'Totally Biased With W. Kamau Bell' Canceled by FXX

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November 13th, 2013

Totally Biased

FXX has confirmed Defamer's report that the network has canceled late night talk show Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell. The program's ratings declined substantially after it moved from FX to FXX. The final new episode of the show is scheduled to air tomorrow night.

  • Matt

    Good riddance.

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    I don’t get FXX on my cable lineup.

    Go Louie!

  • The Wayno Show

    That sucks. It was a really good show.

  • The Joker’s Wild

    They should’ve left it on FX as a weekly show. I’m so mad right now.

  • Chantal

    Yeah !!!!

  • DougF

    All 3 shows so far that were moved to FXX declined in ratings. Until Fox gets the coverage of FXX close to what FX* is it will continue to be a stupid move.

    *Remember now FXX replaced Fox Soccer Channel, which some cable companies didn’t carry and some carried in a higher package than what FX is on. Also i’ve heard a lot of people that did get FXX when it went live only got it in SD version of the channel because a lot of the cable companies didn’t think carrying Fox Soccer HD channel was worth it. That’s a problem for some people.

  • Alan

    And that’s a good way to get rid of shows you don’t want anymore on your network. Move it to your other network that almost nobody has, let it die, and now you have excuses to cancel it.

  • Nick

    Seems strange to me that they wouldn’t return it to a once a week proposition.

    IT was a big enough success on a once-a-week basis to move it to nightly. That didn’t work, so it seems the right move is to transition back, rather than scrap it entirely.

    ..unless, I suppose, the endgame was always to make it nightly and it was just once-a-week as a test run type thing?

    In any event, I used to watch some of the once a week and never watched the nightly. It doesn’t surprise me that this show, which didn’t have much depth at all, was not a success on a nightly basis.

    Also, (1) putting it against the Daily Show, when it’s clearly very derivative of the daily show, is hard; (2) there was going to be a drop off in interest/ratings 2012 to 2013 in any event, since last year was an election year and this is a very political show.

  • pete5125

    yeah we get the SD Version,,,midday it gets interference from 2-6

  • Carthy

    This show had a serious element along with the satire and should’ve been on a network able to offer it a better showcase.

  • Mike

    This channel is a wreck.

  • Jagger Dagger

    The show should have stayed once a week. That plus putting it on a channel that people are having a hard time finding just spells disaster. Too bad, it was kinda cool.

  • Dan

    Wow did not expect this at all. I thought this show would be a nightly staple for FXX.

  • Sam

    What a shame. It was a great show, and Kamau is a very funny dude. The show was like Real Time for a younger, hipper, faster moving audience.

  • K_Will

    I’m not really suprised. I’ve found the channel FXX is on 4 times and I’ve fogotten five minutes later… not that it had anything on it that I even wanted to watch the other 23 hours of the day.

    If FX does a dumb move like moving Archer or Louie to FXX then we can kiss them goodbye as well.

  • Chiguy

    @ DougF

    The League and Always Sunny haven’t lost that much in their ratings. The League held onto 94% of last seasons numbers and Sunny kept 80%, at least for the first week according to THR. Totally Biased was only able to hold on to 59%.

  • Frost

    Boo! Loved this show.

  • E.S.

    Who would have thought the “black Bill Maher” would last on a Fox-owned network? I’m not saying that FNC brass were the ones who convinced FX to move the show to their ugly newborn stepchild, but it just was in total contrast from what the pundits at their sibling news network deliver.

  • Tori

    Seems like FXX could have waited a bit longer to make this decision. I have DirecTV and today is the first day that FXX was moved to a better area on the guide so people can actually find it when channel surfing. It’s now channel 259, just a few up from TNT, TBS, Comedy Central, and FX. Instead of channel 619, amongst specialty sports channels that very few get let along watch. They should have waited to see if the move and maybe other carriers’ moves would help the channel’s profile a bit more. Anything in the 600s is highly forgettable.

  • aj

    @E.S. lol. I must give you my tinfoil hat. That show was dropped beacuase it was unfunny.

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