CBS Moves 'Intelligence' Premiere to Tuesday January 7; 'Hostages' Finale to Air Monday, January 6

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November 12th, 2013


Note: Intelligence was originally scheduled to premiere on Monday, February 24.

via press release:



New Action Thriller, Starring Josh Holloway, to Launch with Special Preview on

Tuesday, Jan. 7, Following an Original Episode of “NCIS”


Moves to Regular Monday 10:00 PM Time Period on Jan. 13


CBS announced today the new premiere date for the action thriller INTELLIGENCE, which will have a special preview on Tuesday, Jan. 7 (9:00-10:01 PM, ET/PT) following an original episode of NCIS. It will premiere in its regular Monday (10:00-11:00PM, ET/PT) time period on Jan. 13.


INTELLIGENCE stars Josh Holloway as a high-tech intelligence operative enhanced with a super-computer microchip in his brain. With this implant, Gabriel is the first human ever to be connected directly into the global information grid.  He can hack into any data center and access key intel in the fight to protect the United States from its enemies. In her highly anticipated return to network television, Marg Helgenberger stars as Lillian Strand, the Director of the elite government cyber-security agency who supports Gabriel and oversees the unit’s missions. Strand assigns Riley Neal (Meghan Ory), a Secret Service agent, to protect Gabriel from outside threats, as well as from his appetite for reckless, unpredictable behavior and disregard for protocol.


INTELLIGENCE also stars Michael Rady, John Billingsley and PJ Byrne.  Michael Seitzman, Tripp Vinson and Barry Schindel are the executive producers for ABC Television Studios in association with CBS Television Studios.


HOSTAGES will finish its 15 episode season with a special two-hour season finale on Monday, Jan. 6 (9:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT).

  • ragincajun

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but this could be a good move for Intelligence as it will have the timeslot to itself for a few weeks with Blacklist and Castle in repeat mode and there being no MNF. Also, if it’s successful, CBS could always order to few more episodes to insure the show airs repeat-free through May.

  • Dan

    @Tyson – I know how ratings work, I just thought that Hostages averaged lower than a 2.0. But I guess its not just adults 18-49.

    @Ragincajun – I agree while Blacklist and Castle are on hiatus, Intelligence airing new episodes will help the series. Although out of all of ABC’s dramas with split seasons, Castle wasn’t listed as one of ABC’s “split dramas”. In fact Castle usually airs 2 or 3 new episodes in January, so it may air new episodes after The Bachelor when it premieres January. And NBC hasn’t announced yet if Blacklist will split like Revolution did, though given the Olympics, it probably will. Also CBS wont order more episodes of Intelligence, it will have just enough to air repeat free. Remember CBS also has 6 more episodes of Unforgettable’s second season as well as drama Reckless which I think has 13 episodes, to air in that slot when Intelligence finishes.

  • HalCapone

    Any new 10pm show that doesn’t follow The Voice is gonna struggle mightily. That’s the new normal.

  • Hardline_Pro

    Eh, I’ll pass. It sounds like a Chuck ripoff with no comedy.

  • EveWren

    Will this affect POI? The premise sounds a little familiar.

  • Chris_SAdvisor

    Intelligence – Good to see Josh in something again.

    Brain microchips and neural interfaces are being prototyped, so this is their one quantum leap in technology for believability. Instant access to all data fails though as it still relies on the end-systems doing *all* the processing. So running facial recognition can only happen as fast as the FBI database can search (and that takes hours to days), not mere seconds. As long as they do not cheat too much, it will be fine. Even with the ability to instantly interface and interact with every system (most door locks do not have WIFI).

    It is being called “The Six Million Dollar Man for the information age”, and if kept light enough, it could survive. If they give the chip too many science fantasy powers, this will fail like John Doe (Fox, 2002-2003). Hoping they intelligently refrain from trying to explain their pseudo-tech as being possible and just focus on the action/dark humor.

    The one thing I can say with all certainty is that pairing it up with NCIS is terrible. They are at crossed purposes, with Intelligence being a procedural science fantasy cop show that makes the procedural NCIS work look slow and inept by comparison. It would be like putting AoS on after NCIS. The NCIS viewers will recoil from the experience and Intelligence will be penalized. Lead-in positions need to be similar material, or completely different. They cannot be half-and-half. Hopefully someone figures that out before too long.

  • Ryan

    I think POI and Intelligence should be together honestly that’s probably why they put it on Tuesday

  • Chris_SAdvisor

    Ah, I missed that it was just Premiering on Tuesday. Thanks Ryan!

  • Randy

    When the Live+7 numbers are calculated, Hostages averages a 2.0 18-49 adult rating. In the Live+same day ratings, it does way worse.

  • Nikki

    Glad they are airing all of the episodes.. its a reallu good show. Its to bad people arent smart enough to watch it. Really great episode last night too.

  • Alan

    Bye Hostages!

  • Nope

    sounds like a crap show

  • JJ

    I remember this show… when it was a comedy-drama called “Chuck.” If you want me to take this seriously, you’re doomed.

  • Yasir iqbal

    It Looks Pathetic its will not survive it will be cancelled

  • Samuel

    Nice that they’re letting Hostages finish it’s run, for the fans of the show at least.

    It’s pretty unusual for CBS to do that.

  • Mon

    Hostages finale runs against BCS College Football Championship. Good luck.

    HIMYM and 2BG should be repeats then. At least CBS will air all the episode. I’m enjoying this show, together with Sleepy Hollow and The Blacklist. I gave up on SHIELD but maybe will find time to catch up this holiday. Anyway, it is just unfortunate that it is airing against a highly anticipated new show and after a weakened CBS comedy block. Maybe it could have rated higher had the circumstances been better.

  • Ronak

    Saw the advertising for it. Looks terrible (as does Killer Women for ABC). My guess is it tanks.

  • omabin

    I think CBS would be better served keeping Intelligence on Tuesdays permanently. NCIS-LA should be able to pull high 1s/ low 2s on Mondays even out of the weak Mom lead-in. I don’t think Intelligence can do that unless it is a mega hit right out of the gate. Most shows need some support before being thrown into such unfavorable situations. It should be perfectly compatible with POI. I think CBS would have a net gain from this.

  • anna g

    I can see I am in minority here, but I think “Intelligence” will flop. this shows looks bland and Josh Holloway is so god damn annoying. I don’t think even Marg halgenberger can save this. It should be doing better than Hostages but it will nowhere near 2.0 on Mondays at 10 pm

  • Samunto

    I guess it’ll be the only CBS Monday show running originals. I doubt the rest of the line-up has enough originals to air in Jan and Feb sweeps.

    Funny feeling about this one.

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