depending on if they want to make it and Chicago Fire a block or it a block with Chicago PD, and SVU can go to Thursday at 10.

    The DVR numbers are higher then every live scripted show on NBC without a Voice lead in, I think it is safe to say its a hit….

  • StevenD

    ^^ that’s for next fall, not now

  • Kissan

    I have to say I think The Blacklist should move to Thursdays @ 9 next season because that timeslots is up for grabs. Grey’s Anatomy is currently hitting lows, Crazy Ones and 2 1/2 Men are in the low 2’s and doing worse than POI, Glee is doing low and mid 1’s and Reign is well…on the CW. It should be able to do 2.2-2.5 without The Voice.

  • Chris_SAdvisor

    Strange that Elementary leads in L+7 over Blacklist. I guess both have good followings, now if only they were watching SD. ;)

    I cannot see any realistic move for Blacklist right now. I think it is in the best spot until more of the chaff is cleared away from all the boards. It is all about the competition, and NBC wants to convert those +3’s to SD so they get more commercial money. That means it has to move to a weaker competition slot, and right now (with Bones moving to Friday) that is not possible.

  • Sam

    I believe the only thing Elementary leads in with L+7 is in percentage gain; this is due to the fact that Elementary has less L+SD viewers than The Blacklist. The Blacklist leads Elementary in total viewers L+7, and in the 18-49 age bracket.

  • j

    Well I guess that’s good, and it is true that it’s the season’s biggest new hit, but it’s gonna keep having an asterisk in front of it until we can see the #s it can pull w/o The Voice…

  • DryedMangoez

    As much as the ratings and these DVR numbers look encouraging for The Blacklist, I agree that we really won’t know if it really can hold on without The Voice.

  • Aok98

    Good, Blacklist is a great show.


    Lol, the numbers The Blacklist is getting from DVR only are enough for a hit drama on NBC. It will survive without The Voice, easily.

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