NBC Pre-empting 'The Blacklist' on Monday, November 18, Airing 'The Voice' from 9-11PM

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November 13th, 2013

The Blacklist Episode 2


NBC will preempt its hit freshman drama The Blacklist on Monday, November 18. It will air a yet-to-be announced The Voice special -- most likely some sort of a clip show - from 8-9PM. Then a new episode of The Voice will air from 9-11PM. The episode of The Blacklist originally scheduled to run on November 18, titled Anslo Garrick, will now air on Monday, November 25.

  • Julie

    This does not make me happy. The previews for next week looked incredibly intense and amazing.

  • Erwan From France

    Wait ! What ?! They preempt The Blacklist to air a CLIP-SHOW ?!!!!! I think they are joking right now !
    NBC is suffering of The Voice’s over-exposure and what they do Nov. 18 is A MESS !

  • Pepper

    I love that NBC is preempting their ONE hit show to air a clip show for the Voice instead, as opposed to airing the clip show during one of their many flops. NBC deserves its bad ratings.

  • Dennis

    NBC is really airing the Voice too much at the moment. This can’t be good for the show in the long term

  • M


  • Ronak

    It will be interesting to see what this does to Castle’s ratings. If it holds steady against the Voice, I will be impressed.

  • grey

    Yay for “Castle.” ;D But seriously, why pre-empt your most successful show for a clip show? I guess they’re trying to stretch out the season any way they can.

  • Gabriel

    I NBC is trying to save more episodes of Blacklist for next year, so Intelligence don’t go against repeats

  • Scott

    Not a good idea, NBC. Should have left it the way it was

  • Samunto

    I was completely suprised when Carson Daly said the next episode would air on the special 9pm slot. I thought there would be a presidential adress at 8pm or sth. But a clip show??????

    I wonder what’s behind the logic.

  • Dave

    Sheer stupidity from NBC, its not hard to see why they are stuggling so badly.

  • CrimTV

    Don’t see how this makes a difference. The Blacklist is still a hit and NBC want to save more episodes for 2014.

  • SVU: Hannibal

    so did NBC promo a new episode for next week or for the 25th?


    Strike while the iron is hot, I say! Use Voice spackle generously.

    Then stretch out those new “Blacklist” eps anyway you can.

  • tomko44

    But isn’t moving the Voice to 9-11 mean it will be past most of their viewers bedtime? :)

    NBC has never been know for doing intelligent things. So this is par for the course!

  • Why Watch

    I watch NBC for the Blacklist, not the Voice. Guess I won’t be watching NBC that night. Very dumb move, pre-empting a top show for a clip show. The NBC programmers must be hitting the egg nog early this year.

  • PurpleDrazi

    It must have something to do with saving The Blacklist for some other purpose. Otherwise, this makes no sense.

  • SVU: Hannibal


    just watched the promo on YouTube and they didn’t even mention when the episode was airing. :confused:

  • Paulo PT

    Another pre-empting in the same week? Grimm and Drácula will not air friday.

    Ok, this don’t make any sense to me, are we or are we not in November Sweeps?!!

  • david d

    relax people, this will just allow a new blacklist to effectively replace a repeat in december. i think likely blacklist will air episode 10 on 12/2 and bump the recently announced Hollywood Game Night special back to 12/23, replacing presumably a repeat of blacklist

    i dont love the move, but its understandable. Also Voice will get a bigger rating from 9-11 than it does 8-10, and i guess if they do a clip show with a ‘best of’ the final 10 contestants, they can get people caught up that may have missed earlier rounds

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