'The Walking Dead' Delivers 12.2 Million Viewers & a 6.2 Adults 18-49 Rating

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November 11th, 2013


The Walking Dead continues to  dominate Sunday television. Sunday night's episode delivered 12.2 million viewers and 7.9 million adults 18-49 for a 6.2 adults 18-49 rating. However, though it outperformed every other non-sports television program by a significant margin, it did decline 9 percent from last week's 6.8.

  • Aracoma


    It’s more like a million

  • Carl

    6.8 – 6.2 would be a little over half, unless I misread it.

    I like Carol a lot but I just don’t know if that many people would ragequit over her leaving.

  • tomko44

    The decline was due to the NFL game this week. NO v Dallas was a big draw. You can DVR TWD, but not so much football!

  • Aracoma


    I meant overall viewers –13.3 to 12.2

  • Dillan

    Last night was the first episode of the season which was actually good, and with the Governor returning, it should rise next week.

  • Carl

    Oh. Sorry.

    I think those tend to fluctuate more, when you get to that size.

  • gregg

    Carl, you hit the nail with the hammer. Ive watched the show since it first started, and have defended it. But watching last night, I realize im watching the same thing over and over again. The zombie action is getting old, and the “new” disease story is finishing. Im not sure medically wise , it made sense, but i’m willing to overlook it. The saving grace was seeing the Governor, but he too, is a tiring part. why don’t get the hell out of Atlanta.

  • DontLookInMyEyesTheresAPigInThere

    I have loved this season so far, but the thought of that idiot Governor character showing up again makes me not even want to watch. He ruined S3 for me and no doubt we’ve got to put up with his cardboard-cutout villainy for the rest of the season. I’d rather be eaten by walkers one tiny bite at a time.

  • John A

    Im kind of bored of TWD now. I loved it once but im losing interest. I wont stop watching but its peaked creativly at least for me.

  • Ramon

    How do you lose almost 4 million viewers in a few weeks? 12.2 million is pretty disappointing considering how good this episode was. Seems like the higher quality they make TWD, the lower the ratings get.

  • Lucazzy

    @Ramon Walking Dead would have to fall to at least 3s for it to be in the cancellation zone. And even with 3s it would probably still be profitable. So the show is here to stay for a long time.

  • Charmed

    Slowly coming back down to earth

  • gregg

    I don’t think viewers dropped because Carol was kicked out. In fact, I think that AMC is planning a spin-off. I bet Carol show up at the prison and takes those poor girls out of there. Now that carl is given a gun, no one is safe. Also. now that Rick is the leader, expect more deaths. its the same ole thing, just different season. Why didn’t rick and company shoot those walkers, BEFORE they knocked those gates. he kicked out Carol, and doesn’t see his own psycho son. I done see Carl as a “hero” , but a pest.

  • rob60990

    Glad to see it dropping.

  • James

    The smartest thing AMC did was split up the season. If the show just went on for 13 or 16 episodes in a row like most shows the ratings would keep dropping but since the season is spilt up it doesn’t matter how crappy this first half is by the time February comes around it will hit series highs again.

  • Marsinvestigations1@gmail.com

    They always tick up for the midseason finale. Then it will likely score another high when it returns in the spring.

  • Mark

    I wonder how well Walking Dead will return. The Winter Olympics are a beast that the show has never faced before.


    And the dead keep killing! (Ratings wise).

  • andy pham

    Thank you for show

  • Refrain

    @Walking Dead would have to fall to at least 3s for it to be in the cancellation zone.

    AMC wouldn’t cancel The Walking Dead if it was in the 3s. It would be so far away from the cancelation zone that AMC would keep it going, maybe with less episodes(Depending on budget). 7 million, and say a 3.1 18-49 would still be fantastic for a cable network and would be firmly in the renewal zone.

    In my opinion, they can easily get 10 seasons out of this show. Now let’s see how things are next week when we have a flashback episode ;)

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