Will 'Once Upon a Time' Continue to Inch Upwards? (Poll)

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November 10th, 2013



Last week, the much publicized debut of Ariel on Once Upon a Time pushed the series up just a single tenth to a 2.3 adults 18-49 rating. Will the series continue to see some growth, or is another dip in store? Make your predictions below and give us your best reason why in the comments!

  • Huntress Jess

    Well we are back at StoryBrooke so I hope so! I love all the seasons so far (;

  • Jami

    The show sucks, can’t believe it is still on the air. Don’t watch it, so don’t care. I watched it Season 1. sorry S2 was awful stopped watching after the 3 episode in S2. LOST Once Upon a time.


    Went w/ 2.2-2.3

  • Patrick G

    It will stay the same as last week, if not a tenth lower now that The Little Mermaid plot stunt is past its peak. Though I AM encouraged that Ariel is still in the story this week. It would be nice to her be made a permanent character.

    The biggest problem this season with OUAT is the horrible Pan plot on Neverland. It is too dark and depressing and needs to end YESTERDAY. Historically, this has been the show’s biggest problem since Day 1. They make the bad guys TOO bad at the expense of uplifting storytelling. Regina / The Evil Queen is a perfect example. She was so despicable in the first season that the viewers hated her too much and the show started losing viewers. That loss started to stem once Regina was “softened” and shown to have her own demons and some capacity for good, if highly muted.

    The writers and producers need to remember that while it is important to have villains challenging the good guys in a fantasy show such as this, when the evil overshadows the fun of the story, viewers will just keep leaving. I’m amazed that they haven’t figured this out yet. “Once Upon a Time” has been far too serialized this season and needs to get back to the procedural back-story telling of all the various characters in the Disney vault and elsewhere to get back on track. Twisting the expectations week after week on beloved fairy tale characters is what makes this show fun. Spending fully half a season on a dark, depressing Peter Pan with his Lost Boys has been a real bummer!

  • iSayso



  • Euphemia

    I hope OUAT hits a new low because that show has jumped the shark.

  • Scot

    I’d guess that it will hold steady at a 2.2. I don’t see it going much higher than that this season. Being on against the Walking Dead isn’t helping…I wouldn’t be surprised to see a slight uptick for TWD this week…perhaps to a 6.9 or even a 7.0.

  • Feedback

    I really hate this comment section. Can’t you guys get with the times and get Disqus running up in here?

  • Simon

    8:00 p.m. “Once Upon a Time” – 4.2/ 6 (#3)

    Via Marc Berman

    What would it have to have gotten to get that 2.3 from last week?

  • JR35

    Two weeks ago, it had a preliminary 4.5/7- though not sure of the exact relation between the HH ratings dropping and the 18049 numbers. if it dropped, hopefully no lower than a 2.1.

  • Ann

    I think Once goes down, even though I personally loved the episode. I think it was getting some competition from Killing Kennedy and I think people are getting weary of Neverland.

    But, that being said, Once has been getting boosts from the DVR ratings, generally quite a bit so we won’t know for a few days what the final numbers are.

  • Edward

    Revenge fans, prepare yourselves for some shocking ratings.

  • Joseph

    OUAT: 2.1
    Revenge: 1.3
    Revenge got a 1.1 in its second half hour- not good

  • Cle

    I am desperate…

  • diana

    i can’t believe revenge got a 1.3

  • Cle

    Revenge so low.. its too bad…

  • numbersguy

    ONCE 2.1 / 2.1 = 2.1
    REVENGE 1.5 / 1.2 = 1.4
    BETRAYAL .8 / .8 = .8

  • Sandy smith

    I love the show, but I was very disappointed with the episodes and
    I was not surprised at all that Peter Pan was Rump’s father. To be honesty, I have been let down by the last 2 seasons because the show is no longer about fantasies, it is about the drama that happens in our lives. People in the real world fight about who will have the rights of their children. The show has become a soap opera and I would like to just say good luck trying to have another season. The whole Peter Pan story has gone on longer than enough. The writers should either “fix” it or just give up. Sorry but the truth hurts.

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