Tuesday Final Ratings: 'NCIS', 'Supernatural' & 'The Mindy Project' Adjusted Up; 'The Biggest Loser' Adjusted Down

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November 13th, 2013

NCIS November 12

NCIS, Supernatural and The Mindy Project were each adjusted up a tenth while The Biggest Loser was adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Tuesday broadcast ratings.

Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Broadcast primetime final ratings for November 12,  2013:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 CBS NCIS 3.0/8 19.37
ABC Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (8-9:01PM) 2.2/6 6.67
NBC The Biggest Loser 1.8/5 6.26
FOX Dads 1.2/4 3.19
CW The Originals 1.1/3 2.40
8:30 FOX Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1.4/4 3.26
9:00 NBC The Voice (9-10:01PM) 3.4/9 11.64
CBS NCIS: Los Angeles (9-10:01PM) 2.4/6 14.88
ABC The Goldbergs 1.7/5 5.12
FOX New Girl 1.7/5 3.36
CW Supernatural 1.1/3 2.36
9:30PM FOX The Mindy Project 1.4/4 2.66
ABC Trophy Wife 1.2/3 3.72
10:00 NBC Chicago Fire (10:01-11PM) 2.2/6 7.66
CBS Person of Interest (10:01-11PM) 2.0/6 12.60
ABC Scandal for Real 0.8/2 2.82


Nielsen TV Ratings Data: ©2013 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • Pepper

    I thought POI would do well on Tuesdays but it’s really getting hammered. It’ll still be renewed, but I’m surprised with how the ratings have turned out this year.

  • milo

    @Dante, from the previous article:

    “but it could adjust up (even though common sense says it will adjust down)”
    “CF will adjust down to a 2.1 (with hopefully POI adjusting up to tie it).”

    Nope, both POI and CF stayed the same. Wrong again, after predicting that CF would return sharply down. But of course he’ll make no mention of it and just start fresh again next week.

  • Nancy

    Good for Mindy.

  • David

    The CW is doing brilliant on Tuesdays! Congratulations to The Originals and Supernatural as from what I’ve seen they both seem like great shows that deserve it!

    The only other of note tonight is that The Mindy Project is doing just as well as Brooklyn Nine-Nine, so I see no reason why they can’t air at 8 & 8:30 next season with a new show leading out of New Girl.

  • KH

    I have a question, and would like a serious, non-jerk answer.

    I’m a huge fan of both NCIS shows. Have been for a long time. And I’m 25, so I’m not old.

    Both shows used to get much higher 18-49 numbers. What would account for the sharp decline in recent years. Anything to worry about?


    so much for the thought that cote de Pablo leaving would hurt ncis

  • Wright

    SPN deserves to be on for another decade or more if possible.

  • Freyja

    First off, Glad to see SPN adjust up this week. TO and SPN are a great combination for the CW.

    Second of all;


    SPN SUCKS!!!!!!

    Tisk, tisk, that’s not very nice, I don’t’ go around saying TVD sucks ;) Oh wait it’s okay for TVD fans to insult SPN on this board. Forgot that!

  • Potato

    @KH– it’s not just NCIS. Ratings are down all over TV by a certain percent a year, what with people switching to watching TV online. This MIGHT be something to worry about if the networks weren’t slowly starting to take care of this, what with international and syndication deals that help the shows not be produced at a loss. NCIS is especially safe, what with still being on top of the ratings and in syndication, so that show (and probably LA as well) will only end when the showrunners want them too, not because of ratings.

  • Aaron

    @ TVD4ever

    SPN is the best show on the CW.

  • starship

    Go Mindy, funniest episode of the season last night. With it being at B99’s level and having 46/48 episodes at the end of this season should hopefully give it the edge, although I’d love it if they renew both shows.

  • Volta

    Wow at SPN! It’s rock solid this season and doing great on its new night. So glad to see it adjusted up, and paired with a show doing just as well.

    Tuesdays a solid night for the CW! They must be very pleased.

  • Quin

    Yay go Supernatural! I love the show!

  • Kissan

    Good job for The Goldbergs and Trophy Wife going up a little even though SHIELD (which is a pretty bad show) was down. Both comedies should move to Wednesdays where they don’t have to go up against no other comedies and will have compatible lead ins. ABC are you listening to us??? The CW has had a great week so far(excluding BATB). HOD hit a season high while The Originals had their best episode yesterday. Hope this bodes well for Arrow, TTP, TVD and Reign. Now let’s all hope Revolution, Arrow, The Middle, Modern Family and SVU all go up tonight.

  • HB

    Excellent night for CW!

  • thesnowleopard

    @Jeff (Canada)

    Since Friday turned into a death night? Yeah, I think so. There have been a few shows (okay, Blue Bloods and Grimm) that did well on Fridays, but they didn’t do well once moved to another night. They did recover once they got back to Fridays, though.

    But doing well off Fridays after having been sent there to die? Let alone with all the moving since then? I’m pretty sure Supernatural’s unique in that respect.

  • david

    Yay for the CW! The Originals and Supernatural work perfectly together. Great to see both at a 1.1, i hpe Arrow can get a 1.1 tonight and that the tomorrow People goes up as well.

  • Reign Fan

    Hopefully Reign goes up Thursday night since TO and SPN started the week off so well. I don’t count Mondays.

  • Locke

    The vampire diaries is responsible for The originals’ big ratings this week, it was a crossover with Michael/Trevino from vampire diaries. Just more proof that TVD is king, start to show some respect TO fans, you need TVD

  • thesnowleopard

    Oh, please. Seriously? You can’t just be impressed that The Originals is doing so well? When the two other new shows on the network are getting 0.6s?

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