'What Would You Do?' to Air Tuesdays at 10PM on ABC Starting December 3

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November 11th, 2013

What Would You Do

ABC will air reality series What Would You Do? in its vacant Tuesday at 10PM timeslot beginning December 3.  The time period has been filled by repeats and specials since the network canceled Lucky 7 after just two episodes aired. This week, the special Scandal for Real: the top 10 Political Scandals of the Century will air. For the next two weeks a David Blaine magic special and the Dancing With the Stars finale will fill the slot. What Would You Do? aired on Fridays during the summer.

  • Jon

    Really. Haven’t. They beaten this show into the ground yet. How many more ideas could they possibly have for new skits.

  • Laura

    As they continue to run out of ideas for this show the chances of someone getting injured increase even more. I will not be surprised the day I hear someone was stabbed while playing in on a prank on What Would You Do.

  • Gary A

    @ Laura,
    Why stabbed or injured in any way? Have you seen this show? It’s not a prank for laughs show. It’s setting up scenarios and taking a look at human reactions. It’s not like Betty White’s OTR or Punk’d.

  • Little Miss Milly

    Body of Proof needs to return urgently. I am hoping this will fill the schedule upto BOP’s return. :)

  • kcekada

    Is this a 20/20 segment being turned into a series?! I can barely watch 5 minutes of those — let alone a full hour. I guess it’s a cheap show to produce, but it certainly isn’t going to help buoy the Tuesday night lineup for ABC.

  • TBM

    This show is one of the worst, most sensationalistic piece of garbage series ever put on television. It’s like Candid Camera on crack. It’s one thing to play a light hearted prank on someone, like the late Allen Funt did, but the things they do on this program are just sick and twisted. And then people end up being judged or looked at as a racist for not doing the right thing.

    I believe ALL Americans are entitled to their privacy, and entrapping them into these situations is wrong. I’m not surprised someone hasn’t been stabbed or shot filming this show yet. While that would be tragic, at least that would spell the end for this horrible concept.


    This show has done well on Fridays, usually #1 in its timeslot

  • Why?

    This show is Dead On arrival.

    It is this type of show that is slowly killng network TV.

  • david

    I remember this show would do good on Fridays so i guess they are using it as filler on Tuesdays now. It makes since because its cheep to produce and they will have more episodes to give to HLN too.

  • FRED

    ABC will not improve in the ratings with filler like this.
    To think that a solid procedural like BOP was canceled for this amazes me.
    What Would You Do should be on Friday in the summer. Not Tuesday during the regular season.
    Yes of course ABC feels they need cheap programs like this to make up for the expensive scripted losses (Lucky 7, Betrayal, Wonderland etc…..) but this move just shows that ABC doesn’t have a worthy drama for the time period.

  • John K.

    Are they re-airing the 2013 summer season? Or producing new episodes? It isn’t clear in the post.

  • Cyrax86

    So this will air till the Summer? Where is Killer Women going then?

  • marcos

    why not premiere killer women or ressurection there?

  • L

    … What’s the point? It’s not going to produce great ratings and I’m sure ABC aren’t delusional enough to think otherwise… So why bother on network filler when they could use that time to rerun Revenge or one of their other failing dramas to try and build their audience? Then premiere a new drama in there midseason?…


    It took them this long to come up with this?

    No wonder their ratings are amiss!

  • iSayso

    What will I do at 10 pm on Dec. 3? IDK! Right now I’m oogling nipless boobies on “Naked Vegas.”

  • Jon

    People this isn’t a new show. This is its 5th or 6th season.

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