NBC Orders Pilot for Variety Show Hosted by Maya Rudolph

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November 13th, 2013


Maya Rudolph

NBC has ordered a pilot for a variety show hosted by former Saturday Night Live and Up All Night star Maya Rudolph. Deadline reports that NBC plans to air the pilot as a special after the winter Olympics. If it performs well, it will probably be ordered to series. Lorne Michael will produce the show.

  • Cyrax86

    The Ava Show from Up All Night comes to life?

  • Neil

    Will this show switch from Multiple Cameras to a Single Cam and lose the Laugh Track?

  • Herb Finn

    A show for Saturday 8pm or 9pm rather than SNL reruns?

  • Nifty

    I say great…

    As long as it’s not SNL Weekdays.

  • Michael Scott

    She is gorgeous!!!!!

  • RJC

    Love her – I hope this turns out well.

  • s0303

    a variety show?? no thanks…

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    I guess Donny and Marie were busy? ;-) :-)

  • NeNe Leakes

    NBC has been doomed to fail the second they cancelled The New Normal! Bloop!


    So everything old is new again! I’ve been saying for years they should try to reboot a variety show (my bet was Tina Fey) but Maya should fit the bill nicely + with Lorne Michael at the helm, this should work (hopefully).

    MAYA RUDOLPH is Minnie Riperton’s daughter, who in 1975 had a #1 hit with “Lovin’ You” in which she ends the song with Maya, Maya–Maya, Maya.

    So WTG, Maya. I’m sure Minnie would be proud!

  • AlanHalliwell

    NBC also bought a comedy from Yotuber Shane Dawson called “Losin it” It still in early works but if all goes well premiers next fall

  • Ultima

    @The Old Man
    So everything old is new again! I’ve been saying for years they should try to reboot a variety show

    If ABC can pull some good numbers for its HHOF movie next month, I’m going all in on “they should bring back the Sunday Night Movie!” ;)

  • j

    Maya Rudolph is great. I like her better than the currently-bigger Wiig or Poehler. Could be good…or it could be Up All Night.

    Ew, Shane Dawson?

  • Kissan

    I loved Maya Rudolph on Up All Night(what happened to that show anyways,I know it got cancelled but still…) but I want an NBC comedy with Amy Poehler and Tina Fey starring in it. That I would watch:)

  • Jagger Dagger

    More rehashed old SNL stars for Lorne Michaels to put in other shows he produces. Yawn.

  • Chris J

    This will probably air Thursday 9-10pm with Sean Saves the World and Michael J Fox moving to Friday 8-9pm.

    I’m sure this show won’t do any worse than the low 1s SSTW and MJFS have been getting.

  • a p garcia

    Hope it does well.

  • Carl

    Love Maya Rudolph. An NBC with Maya and Amy is an NBC I would watch.

  • Ralph Hahn

    “Lorne Michael will produce the show.” Which program he DOESN’T PRODUCE? Does every SNL star and guest have a personal services contract with Michaels?

    Anyway, I always liked Maya. She was hysterical in “Bridesmaids.” BEST thing about that “chick flick,” it had a lot of male appeal. (OK…it was the cussing).

    And, Maya’s late-mother, Minnie Riperton who had a #1 song in 1975 (“Loving You”) had the voice of an angel.

  • Ralph Hahn

    @ THE OLD MAN: (from another Old Man): Sorry dude for mentioning Minnie and her number-one hit again. I did not read the previous postings before I posted mine.

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