New Record for ‘The Blacklist’, Adding 5.4 Million Viewers from L+SD to L+3

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The Blacklist October 28

via press release:

  • “The Blacklist” has set a new record for biggest “live plus three day” increase in U.S. television history in total viewership, with the Nov. 4 telecast growing by 5.427 million persons (from 10.337 million viewers in “live plus same day” to 15.764 million in L+3).  The 53% lift is the biggest percentage increase to date for “The Blacklist” in total viewers


  • Blacklist now has 5 of top 6 biggest L+3 increases in U.S. broadcast history in total viewers.


  • In L+3, “Blacklist” is up week-to-week in total viewers for each of the last three weeks.  Its L+3 viewer increases are also up week to week for each of the last three weeks.


L+3 Total-Viewer Results

10/14…15.066 million

10/21…15.353 million

10/28…15.458 million

11/4…15.764 million


Total Viewer Increase from L+SD to L+3

10/14…+4.138 million

10/21…+4.916 million

10/28…+4.947 million

11/4…+5.427 million


% Increase from L+SD to L+3, Total Viewers






Biggest Increases L+SD to L+3 in U.S. Broadcast History, Total Viewers

Blacklist, Nov. 4…+5.427 million

Blacklist, Sept. 30…+5.089 million

Blacklist, Oct. 28…+4.947 million

Blacklist, Oct. 21…+4.916 million

Big Bang Theory, Oct. 24…+4.761 million

Blacklist, Oct. 7…+4.526 million



  • In adults 18-49, the Nov. 4 “Blacklist” delivered the show’s biggest L+3 gains to date on both a percentage basis and by rating point, adding 68% or 1.95 rating points to its next-day “live plus same day” 18-49 rating (to a 4.81 in L+3 from a 2.86 in L+SD).


  • In L+3, “Blacklist” is up week-to-week in 18-49 for a fourth week in a row.  Out of seven “Blacklist” telecasts to date, only the second and third have failed to grow versus the prior week in L+3 adult 18-49 ratings.  “Blacklist’s” L+3 increases are also up week to week both in rating point and on a percentage basis for each of the last four weeks.


L+3 Adult 18-49 Results







Rating Point Increase from L+SD to L+3, Adults 18-49







% Increase from L+SD to L+3, Adults 18-49







NOTE: All ratings are based on viewing data from Nielsen Media Research.

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