Updated: The CW Picks Up 'The Originals', The Tomorrow People' & 'Reign' for Full Seasons

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November 11th, 2013

Fruit of the Poisoned Tree

Update: The CW has issued a press release about the pick-ups of its fresh man drama series'.


November 11, 2013 (Burbank, CA) – The CW has ordered full season pickups for all three of its freshmen series, THE ORIGINALS, THE TOMORROW PEOPLE and REIGN, it was announced today by Mark Pedowitz, President, The CW.

“In just a few seasons, we have built a much stronger primetime schedule.  Our on-air ratings are up year to year, and our digital viewing continues to grow exponentially,” said Pedowitz. “We're excited about the creative momentum the producers have established for all three of our new series, and now our fans will have the chance to see the full stories unfold for them this season. With the additional episodes ordered, plus two new dramas and new reality for midseason, we’ll be able to continue our commitment to adding more original programming all year long.”

Season to date on-air, The CW is up 9% year to year in total viewers, up 10% among adults 18-49, and is flat year to year in both adults and women 18-34. With DVR usage and digital viewing continuing to rise, 31% of The CW’s total broadcast audience now comes from time-shifted viewing after the original airdate. 40% of The CW's total overall audience for its season premieres this fall came from digital viewing. The CW's digital streaming of full episodes is up 50% season to date versus last season, and the three new series picked up today see 84% more digital viewing than The CW's new series last fall.



Multiple sources are reporting that the CW has picked up the back nine episodes of all three of its freshman dramas The Originals,  The Tomorrow People & Reign. Each show will air 22 episodes this season. The Originals is a big hit by CW standards, ranking as one of the network's top programs. The Tomorrow People and Reign's futures seemed less certain, as ratings for each show have declined significantly from their premieres.

  • Oliver

    Only surprise is that I was unsure if they could pick up back 9s for all 3 shows. A strong year for The CW.

  • Shane

    My mid-season schedule

    8pm: Star-Crossed
    9pm: The 100

    8pm: The Originals
    9pm: Supernatural

    8pm: Arrow
    9pm: The Tomorrow People

    8pm: The Vampire Diaries
    9pm: Reign

    8pm: Hart of Dixie
    9pm: Beauty & the Beast

  • HeadlessHorseman

    No, BATB won’t be shipped to Fridays because it will be cancelled.

  • C.S.Strowbridge

    Reign is probably programming spackle. Like feinn said, their midseason must suck.

    @Thiago and DiegoC Why would you get rid of The Carrie Diaries, which is earning a 0.3 of Fridays, and replace with with a show earning 0.3 on Mondays, which is a better timeslot. No, I think BATB will be canceled before it is moved to Fridays. Heart of Dixie will live one more seasons, but only because of syndication rights and the lack of competition.

  • Oliver

    Also: I have absolutely no idea how The CW schedule all their shows, given they had 2 midseason shows too…

  • taylor

    Cw midseason prediction
    8:00 the 100
    9:00 star crossed

    8:00 the originals
    9:00 supernatural

    8:00 arrow
    9:00 the tomorrow people

    Thursday 8:00 TVD
    9:00 reign

    Fridays 8:00 beauty and the beast ( so it won’t go against Grimm )
    9:00 hart of dixie

  • tommie

    Reign is surprising considering they insisted that it was a limited series early on!

  • B

    None of this is a surprise. Especially since so much of the CW’s revenue comes from alternative streams that we don’t see (because their on-air ratings are so low). See Deadline:

    “The soapy Reign and similarly female skewing sophomore The Carrie Diaries have been getting particularly strong traction in digital viewing. Additionally, both Reign and Carrie have been gaining younger viewers.”

    “With DVR usage and digital viewing continuing to gain ground, 31% of The CW’s total broadcast audience now comes from time-shifted viewing after the original airdate. 40% of The CW’s total overall audience for its season premieres this fall came from digital viewing.”

    These metrics matter more to the CW than other networks because their ratings are so much lower. Interested to see what happens at midseason — besides BATB being shipped off to Fridays. Hart of Dixie too?

  • Thiago


    As much as hate Beauty and the Beast, it has more episodes than TCD and I think it has better chance to be syndicated.

  • Babar Suhail

    Really happy for The Tomorrow People.

  • DiegoC

    @HeadlessHorseman and @c.s. …

    I mean 2014! when carrie and nikita are over. then Batb is done.

  • Steven

    Very happy for The Tomorrow People. I’m really enjoying the show.

  • M

    Yes REIGN!!!! And TO!!!!

  • thesnowleopard

    Uh, I’m with those who are wondering about why Reign is getting a 22 order when it was announced and clearly designed for a limited season. Maybe that’s not quite accurate and they just mean it was picked up for the rest of the 13?

    Also, that article had more soap and spin it than a commercial washer.

  • starship


    No one said it was a limited series. Deadline reported it as such and people just assumed. Pedowitz did say they’ll be trying out the limited series concept, but maybe he meant The Carrie Diaries and The 100.

    Anyway, I’m really happy about this news. The Originals is fantastic show and I can see it matching or even beating TVD’s ratings by early next season (as it will be renewed no doubt). Reign is really addictive and it’s great that they’re well aware it’s nothing to do with actual historic events which they themselves reference throughout in a fun way. As for TTP, while I like the show and it’s got nice effects and great potential it’s really sucking in the young demos, so I hope they write a good wrap-up season finale, as I don’t see it getting a season 2 (not unless the 18-34 ratings dramatically improve) and I doubt they’d want another Secret Circle fan uproar on their hands with an open-ended cancellation.

  • Tom Shaw

    The real question is where those episodes are scheduled. Unless there is some severe timeslot sharing, two out of the four (100, TP, Reign, SC) will end up on Monday, where they will instantly implode.

    (Heck, both BATB and HoD will end up on Friday to make room. Why’d they order 22 episodes of BATB anyway?)

  • marcos


    they won’t move (probably never again) Supernatural from that slot that used to be be “death slot” for years

  • Mai

    Reign is pretty good. It’s a shame more people aren’t watching. However, over the past week, most of my friends online have started watching, so maybe soon the word-of-mouth will push it up.

  • John A

    Finally TO back 9. I always thought Reign was a limited series? Brandy constantly said it but obviously it wasnt. It dont deserve a full season.

  • Swiftnissity

    I wonder if this is another TCD situation, with Reign and TTP having better online numbers then TV numbers. Reign apparently took off on pinterest and tumblr but I haven’t heard much on TTP. That said, I watch all 3 so I’m very happy!

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