Friday Final Ratings: 'Dracula' & 'The Neighbors' Adjusted Down

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November 11th, 2013

 Dracula November 8

Dracula and The Neighbors were each adjusted down a tenth versus Friday's preliminary ratings. 

Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Friday, November 8, 2013:

Time  Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (000s)
8:00 CBS Undercover Boss 1.8/6 9.22
FOX MasterChef Jr. 1.5/5 4.14
ABC Last Man Standing 1.4/5 6.22
NBC Dateline 1.0/4 5.53
CW The Carrie Diaries 0.3/1 0.77
8:30 ABC The Neighbors 1.0/4 4.52
9:00 ABC Shark Tank (9-10:01PM) 2.0/7 7.32
CBS Hawaii Five-0 1.4/5 9.51
NBC Grimm 1.3/4 4.88
FOX Sleepy Hollow - R 0.5/2 1.71
CW America's Next Top Model 0.4/1 1.08
10:00 ABC 20/20 1.4/5 5.95
CBS Blue Bloods 1.3/4 10.97
NBC Dracula 0.9/3 2.96

Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2013 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • Bradley

    The Neighbors may get low ratings, but they’re very consistent. They have hovered safely at 1.0 and 4.5 million viewers almost all season. Other comedies have not done as well. ABC has shows on Tuesday and Wednesday that barely pull better numbers. The Neighbors may just stick around. Glad we could all get to have these lovely chats for a few more seasons!

  • lakersupbyten


    Glad to know Five 0 actually went up since last season. Hopefully they will get tom selleck on the show..and do another NICS crossover again….can you imagine what they can do in 2 or 3 more seasons? Here is hoping for more great story lines too. Oddly enough the 70’s Five 0 show got mentioned on shows like sanford and son and magnum
    PI in the 80s.


    I’d love to see another H5-0 cross-over!

    The storyline on the 5-0/NCIS LA episode was great but it was sad that Alex O wasn’t able to appear in it.

    I think the show just keeps getting better – LOVE 5-0 and Blue Bloods on Friday nights!

  • miracle

    What about a H50/Blue Bloods cross-over? Would be great to have a two parter like the NCIS LA one, and both episodes on the same night.

  • charmedcraft

    What a shame about Dracula, I really wanted it to be successful.

  • iSayso

    I’d also love to see a H5-0 cross-over . . . into the light.



    Another idiotic comment —- are you ten years old ??

  • David

    @Leoben Conoy

    “Jesus Christmas, get over it already. It was horrendous show that was rightfully cancelled”

    Seriously Leoben?? Horrendous?? Go back and look at the ratings for friday night. Horrendous would be .4-.8 and 1-2mil viewers! Just because you are a Reba hater does not make this a bad show.

  • Bradley


    I am not sure anyone here is a Reba hater. I just think some people aren’t buying into the delusion that Malibu Country would be doing any better.

  • Robert Ford

    I agree that it’s impressive that the Neighbors have managed to stick so steady in the ratings, after the first few weeks. That means that ABC probably won’t pull the show, which is fine with me, since I haven’t watched TV on Friday night since I was a kid. (Also, if they get around to pulling Neighbors, it will probably mean that they’ve pulled Trophy Wife first. I like Trophy Wife, though it be obviously doomed.)

    However I can’t see that ABC would want to renew it again. Even for Fridays, a 1.0 is not a good rating.

  • Eric N.

    In truth….ABC knows what a lot of people here are frankly missing about “THE NEIGHBORS”….it’s campy, hilarious and has brilliant writing. MOST, if not all the bashers on here who say “ABC should cancel it and put something better in it’s slot” are ridiculous. Trust me, if you watched the show at all this season the characters are writing about how ABC put them in the worst slot Day and time slot of the week. At least they are one of the shows that have a sense of humor.
    Seriously, WATCH THE SHOW from the beginning and see where they are now it’s a really creative shows that DOES deserve to get renewed. The loyal fans DO watch it as proven by the #s and even if people are watching because they are waiting for Shark Tank…they are being given a treat with a REALLY FUNNY comedy.

  • C Whitty

    I actually know someone who worked as an extra on The Tudors and was rather uncomplimentary about said lead…so keep on dropping Dracula!!

  • Networkman

    I am really disappointed that there was no uptick for The Neighbors considering it had the crossover episode with Shark Tank. Shark Tank rose 1.0 over The Neighbors. It may be time to consider putting another comedy behind Last Man Standing. ABC really should have tried a multi-cam. The whole night my see an improvement if a stronger comedy was slated behind LMS. IMO, The Neighbors has been very uneven creatively this season.

    Dracula will most likely finish its episode order. The network will take into consideration that it is airing Friday @10pm whereas Ironside slipping to low 1’s on Wednesday night was unacceptable.

  • Wright

    Nooooo Dracula :(

  • Tom

    RIP Dracula

  • r0ckmypants

    @Clarke – “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland has been a disappointment…”

    It’s much more than a disappointment; it’s at the same level as Betrayal right now (actually, last week Betrayal was higher: 1.0 vs. 0.9 for Wonderland)… so if Betrayal is a bomb, so is Wonderland.

    @HeadlessHorseman – “Comparing MC ratings last year to TN numbers this year is comparing Apples to Oranges.”

    No, it’s not. Year-on-year analysis is what the networks go by; it may be apples and oranges to compare this exact week last year to this year because it was only Malibu Country’s second episode, but comparing what Malibu Country averaged last season in the timeslot to what The Neighbors is averaging this year is the only way to gauge improvement (or lack thereof).

  • Britney

    H50 numbers will never back to 2.0 numbers. I find it hard to believe that TPTB find a 1.4 acceptable along with its fans. The move to Fridays is obviously to let it die there next season. It is funny how a 1.4 gets big cheers but a 1.0-1.3 on the CW gets laughed at because it’s the CW. Mind you, I haven’t read this on this site just some others.

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    Go LMS!

    Go H50! :-)

    H50 beat Grimm in the demo and nearly doubled its viewership? ;-)

    Dracula did even worse than my 1.2 estimate. Dreckula?

  • Jon

    I still get a chuckle when people cry about malibu country being cancelled. In the grand scheme of things that show was dying on the vine and there was little indication it would be rating higher than neighbors. Neighbors will soon be gone too and they will try something else. In the Tv biz one has to look ahead and not behind.

  • Jon

    I love the excuse….the neighbors is low rated but at least it is consistently low rated. Do people not see how rediculous this sounds. I love the neighbors but its going to be bear chowder.

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